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How to treat Peyronie’ s without surgery (new research)

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IMPORTANT:  The natural progression of Peyronie's Disease is that it gets worse with time. In other words, if you have Peyronie's disease and you do nothing, it often worsens with time.

If you look at the research, though most of the people treated with Priapus Shot® methods got better, some did not get better and some got worse.  The fact that most got better and some got worse does NOT mean conclusively that the procedure made them worse since the disease usually gets worse when left untreated.  Sometimes the Priapus Shot® just does not work and so the disease progresses.  We wish it worked every time in every person --but it does not.

If your Peyronie's disease gets worse, after any treatment, most likely it got worse because you have Peyronie's and that's what Peyronie's disease does...the procedure did not work for you. But, your doctor didn't give you Peyronie's disease and most likely he/she did not make you worse--the disease did.

On the other hand, no procedure is without risk and it could be that there are risks to the Priapus Shot® that are unknown to us and/or that occur more frequently than we suspect.  You always have the option to not be treated at all or to choose another treatment.  However, surgery and Xiaflex have their own risks.  Here's the possibilities with Xiaflex (click to read)<-- 

Dr. Ronald Virag showed that PRP works better and with fewer side effects that Xiaflex (and with less serious side effects), but in the end THERE IS NO PERFECT PROCEDURE.

Still, we think that the Priapus Shot® is worth trying before going to more other methods (one of the risks of the Priapus Shot® can be that you get a better/harder erection).

If you do choose to do the Priapus Shot®--after discussion with your physician--we recommend you use the following protocol to increase the chances of your success (click)<--

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