“P-Long” New Research Underway

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Hello, this is Dr. Judson Brandeis board certified urologist.

Have you ever wished you had a longer penis? Most men do, but some men actually take action and sometimes with disastrous results. At BrandeisMD®, we're pioneering a new technique for natural and safe penile elongation and girth enhancement. With an IRB-approved, clinical study listed by the National Institutes of Health.

At other offices, doctors offer subcutaneous injection of fat and other expensive fillers that have to be re-injected every year. Some surgeons cut the suspensory ligament of the penis, right here, but this doesn't make the penis any longer, it just hangs lower in the locker room and it's unstable when it's erect. There's now even a silicone implant surgically inserted below the skin that makes the penis wider, but not longer and changes the proportion of the head of the penis to the shaft.

Now I've seen many unfortunate complications of all of these procedures and wondered, is there a better way?

The P-Long Study Uses Four Different Strategies Combined...

The P-Long study utilizes (1) platelet rich plasma using the protocol of the Priapus Shot® (or P-Shot®) to stimulate the growth of the penis and penile stretching with traction devices to accelerate the process.

P-Long also uses the (2) Affirm™ nitric oxide booster from AFFIRM Science to help improve penile circulation [as well as instructions and use of both a (3) penile vacuum pump and (4) traction device].

Is the Study Safe?

P-Long has institutional review board approval and is listed by the NIH at clinicaltrials.gov. There's a discounted cost for participating in this study.

How Do You Apply for Participation in the Study?

If you wish to be contacted about this or future studies [to improve sexual performance & health] or to learn more about the results [of this study], when we publish them, please provide the information requested below; the application is privacy protected.

I'm Dr. Judson Brandeis board certified urologist and expert in sexual medicine in San Ramon, California. For more information about me and my office, please visit our website, Brandeismd.com, to learn more about my other four groundbreaking studies and all of the other new developments in the field of sexual medicine.

Check out and subscribe to my YouTube channel, Instagram and Facebook page [all to be found at] BrandeisMD.

I hope that I can be of service to you.

Thank you.

More details about the study at ClinicalTrials.gov (US National Library of Medicine) click<--

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2 thoughts on ““P-Long” New Research Underway”

  1. I am interested in this study outside the USA. We have MD’s that perform P-shot here in Canada. Many men my age have continually longing aspiration for larger elongated penis’s. We are young men in nature at 62. We have desires followed by optimism. There is a sizable demand here obtaining MD’s to listen. It is out of choice for enriched outcome amidst surgeries not preferred, having access to P-long study, we favored this more. I am interested, if you are interested. Thank you in advance for this opportunity.

  2. I’ve been trying to contact Dr. Brandeis, to enquire if he’s aware of the work of plastic surgeon Dr. Brian Wong of University of California Irvine and, Ph.D. Chemist Dr. Michael Hill, of LA based Occidental College. They have discovered a way to make collagenous tissue extremely plastic by passing a very mild electrical current through it by the use of “micro-needles.” Within seconds and for as long as the current is maintained the targeted tissue becomes extremely plastic due to a change in it’s molecular structure. The targeted tissue can then be stretched and molded to an amazing degree. Seconds after the current is ceased, the tissue regains it’s prior degree of deformation resistance but continues to maintain, seemingly permanently, it’s new shape and dimensions.
    It seems to me that this technique, when combined with such modalities as the P-shot, Pumping and extenders, could finally be the answer to taming the notoriously deformation resistant tissue of the tunica albuginea. Of course any extensive adjustments to penile tissues would have to be incremental but it seems to me that this technique could be a huge boon, not only to men seeking to increase their penile dimensions but also as a means of treating even severe cases of Peyronie’s disease.
    According to several news articles, Doctors Hill and Wong are now searching far and wide to find medical applications for this new technique. Everything from reshaping corneas for vision correction, to non-surgical nose jobs and stretching contracted ligaments. I just re-sent my email to Dr. Brandeis office. I hope that he looks into this. Sincerely, Rick.

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