Priapus Shot® Post Penile Implant? Why & Why Not…

Is it OK to do a Priapus Shot® procedure after a penile implant? Why should you? What's the danger to avoid?

Drs Joseph Banno (board certified urologist) & Charles Runels (inventor of the P-Shot® procedure) discuss the issue...

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One thought on “Priapus Shot® Post Penile Implant? Why & Why Not…”

  1. Hello Dr.
    I will have an implant removed this month, I didn’t need it in the first place but I made a huge mistake and accepted it pushed by a criminal who knew I was healthy and I had erections so this wasn’t needed. Unfortunately I had no idea of the p-shot last year when I had the unnecessary and destructive surgery. My question is, can a series of P shots help me? Can my tissues be regenerated before they are all scarred and can new tissue grow inside my penis restoring my condition?
    Thank you

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