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Patient question, please.
70 year old male presents to office stating that he has enjoyed 5-7 days of sexual activity with his wife status post penial implant at age 66. Reports prior to implant that he had to take Viagra daily/nightly in order to obtain an erection. Penis is 6 inches erect - 4 on outside and 2 that stays within canal with girth just under 2 cm. He is still able to ejaculate and has some sensation, however would like more. Would this individual benefit from the Priapus Shot in anyway, as he is under sure as am I about blood flow s/p implant. (By the way, the wife also enjoys sex daily and is 56 and scheduled an O-Shot!)

Answer. The consensus answer on this seems to be in 2 parts...
1. To NOT do the Priapus Shot® into the SHAFT post implant.
2. Priapus Shot® into the GLANS may be helpful.

Please pay very careful attention to their answers from the urologists in our group of Priapus Shot® providers.

Providers and patients feel free to add to the comments.

Research about O-Shot® methods used for chronic mesh pain.
Research about PRP use for restoration of nerve tissue/sensation.

4 thoughts on “P-Shot® + Implant”

  1. Answer:

    I would not recommend doing a p-shot on someone status post inflatable penile implant as it would injure the implant and worsen the entire situation. I would recommend having his T levels checked as I have found that this sometimes effects sensitivity.

    Quinton Cancel, MD

  2. I will have my implant removed because it’s the worst thing that has ever happened to me. I was ok with pills so I don’t know why did I do it, the doctor pushed me for it and manipulated me with lies. It’s the most invasive and painful thing ever, horrendous. I think I will try PRP afterwards to see if I can restore my erections

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