Venous Leak vs. Increased Arterial Pressure


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I suffer from ED due to venous leakage. I have asked the local providers about this and they say they do not know what results are typical in this instance. Can you please let me know if the shot works for such a case and how successful has it been. If it does work - Is it a slight improvement or in most cases a full improvement? Are the veins reconstituted or is it just the capillaries?




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7 thoughts on “Venous Leak vs. Increased Arterial Pressure”

  1. While individual results will vary it is the right step in trying to cure the issue through the regeneration of the pre-disease state! Hope that helps!

  2. A patient was referred to me by a sex therapist. He was unable to achieve an adequate erection for 3 years. He did not respond well to Viagra or Cialis and a urologist told him he needed an implant due to his venous leak. After optimizing his testosterone, he underwent a P-shot and religiously used a pump to “exercise” his penis. He also began taking Neo-40 to restore nitric oxide. After 8 weeks he was able to achieve a firm erection with daily Cialis. For nearly 9 months he was able to have sex a couple times/week and is now ready for a repeat injection.

  3. We get great results with the P-Shot from many types of ED, including venous leak. The PRP help build capillaries.

  4. Great video, with great advice. I am going to get trained in penile Doppler ASAP to help me treat my patients. As always, Charles, thanks for putting all these teaching tools together-
    Andrew Steinberg

  5. I get very similar results like Dr. Ebanks described above. PRP in addition to a comprehensive health evaluation (endocrine, metabolic, psychological) and treatment for deficiencies repeats those great results. I am fortunate to have a urologist up the street from my office who performs duplex ultrasound testing, so that I can see before and after testing results when performing Pshots.

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