Hormones (other than testosterone) that affect men’s sexual function

Estrogen, Prolactin, Human Chorionic Gonadotrin, Throid, Human Growth Hormone...and their function in men's sexuality...

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2 thoughts on “Hormones (other than testosterone) that affect men’s sexual function”

  1. Hi Charles–
    I have a large quantity of Viagra I bought 10 years ago. It has passed the expiration date, and lately my doctor persuaded me to get a fresh batch. The difference between the old and new pills is remarkable. When taking the older Viagra, I had been fractionating it into 20-25mg pieces because that was all I needed. Fractionating the new stuff into the same size does not have much of an effect. I have to take a whole pill to get the same response. Also, I could feel the older Viagra’s effects well into the second day, whereas the new Viagra is gone in four hours.

    Conclusion: there seems to be an antagonist in the Viagra formula that actually opposes the effect of the operative drug (Seldenafil?). The drug that breaks down in Viagra after the expiration date seems to be the antagonist, because old Viagra works much better. Could I be right about this?

  2. I found an article that says, high prolactin helps erection quality, but most articles say the opposite.

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