4 thoughts on “Dr. Ripoll explains the Priapus Shot® Procedure”

  1. I’m 52 and have moderate Pyronie with no substantial ED issues. I don;t recall any incident that caused an injury but I do have Dupuytren’s. I’ve been in the stable phase for about 5 months and have had 2 P-Shots from a licensed P-Shot provider in your network. Truthfully, I’ve not noticed improvement and I am scheduled for a 3rd shot soon. The first shot was painless and caused a lot of bruising. The second shot was directed more into the calcified plaque and was exceptionally painful ( almost blacked out twice, which has never happened to me), little bruising. I was given numbing shots both times. I’m apprehensive about going in for another treatment and wondered:
    1) do you have any comments on possible risks of damage like a hematoma or having additional scarring/increased curvature from the needle aspirations?
    2) What results have you had with P-Shot injections during the stable phase to reverse or improve the condition?
    3) Had Xiaflex treatment into my hand and that did work, but I’m trying to avoid that here due to the risks of penile fracture. Was hoping that the P-Shot would be a good alternative.
    Any feedback related to P-Shot proven results for this condition is appreciated

  2. I am taking 5 mg of tadalafil every day. Do I have to stop tadalafil for Pshot? Please give detailed explanation.

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