Month: April 2017

When Should You Treat Peyronie’s with the P-Shot® Procedure…Early After Onset, or Later?

Question (name changed)… Dr. Runels: I’m an ENT doctor but in this case a urology pt with recent-onset (noticed 2-3 weeks ago) Peyronie’s. My urologist ______ in ______ gave me your flier about the Priapus Shot® treatment. (1) Does your Rx address the plaques? (2) Does it stop or reverse the Peyronie’s process? (3) Is […]


Walking to Your Best Penis

Dr. Runels Explains How Walking Can Improve Your Penis & Your Life Since sex can ask for the heart about as much as walking up stairs, man is good in bed for about as long as he can comfortably walk up stairs.  Is that enough to encourage you to think about walking? Ask your physician […]


Harder, Straighter, Bigger. Step 4. Hormones. Testosterone.

Click to hear podcast about testosterone… Best Testosterone Calculator (click)<– Hello this is Charles Runels and we’re still talking about ways to help Peyronie’s disease and erectile disfunction. Today we’re talking about testosterone. Testosterone is associated with Peyronie’s disease, we’re not sure exactly why, but I have a theory about that. Peyronie’s has an autoimmune […]


Straighter, Harder, Bigger. Step 3. Priapus Shot®

Priapus Shot® Procedure The Priapus Shot® procedure indicates a specific way of treating the penis with blood-derived growth factors extracted from the man’s own blood (autologous). Some people call these blood-derived growth factors platelet-rich plasma (PRP) but there may be growth factors in plasma we don’t yet know about that do not come from the […]


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