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  1. Peyronie's Disease.  This text gives an excellent review of the various treatments for Peyronie's disease.  It was written 5 years after the Priapus Shot® procedure was invented. Page 164 refers to the Priapus Shot® procedure.
  2. With surgery, "recurrence and ED rates[s] are high and some patients may experience permanent loss of sensation." "...not acceptable to many patients because the 'loss' of penile length."
  3. Combination therapy works better than one therapy alone (there can be a synergy).
  4. Pump therapy corrected 51% of men-- satisfied with pump therapy alone (10 minutes twice a day). They did no other therapy in combination with the pump.  Side effect was increase in length. This study in rats shows why the pump may help (click).
  5. CoQ10 in double blind study.
  6. Vitamin E. 1,200 IU daily.
  7. Platelet rich plasma plasma for fibrosis and scar treatment.
  8. Platelet rich plasma for autoimmune.
  9. Platelet rich plasma for lichen sclerosus.
  10. PRP supporting Priapus Shot® for Peyronie's Disease
  11. Another study indicating that the Priapus Shot® could be more beneficial and with fewer side effects than Xiapex for Peyronie's
  12. Correct Testosterone deficiency to help Peyronie's.  Here's a link to all the tests I normally do.
  13. Walking associated with decreased inflammation and improved erection. For full benefit, it's best if the man works up to 21-25 miles per week.
  14. Cialis daily alone or in combination.
  15. Safety Information about Xiaflex (collagenase).
    Notice that the rate of ED is 0.4% in placebo and 1.8% in the Xiaflex group
    --> So, the implied incidence of ED from Xiafex would be 1.8 - 0.4 = 1.4% Also, note that the rate of known rupture from Xiaflex is 0.5%.  The rate of possible rupture (heard a popping sound or extensive bruising, etc.) was 0.9%. 
    0.5 + 0.9 = 1.4% (click here to see the warning box).  So, both of those stats support a rate of rupture/ED secondary to Xiaflex would be around 1.4% or 1 in 70.
  16. Physicians and nurse practitioners click to apply to join our group of Priapus Shot® providers.

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12 thoughts on “Research”

  1. hello ; how much Vitamin E should I take with my Priapus shot and how much Q-10 should I take ? also how much L-arginine should I take ?
    Is there anything else in the line of Nutrition I should take with my Priapus Shot to increase the Platelets so I get the most out of my injection ?
    Also can I pump my penis right after the shots are injected ?

  2. Great Protocol, Dr. Runels and thanks for all the info. You have really done the research for us. I am excited to offer this great treatment protocol to my patients with ED and Peyronie’s and I think it is superior to any other combination of treatments or surgery!

  3. This is a very interesting therapy. Since there is not a lot of clinical data published on the use of PRP for this particular indication, I have a series of questions for you.(See 4 results at

    1. What are your thoughts on TGF-b1 neutralization of PRP to reduce the risk of fibrosis? Is this done for the Priapus shot preparation?

    Customized platelet-rich plasma with transforming growth factor β1 neutralization antibody to reduce fibrosis in skeletal muscle.
    Li H, Hicks JJ, Wang L, Oyster N, Philippon MJ, Hurwitz S, Hogan MV, Huard J.
    Biomaterials. 2016 May;87:147-56. doi: 10.1016/j.biomaterials.2016.02.017. Epub 2016 Feb 17

    2. Given the limitation of the Cochrane method, how do you respond to this recent review? Is the Priapus therapy targeting primarily scar tissue or generally soft tissue injuries? Are there any randomized clinical studies in progress using Priapus?

    How effective are platelet rich plasma injections in treating musculoskeletal soft tissue injuries?
    Keene DJ, Alsousou J, Willett K.
    BMJ. 2016 Feb 17;352:i517. doi: 10.1136/bmj.i517.

    3. What do you think is the mechanism of penis enlargement? If the PRP growth factors are targeted to healing and resolving scar tissue, is the enlargement a result of that healing? Or do you believe that de novo growth is achieved in the absence of scar tissue?

    I am researching therapies for ED and am interested to know your thoughts.
    Thank you,

  4. I recently received the Priapus shot treatment. The Doctor gave me a sheet that listed the diagnoses but said he did not know the ICD 10 procedure code. I would like to try to get the cost reimbursed by my insurance or RMA (medical savings account). Can you give a procedure code for the shot?

  5. The Priapus Shot utilizes the power of platelet-enriched blood plasma collected from the patient s own body. The doctor injects the platelet-rich plasma, which encourages and stimulates the body s natural healing and restoration process. In total, the procedure usually takes less than half an hour.

  6. I have primary hypogonadism and I would consider the shots to increase my length.

    What is a realistic expectation there? What is the range of results and percentages for each increase in length?

    My testosterone levels are mid 600’s with gel. I’ve been thinking of adding Sermorelin to jump start HGH.

  7. Can one use Trimix after a Priapus shot? Will it contraindicate or diminish the results of the Priapus shot. If so, how long should one refrain from taking trimix?

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