Month: September 2017

Priapus Shot® Procedure for Growth. Research.

Using the Priapus Shot ® procedure for penis growth in length and girth.. Click to read the research<- This protocol involved doing the injections once a month for 5 injections total and to use the penis pump for 20 minutes every day. We recommend the injections every 8-12 months. Results Will Vary. Discuss Protocol with Your […]


“Bicycle Seats & Choices” Your penis wants you to read this warning…

Very important article about the danger of bicycle seats….(read and choose)… “The A, B, C’s of The Journal of Sexual Medicine:  Awareness, Bicycle Seats, & Choices”<-(click to read)<– If you suspect you have damage from a bicycle seat, the Priapus Shot® procedure may help. Here’s how… Here’s one study showing regeneration of nerve tissue modeling […]


Low-Intensity Shockwave Therapy Improves Hemodynamic Parameters in Patients With Vasculogenic Erectile Dysfunction: A Triplex Ultrasonography-Based Sham-Controlled Trial

For best results, expand video to full screen (transcription below video).Read the research discussed in the video (click)<– Find Priapus Shot® (P-Shot®) Provider<– Buy Shock Wave Device<– Training for Physicians & Physician Extenders<– This is a really important study, the Journal of Sexual Medicine July of this year, 2017. What these investigators did is they […]


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