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    1. Win, I believe you emailed me. No need to stop Cialis (tadalafil). I would recommend holding NSAID drugs (aspirin, ibuprofen, naprosyn) a week before and at least a week after. They increase bruising and decrease the inflammatory response we are looking to achieve.

      Emily Porter, MD
      Austin, TX

    2. I would say just take Maca, Mucuna Pruriens, horny goat weed and cut alcohol (stop smoking if you do) and you will have no ED. In fact you have a rock. All natural products which are good for your body and mind.

  1. How much inHG should I use for the pump? How long? My dr said 1 daily 10 min at 5-7inHg, but I have read twice daily for 10 min from patients of other doctors after they had the shot. I think I have lost some girth and length due to not getting spontaneous erections as often and I would like it back. Also, is it ok to take Benadryl post procedure will this inhibit the action of the p-shot? Please advise.

    1. William, anywhere from 5-10 mm Hg 10 min twice a day is good. If back-to-back, take 5-10 min break between. Any more than that can be damaging and not helpful. You should have an erection as hard or harder as your normal but it should not hurt. If not getting normal and frequent erections, you may certainly have lost length and girth. You can learn more about it here.

      As for the Benadryl, that is fine. I would avoid daily steroids such as prednisone as well as NSAIDs (ibuprofen, naprosyn, aspirin).

      Emily Porter, MD
      Austin, TX

  2. The P shot is great. I got it done and I certainly have seen increased size in my erect penis. Erections have been better but still not 100% maxed out. I still feel as if I have slight ED but it isn’t bad at all. I do want the girth alot more bigger. I was wondering if I can get multiple injections done. Maybe after 3 or 4 injections I should see an increase in girth.

    1. Mr. Khatta,

      You can get multiple injections done but it is not required. I never promise an increase in girth although about 40% of men do have that result. If your ED has improved, there is no guarantee that a 3rd or even 4th injection will increase girth. It is not selective healing like that. It’s kind of like losing weight–you can’t choose where the pounds come off. Sometimes it’s the face, other times the waistline, others the legs. The PRP will most certainly help with blood and nerve vessel growth but it’s not a procedure to “grow a penis.” I would hate for you to be disappointed. Your lover may care less about your penis size than you think s/he does.

      Emily Porter, M.D.
      Austin, TX

    1. Taylor,

      It is not uncommon to have some swelling or bruising after injection or when starting the pump. I’ve ever had anyone with a resultant “lumpy penis” after the PRP gets absorbed and any possible swelling subsides in a few days. Things should settle down for sure.

      Emily Porter, MD
      Austin, TX

  3. Why isn’t there any placebo controlled testing conducted for the p-shot? What I am reading is anecdotal reports from people who have had the procedure. I believe I’ve read something like 20% to 60% improvement. That’s a wide range

    1. research<--

      unlike a drug where you can make a fake/placebo pill. drawing blood and then making something that looks like blood in a syringe and does nothing is thought by most researchers to be impossible. For example, jetting just plain saline into tissue disrupts it and is not nothing (which a placebo must be).

      Not every therapy lends its self to placebo studies. For example, there are no placebo studies of birth control pills–yet we have much research showing that they work and we have a good understanding of the failure and the complication rate.

      Procedures (this is a procedure, not a drug) are also difficult to do placebo studies on. There are no placebo studies of cholecystectomy, or physical therapy, or sex counseling. But, you can still do research that is strong even when researching a therapy for which there is no placebo by doing comparison studies.

      For example, if you look at Dr. Virag’s study, he compares the Priapus Shot® for Peyronie’s with using an FDA approved collagenase (Xiaflex) and shows the Priapus Shot® works better with less risk.

      Every doctor and patient must read the research and reach their own conclusion. It usually takes at least 20 years for a new therapy or drug to be widely accepted (10 years to do the research and another 10 years for the research to translate into a change in the common practice of medicine). For example, the first heart cath was done in the 1940’s–but not widely done until 20 years later.

      In the end, everyone must decide with their physician what’s the best therapy. Based on risks and benefits and your own personal problem or preferences, the Priapus Shot® procedure may not be for you.

      Hope this helps.

      1. Possibly not a placebo, but it could be compared to Viagra, Soundwave, Trimix to name a few. I see no controlled studies. The theory of how this works is not obvious to me.

      2. this is great hearing from the source. i would have liked to hear directly from the sources involved with icp therapy but got the nih studies instead, which was good but not AS good

  4. A couple of question. This procedure spins out platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and injects it into the penis. It seems that this isn’t going to stay there, won’t this circulate out to other parts of the body.

    Also the cost of this procedure seems out of line with other procedures. You are taking blood spinning out platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and injecting it. I see that there are people doing this who are not physicians

  5. I have Peyronies disease with small soft plaque (12mm) since March 2018. unfortunately my condition got complicated after been treated by Steroid injection from Bad urologist, as a result I had half of my penis atrophied and my erections became soft after two weeks from the injection.

    would P shot recover the atrophy and dissolve the plaque?

  6. If I were to be so lucky to get .25″ increase in girth from the first shot, would there be a good chance that a second shot (and third) would increase the size even more?

  7. I am 44 years old and am on a plavix and aspirin regimen. I would really like to have the p shot procedure. Is it possible to still have good results from the p shot while taking these medications?

  8. Hello I’m william and I’m considering the p shot. I dont have any problems with erections and I’m of average size but I am hoping just to increase my size..will this give me a larger erection????

  9. Is there a Dr in CA, specifically in the SF Bay Area? When searching for a provider on this site only one comes up in CA…is this true?

  10. I have has high blood pressure and high cholesterol and was put on medication and developed ED . will the Pshot work for me?

  11. I have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism around the same I took the p shot….its been 9 weeks i was on np thyroid medication, taking cialis, and viagra. No results what’s so ever. I still struggle with ED. Why is this happening to me.

  12. For all you guys looking to regain sensitivity – if you were circumcised that is a big reason for loss of sensitivity. Nerves are severed and the most sensitive tissue of the penis is removed- the inner foreskin. You can try foreskin restoration to improve sensitivity. And remember- don’t let them cut your kid or grandkids!

  13. I have a redness on my penis and no skin creams can hepl it. I wonder if I use this, will there be an improvement on my sore?

  14. I read after having a shot it can last between 12 to 18 months. So its not a permanent solution? If I had more then one shot then do I have a better chance of permanent effects? Or over time it will still loose it’s size?

  15. I have a few general questions about the P-shot, but first an overview:

    I’m a bit overweight, but the weight is coming off. On TRT, that is going well. May have sleep apnea but getting tested for that soon. I find my erection strength has suddenly decreased, as well as sensitivity in my penis.

    Here are my questions:

    1. I’m also considering Gainswave along side the P-shot. Would it be beneficial to do the shockwave first and then P-Shot, or other way around, or does it really matter?

    2. The P-shot interest me for size first, erection strength second. If the average circumference increase is .25″ on the first shot, but someone wanted slight more, is there a benefit to a second shot in regards to size? Is there a suggested wait time?

    3. Do other methods of HGH production (i.e. semorelin or other supplements) provide any help to the P-shot in regards to size?

  16. Dave

    Hi yall, I got the p shot this morning because I’m looking for some more length and girth, still numb from the cream lol but I did some research and multiple practices has given their patients the vacuum pump. My medical practice didnt provide one. Should I purchase one to increase my chances of getting some length?

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