Month: December 2016

Priapus Shot® Post Penile Implant? Why & Why Not…

Is it OK to do a Priapus Shot® procedure after a penile implant? Why should you? What’s the danger to avoid? Drs Joseph Banno (board certified urologist) & Charles Runels (inventor of the P-Shot® procedure) discuss the issue… Find Certified Provider of the Priapus Shot® Procedure (click)<– Apply for Membership in the Provider Group (physicians […]


“How Long Does It Take for the P-Shot® to Work?”

Drs. Joseph Banno & Charles Runels answer questions about the time frame surrounding the Priapus Shot® procedure… Short version- in most people, it STARTS to work at around 3-4 weeks with full effects at 12 weeks. Some people will see effects sooner. In some people it will not work at all. Depends on the goal. […]


PRP vs. Stem Cells

These videos offer answers… Physicians who took part in the interviews: J Joseph Banno, MD Anne Truong, MD Warren Seiler, MD Research–Stem Cells “died” but still benefit (from the growth factors) Research–PRP improves nerve function and erection (increased arterial pressure within the penis). A visual demonstration on the ankle (showing how PRP can restore healthy […]


Venous Leak vs. Increased Arterial Pressure

Question… Good day, I suffer from ED due to venous leakage. I have asked the local providers about this and they say they do not know what results are typical in this instance. Can you please let me know if the shot works for such a case and how successful has it been. If it […]


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