Low-Intensity Shockwave Therapy Improves Hemodynamic Parameters in Patients With Vasculogenic Erectile Dysfunction: A Triplex Ultrasonography-Based Sham-Controlled Trial

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This is a really important study, the Journal of Sexual Medicine July of this year, 2017. What these investigators did is they had two groups of men, 30 in one group and 16 in the sham side, and then they did penile triplex ultrasonography. And then they repeated it at three months after treatment. And then they accessed them at six months, nine months to twelve months.

So, studies have been done like this before. Here's one where they did the same thing, and other studies. And multiple studies now showing results, like this study they showed results with improvement of erectile dysfunction scale after low intensity shock-wave therapy. But this one, they actually have a new objective measure. And they measured blood flow. Let's think a little bit about how they did, how they applied it and then I'll give the results.

If you look at the picture here, what they did was 300 shock waves here, here, here, here and here. So five locations. If they did 300 waves at 160 shock waves per minute, then it takes about 20 minutes to treat one person. And you can see the energy there that they use. So it's about 1500 shocks. It sounds horrible —shocks— but if you've experienced it, it's like someone tapping you with their finger, and not even in a very hard way, just a tap. No pain control is needed at all.

Here's what's exciting. If you look at this… here's baseline, one month. Here's erectile function scale. That's a huge jumpfrom baseline to one month. From an average around 12 or 15 up to around 20. And then, if you look, that's sustained at a year. That's impressive, it's very impressive.

Here we go. That gives you a look at it, in a bar graph. But this is what's really interesting to me. This is what makes the study unique. Lots of study showing benefit from shockwave therapy, but in this one they show that maximum peak systolic velocity increases.

You don't have to look hard to see which one of these groups you want to be in. Obviously, there's some outliers. For example, in this active group, I don't know what happened here. And here's one where he’s treated with a sham, and he went and got a new girlfriend or something. I don't know what happened.

But as a general rule, you can just see you want to be in this group, not this group. And that's in three months with sustaining benefits. So, I don't want to belabor this… just wanted to make you aware of it and let you know how we're doing this now.

There's a protocol, one of our Priapus Shot® providers invented a more aggressive protocol (GainsWave) with excellent results, but most people are using the protocol in this paper. Who knows what the right protocol's going to turn out to be? We're still in that phase where we're proving that it works, and not yet developing the nuances of what works best.

The same way with the Priapus Shot®, in one of the urologists in our group, published findings showing decrease venous leak and increase arterial pressure at one of his big urology meetings with our Priapus Shot® procedure.

The thing that's different about both of these, versus what we have available, for example, Viagra or injecting a vasodilator, neither of those two things correct the problem. What's exciting about this is we're getting to the place where we're getting to the etiology.

Notice that in this treatment group, this guy didn't get better. And nothing is 100% ... remember, 20% of the people in the hospital with pneumonia still die but that does not mean antibiotics don’t work, it just means that some people are more complicated. And so, for example, if someone has vascular disease in the iliac arteries, not getting good blood flow to the penis, or his testosterone level is in the dirt, then this is not going to work as well.

In this study, they selected all their inclusion and exclusion criteria and selected out supposedly for a lot of those things that would've sabotage it. For example, radical prostatectomy can't be in the study, penile anatomic abnormalities, or hormone abnormalities can't be in the study. But we don't want to simplify this, and obviously make our patients think that this happens to everything. Jumping this much, that's a change in your life. So, check out the links below here. I'll keep them updated for where you can find providers who have this method, providers who can combine this method with a Priapus Shot®. If you're a urologist or gynecologist or family practitioner, then I'll put link below the video about where you can find training and where you can buy the materials needed, or when you can find materials to both do this procedure and materials and training to do the Priapus Shot®, in combination —it’s the bomb!

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