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Introduction. Who I Am & Why I Wrote This Course


You may be thinking, “Why engage in a course for my penis? I was born with it. No one had to show me how to use it. I just take it out when I need to urinate and it grows erect when I’m aroused without my having to follow any instructions. I had to learn to drive a car and to type on a computer, but no one had to show me how to use my penis. So why do I need a book about it?”
It’s a fair question and maybe there’s more than one answer. Perhaps your penis doesn’t become as erect as you would like. Perhaps, it’s not as straight as you would like. Also, unlike a car or a computer, the body can be molded & rejuvenated. You may first think of the muscles to confirm that the body can be molded; but, other parts of the body, even the mind, will function differently and develop differently depending on how they are used and maintained. The penis will also develop differently and function differently depending upon what you do.

Important: Your penis (just like your bones and face and hair) is not frozen in time. It will change with or without your conscious attention. How it changes depends much upon what you do today—what yo do now. I know men over 90 years old who still enjoy a penis that works well and I’ve know others who start to suffer with the problems of a dysfunctional penis before they reached 30 years old. The difference in the changes with aging often involve how the person took care of the body and the penis.

You could follow the (mostly) easy steps described here and implement the latest and best ideas to rejuvenate and maintain the penis. Or, you could put this book down and simply hope for the best.
Imagine that you owned a new luxury automobile and told your friends you were going to not read the manual and not do all you can to maintain your car—suppose you said, “i’m just going to drive the care every day and let my car age gracefully.” I’ve never heard anyone say that about a car or about their house. But, people often ignore their body and ignore the maintenance and care of their body; they simply “drive” their body hard to produce more; they sleep less; they work longer; they play less; they eat or they don’t eat according to what’s in front of them instead of according to what the body needs. And then, some of them justify the philosophy by saying that they find going to the doctor to be vain and instead plan to let the body “age gracefully.”
The fact that you’re considering this course tells me that you’re too smart in your body strategy to take the age-gracefully-by-ignoring-the-care-of-the-body strategy.

But, before you proceed with the details of how to enjoy your best penis today and for the rest of your life, consider reasons for thinking about your penis that do not involve sex.
Reasons For Taking Care of Your Penis that Have Nothing to Do With Sex
Emerson called beauty “the scaffolding of love.” You could say the same thing about sex. Sex can become less important with time or even be less important with some couples in the beginning; but, whether the relationship is new or a mature one, sex can be a “scaffolding” that allows the building of a stronger relationship.

But, enjoying the ability to achieve an erect and healthy penis does more than just allow sex. The knowing that all parts of the body function well—the brain, the muscles, the digestion, the heart, and even the penis—can help give a man confidence and personality that can be helpful in business. Many confident and successful business people have also been highly sexual. In the classic book Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, he talks in the 10th chapter about The “Mystery of Sex Transmutation.” He presents the premise there that sexual energy can stimulate the mind to creativity and productivity in business. So, enjoying a healthy sex drive and penis function can help with business success.

What about creativity—does sex and a working penis help with that? Reiner Maria Rilke stated in his Letters to a Young Poet that the creative process is directly related to sex drive. Benjamin Franklin talks, in his autobiography, about never using sex to the point of dullness or weakness. He seems to have been watching the sexual energy in relation to his creativity as a scientist, patriot, writer, & successful business man. Sex definitely involves more than the penis but enjoying genitals that work definitely helps with sexual energy.
Emerson stated in Walden that sexuality relates to heroism, genius, and even spiritual progression. If the idea of a priest is that it’s a man who avoids sexual relations with a woman to direct energy toward GOD, then what energy is there to direct if the priest is impotent? What good is a dam at generating electric energy if there is no water behind the dam to generate pressure?

So, having a penis that works can help keep families together, help with business, creativity, even spirituality. If you’re convinced it may be worth your time to think about your penis (or the penis of your lover if you’re a woman), then why listen to me?
For starters, as a physician for the past 28 years, I’ve talked with over 10,000 people about sex and helped men and women improve their sex. After the sex improved, I watched most relationships dramatically improve. But, some relationships ended when the sex improved! So, sex involves much more than simply pleasure in the bedroom and relationships involve much more than sex. But, being able to contribute your part to the sexual pleasure and connection that are part of a love relationship can be a HUGE part of finding fulfillment.

I’ve been involved with research in the areas of sex and hormone replacement and invented the O-Shot® and the Priapus Shot® procedures. I enjoy the mind stimulation of working with some of the brightest medical and scientific minds in world after founding the American Cosmetic Cellular Medicine Association.

Along that 26 year path of research and patient care, I picked up a few ideas that I hope will be of help. We could write a multi-volume treatise on how to care for the penis. You could read whole textbooks, for example, just about hormone replacement. So, you won’t become an expert about all of the topics in this book after reading it. You do, however, hold in your hands a plan for developing and keeping your best penis for life—the hardest, straightest, healthiest penis possible (and yes, perhaps bigger).

Here’s what you’ll find in this course…

In Chapter 1, “Supplements that Stiffen the Rod,” I’ll list a simple and not-too expensive way to assure optimum co-factor support.
In Chapter 2, “Eating for Sexual Performance,” I’ll give you eating strategies that will make your penis and your whole body it’s healthiest, strongest, most passionate self. And help you implement those strategies.
Chapter 3, “The Hormones of Moans,” will outline how to measure your body’s main metabolic and sexual regulators and give you a guide to tuning up your body like a world class race car.
The ancients, the philosophers, the scientists, the artists, the athletes —all wrote about the powers of sex transmutation. Chapter 4, will give you detailed “Steps to the Transmutation of Sexual Energy” for better health and a healthier penis.
The penis is attached to your body—have you noticed? The blood that pumps into your penis comes from the heart and the blood vessels that are controlled by your brain. Yes, we will discuss physical therapies for the penis; but, for the best penis, you’ll want it attached to your best body. Chapter 5 talks about “Whole Body Activities to Improve the Penis.”
Using many of the methods already well researched in athletic performance, dentistry, orthopedics, and wound care—I invented a very specific way to use platelet-rich plasma (PRP) to improve the tissue of the penis. I called the procedure the Priapus Shot® procedure and uses the same methods the NFL uses to rehab a million-dollar quarter backs knee to rehabilitate and regenerate your penis. Chapter 6, shows how “The Priapus Shot® Procedure Makes All the Rest Work Better.”
Just like physical therapies (yoga, weight training, calisthenics) can improve the muscles and the joints, using physical therapies can improve the penis. Chapter 7 describes “Priapus Pump—Yoga for your Penis.”
Chapter 8 describes another physical therapy, “Penis Traction Tips.”
Chapter 9 describes some of the surgical possibilities. “Surgical Answers to Difficult Problems.”
Many drugs can harm the penis and decrease it’s function, but Chapter 10 talks about “Drugs that Your Penis Likes.”
Chapter 11 then goes on to give the post-office-most-wanted-for-damaging-penises, “Penis Poisons.”
Section III. The next section of the book, helps you take all the info in Section I and put it together for a tailor-made penis plan.
Chapter 12, “The Penis Plan,” puts the whole book together for an airplane view that keeps you on track for the rest of your life.
The “References” section will show you from where the science originated so that you can understand on a deeper level. Perhaps you’ll even help us with the science by sharing with us how this course helped you.
In the “About the Author” section, you’ll learn more about where some of these ideas evolved from my life experience and perhaps help direct you on a path that pays-it-forward.
The “Resources” section shows you where to buy or to obtain for free every thing that’s mentioned in the course. When I make a plan and then lose momentum looking for the material items needed to implement the plan, then I feel like I’ve wasted my efforts. This section will help to quickly start you toward your best penis.

Penis Structure: Growth & Regeneration

Section I. Structure: Growth & Regeneration

You could divide the body the way the body works and looks into 2 categories: 1) the growth and maintenance of physical structure & (2) the function of that structure.
As an example, Michael Phelps, by way of genetics, training, & nutrition developed an Olympic-swimmers body—he developed the structure. But, if the day before an Olympic race, did not sleep, and binged on alcohol, then he would not offer his best performance even though he developed an Olympic body. Success demand 2 ingredients: 1) developing the structure & 2) function.

You could see the same principal if you studied for a difficult exam, but then on the day of the exam you ate a hand-full of sleeping pills. Even though you developed the brain power, you wouldn’t see optimal function.

Exactly as the body for swimming and the brain for thinking operates as dictated by structure and function, so does the penis.

You can think of is like one part builds the machine and the other part tunes the machine for optimal performance.

So, this first section deals with “growth” & “rejuvenation” & “repair” of the structure of the penis. All 3 words involve the same principles of biology—even though you may not always be able to measure the changes with a ruler since structure includes blood vessels and nerves and tissue health.

As a side effect of following this plan for the penis, you will likely see improvement in the function of the entire body including the brain. You may see improved endurance, a tighter waistline, and increased strength. Memory and creativity should also grow more significant. Good sex can be the cherry on top of the desert of excellent health.

Key Points…
1. Body and body parts include structure and function
2. The 1st section of this book explains how to improve the structure of the penis (though many of the described strategies simultaneously improve function).
3. Make sure your personal doctor agrees with all that we are doing. This book can guide you to the proper thinking and strategies but does not substitute for a doctor-patient relationship.

The first steps in this course will lead you toward the best structure for your penis. Let's start with step 1...

Charles Runels, MD
Inventor of the Priapus Shot® procedure

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