Premature Ejaculation…What It Is & How to Stop it with 9 Magic Home Remedies

Premature Ejaculation...
What It Is & How to Stop It with 9 Magic Home Remedies
A 48 Minute Instructional Audio Recording


Why Premature Ejaculation is a Serious Problem...and how this course came to be.

Why Curing Premature Ejaculation Requires Going Against Nature and Into Art
The Magic 9...
1. Oxygen Power
2. The Secret 30-Second Trick.  Using the Rocking Technique to Increase Orgasm Power. 
3. Making it to the Safe Zone
4. Positions of Power and Control.  Avoiding Angles that Damage the Penis. 
5. Interruption for Continuous Pleasure.  Penis Exercises for Learning Extended Intercourse.
6. Toys for Pleasure and Endurance
7. Listening to the Music and Anticipating a New Creation.  Going to Your Favorite Class.

8. Easy Mind Control Techniques for Switching On and Off.  Meditation.
9. Other Techniques:  The PC Muscle, Squeeze Technique, Ejaculation Before Sex, Creams, Condom With the One You Trust.
Alcohol Before Your Appearance at Carnegie Hall?
Putting it All Together to Make Music.
Then Forget Everything and Just Love.
Sex for Worship and Connection.

100% Money Back Guarantee

All profits used to support research in sexual medicine for men & women (research)<--

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