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Harder, Straighter, Bigger. Step 4. Hormones. Testosterone.

Click to hear podcast about testosterone… Best Testosterone Calculator (click)<– Hello this is Charles Runels and we’re still talking about ways to help Peyronie’s disease and erectile disfunction. Today we’re talking about testosterone. Testosterone is associated with Peyronie’s disease, we’re not sure exactly why, but I have a theory about that. Peyronie’s has an autoimmune […]


Straighter, Harder, Bigger. Step 3. Priapus Shot®

Priapus Shot® Procedure The Priapus Shot® procedure indicates a specific way of treating the penis with blood-derived growth factors extracted from the man’s own blood (autologous). Some people call these blood-derived growth factors platelet-rich plasma (PRP) but there may be growth factors in plasma we don’t yet know about that do not come from the […]


Peyronie’s & ED Treatment: The Priapus Shot® Procedure

Priapus Shot® Procedure The Priapus Shot® procedure indicates a specific protocol for treating the penis with blood-derived growth factors: specifically platelet-rich plasma or PRP. The name Priapus Shot® is registered with the US Patent & Trademark office as a “service mark” to protect patients by indicating a specific protocol. The name is not a synonym […]


Peyronie’s & ED Treatment…”Supplements & Foods that Cause a Harder Straighter Erection”…

(scroll down to read transcript of this video) Priapus Shot Providers (click) <– Resources & References (Video Explains)… Very Helpful Review Article (click to read)<– 3-Day Fat Burn. The quickest way I know to blast off libido with eating strategies (click)<– Food  Coleus… Yohimbine… Arginine Powder… Citraline Pycnogenol          Double blind study of Co-Q10 (click […]


Anytime…for as Long as You Want…

Charles Runels, MD, research physician and best-selling author, reveals… Secrets of How to Have an Erection for as Long as You Want, almost Anytime, at Any Age (Revealed in 15-Day Course for Men) One Saturday morning, when I was 12 years old,  my Dad gave me the book Think & Grow Rich… I went to […]


Penis Pumps & How They Help ED & Peyronies…

Priapus Shot® Providers Priapus Shot® Reviews Provider Application (Physicians & Physician Extenders) Edited Transcript of the above Podcast about Penis Pumps… Penis Pump Penis Pump Theory An erection can be modeled (in a physics way) as a water balloon. A balloon grows to a size to where the inside pressure equals the outside pressure. A […]


Peyronie’s Treatment…Straighter, Harder, Bigger by the 7-Step Priapus Shot® Protocol

Save Here’s a podcast version of the video at the top of this page… Transcription of the above podcast… Introduction Hello. This is Dr. Runels and I want to talk with you today about Peyronie’s Disease. Peyronie’s Disease is not just an inconvenience. A curvature of the penis can be slight and in that case, […]


Optimizing Female and Male Sexual Function

Relevant Links… Dr George Ibrahim for Patient Treatment or for Provider Training Priapus Shot® Procedure (P-Shot®) Orgasm Shot® (O-Shot®) Procedure Testosterone Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction Lichen Sclerosus Treatment Application for O-Shot® Online Training Application for P-Shot® Online Training  


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