Low-Intensity Shockwave Therapy Improves Hemodynamic Parameters in Patients With Vasculogenic Erectile Dysfunction: A Triplex Ultrasonography-Based Sham-Controlled Trial

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This is a really important study, the Journal of Sexual Medicine July of this year, 2017. What these investigators did is they had two groups of men, 30 in one group and 16 in the sham side, and then they did penile triplex ultrasonography. And then they repeated it at three months after treatment. And then they accessed them at six months, nine months to twelve months.

So, studies have been done like this before. Here's one where they did the same thing, and other studies. And multiple studies now showing results, like this study they showed results with improvement of erectile dysfunction scale after low intensity shock-wave therapy. But this one, they actually have a new objective measure. And they measured blood flow. Let's think a little bit about how they did, how they applied it and then I'll give the results.

If you look at the picture here, what they did was 300 shock waves here, here, here, here and here. So five locations. If they did 300 waves at 160 shock waves per minute, then it takes about 20 minutes to treat one person. And you can see the energy there that they use. So it's about 1500 shocks. It sounds horrible —shocks— but if you've experienced it, it's like someone tapping you with their finger, and not even in a very hard way, just a tap. No pain control is needed at all.

Here's what's exciting. If you look at this… here's baseline, one month. Here's erectile function scale. That's a huge jumpfrom baseline to one month. From an average around 12 or 15 up to around 20. And then, if you look, that's sustained at a year. That's impressive, it's very impressive.

Here we go. That gives you a look at it, in a bar graph. But this is what's really interesting to me. This is what makes the study unique. Lots of study showing benefit from shockwave therapy, but in this one they show that maximum peak systolic velocity increases.

You don't have to look hard to see which one of these groups you want to be in. Obviously, there's some outliers. For example, in this active group, I don't know what happened here. And here's one where he’s treated with a sham, and he went and got a new girlfriend or something. I don't know what happened.

But as a general rule, you can just see you want to be in this group, not this group. And that's in three months with sustaining benefits. So, I don't want to belabor this… just wanted to make you aware of it and let you know how we're doing this now.

There's a protocol, one of our Priapus Shot® providers invented a more aggressive protocol (GainsWave) with excellent results, but most people are using the protocol in this paper. Who knows what the right protocol's going to turn out to be? We're still in that phase where we're proving that it works, and not yet developing the nuances of what works best.

The same way with the Priapus Shot®, in one of the urologists in our group, published findings showing decrease venous leak and increase arterial pressure at one of his big urology meetings with our Priapus Shot® procedure.

The thing that's different about both of these, versus what we have available, for example, Viagra or injecting a vasodilator, neither of those two things correct the problem. What's exciting about this is we're getting to the place where we're getting to the etiology.

Notice that in this treatment group, this guy didn't get better. And nothing is 100% ... remember, 20% of the people in the hospital with pneumonia still die but that does not mean antibiotics don’t work, it just means that some people are more complicated. And so, for example, if someone has vascular disease in the iliac arteries, not getting good blood flow to the penis, or his testosterone level is in the dirt, then this is not going to work as well.

In this study, they selected all their inclusion and exclusion criteria and selected out supposedly for a lot of those things that would've sabotage it. For example, radical prostatectomy can't be in the study, penile anatomic abnormalities, or hormone abnormalities can't be in the study. But we don't want to simplify this, and obviously make our patients think that this happens to everything. Jumping this much, that's a change in your life. So, check out the links below here. I'll keep them updated for where you can find providers who have this method, providers who can combine this method with a Priapus Shot®. If you're a urologist or gynecologist or family practitioner, then I'll put link below the video about where you can find training and where you can buy the materials needed, or when you can find materials to both do this procedure and materials and training to do the Priapus Shot®, in combination —it’s the bomb!

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Peyronie’s & ED Treatment…”Supplements & Foods that Cause a Harder Straighter Erection”…

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Resources & References (Video Explains)...

    • Pycnogenol


  • Double blind study of Co-Q10 (click to read)<--
    • 186 men with "early chronic" Peyronie's got 300mg Co-Q10 per day. The other group got placebo.
    • No other treatment!
    • At the end of 6 months...
      • Placebo group-average plaque size and curvature increased. 56% of the men in the group were worse. No one was better.
      • In the men who took 300mg Co-Q10, average plaque size and curvature improved and erectile function improved! Only 13.6% of the men worsened.
    • Conclusion. Co-Q10 prevents worsening 87% of the time, and improves curvature & erectile function & decreases plaque size in most men after 6 months of treatment.
    • Recommended Co-Q10. This is a 6 month supply of high quality in 1 bottle. Put this buy where ever you have your morning meal or protein shake and take with that....


  • Vitamin E used in combination with other therapies. (Click to read)<--
    • Men with Peyronie's were divided into 2 groups and treated for 6 months.
      • In 1/2 of the men, vitamin E  at a does of 1,200 IU was give once a day as part of a combination therapy.
      • The other 1/2 got the combination therapy without the vitamin E
    • The men who did not get the vitamin E saw and average decrease in curvature of 6 degrees. Average reduction in plaque was 36%. Of the men treated, 48% improved.
    • With the men who DID get vitamin E, an average decrease in curvature of twice as much occurred--12%. The average plaque reduction was 50% and of the men treated 96% improved!
    • No one in the vitamin E group saw a worsening of the curvature or an increase in the size of the plaque. Some of the men who did not take vitamin E did see an worsening of the curvature with 17% of them seeing an increase in the size of the plaque!
    • The vitamin E group also saw a more significant increase in erectile function.
    • This is a wonderful example of the "fire" analogy. Sometimes it takes more than  1 thing a the same time to build a fire.
    • One of each of these per day gives 1,250 IU's (1,000 + 250) with an excellent quality and a few cofactors that help the E work better...

         <--one of these + one of these-->

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Dr Runels: So thank you guys for coming. There's this idea by some people that whatever you have with your erection, you can only make things better by taking medicines, and that the blood flow through the penis itself can't be improved, but as a matter of fact it can be improved, and there's research dating back at least the past 15, 20 years demonstrating that that is possible. Before, there was a Priapus Shot®.

So as we go through this, I'll just run through this and lay down the research the best I understand it. There may be some other physicians on the phone here, actually I see several other physicians on the phone, and so at some point I'll open the floor for discussion and I'll also open the phone of some of the other physicians so that we can answer your questions.

After spending years, 25 plus years taking care of people, and intensively studying for the past few years ways to make the erection better specifically, other than things ... if you think about it, if you take Viagra, that's a great drug, but it's not doing anything to correct the problem, it's just making what's there work harder. Same with an implant, but the idea of actually making the blood flow itself into the penis better is what we're talking about here.

Some of you may be on this call because you subscribe to this newsletter here where I intend to put down what I determined from the medical literature to be things that have been proven to be helpful, like hormones, exercise, of course our priapus shot, nutrition, using a pump, so today's topic is about the pump, and we'll go to the sort of an outline, and I haven't made this page available yet, but here are some of the most powerful things I've seen, and a lot of this, this comes from a lot of research, but much of what I'll show you is summarized in a paper that you'll find a link to on the page right here, and when you click on that it takes you there. I'll tell you how to get to this page after the webinar, and I'll post a recording of this right there at the top of the page so you can review it.

If you click on that, it takes you to this excellent review article that goes into all the things that have been demonstrated in the way of lifestyle and eating and supplements to improve the erection and how that works. So the most powerful one is exercise. I hate to say it, some people hate exercise, but so important that I'll cover that in a separate webinar.

But getting to the supplements, folic acid, antioxidants, calcium I think is less helpful, vitamin C, vitamin E, and again hormones will be covered in another episode. Now when it comes to the antioxidants what I've observed and others, and what the research shows is that C and E are helpful, and even for Peyronie's disease there's a double-blind, placebo controlled study that I've posted, showing that, if you go to this part here about vitamin E and click on this, there was a double-blind ... this showed that using the vitamin E helped Peyronie's disease.

Also there was a study here with CoQ10 where they took 196 men with early chronic Peyronie's and gave them 300 mg of CoQ10 per day, and no other treatment, and then at the end of the six months, the people who were taking the placebo on average saw a worsening, and no one was improved, but in the people who took the coq10, the plaque size improved on average and only 13 percent of them worsened. This was a true placebo controlled study.

All of the studies show that there's a synergy, there's an actual synergy, so what I see, and this is a huge problem I think, is that people will try one thing and they think that doesn't work, so they discard it instead of adding that one thing to the other things. My favorite analogy with that is starting a fire. If someone told you, and you had no idea what a fire is, told you to light a match, you wouldn't see very much, so you decided okay, matches don't work. And the next day someone told you that you should use wood, pile up a bunch of wood, but alone of course that wouldn't do much for a fire. Someone says, okay really what you need to make a fire is a stack of wood, put some lighter fluid on it, and then light a match, then you would have a real fire.

This is what you're looking at, this picture is the match that starts the erection fire of improved erectile function in your penis. The way this works is that nitric oxide, neuronal nitric oxide synthase relaxes the arteries, so the things that promote neuronal nitric oxide are these, and you have to have the right dose, at least enough of the stuff.

Vitamin C I like at least three grams a day with food, vitamin E at least 1250 mg, that's what's in the research. Now, let's go and look at arginine and citrulline, because that's very interesting, if you look at what he writes about here, he said there was no effect at all at the lower dose of one and a half grams per day. That's a big tablet, most people have trouble swallowing a tablet that's more than one gram. But in a randomized trial of five grams per day, there was improvement in 31% of the men.

What I recommend is arginine or glutamine at four grams, three times a day, twelve grams a day. If you take that in tablets it gets to be very expensive, so what I recommend you do is buy it in a powder and taking that many pills will exhaust you, so I recommend that you mix the powder with water. Now, hang with me here, because it does no good in my opinion to look at all this research. As a matter of fact, I don't like looking at research unless there's a way to actually use it to make people healthier.

I like the science piece of it, sometimes it's interesting, but if I can't tell you exactly what to do to make your life better and your erections better, then it's a waste, you might as well be watching the news. So I'm telling you how to implement this. Everything on here is going to be exactly how to do it.

So arginine. Not only does arginine help with nitric oxide production, but what he doesn't say right here is arginine and glutamine both, taken on an empty stomach, stimulate the pituitary gland to release growth hormone, which causes somatomedin C production by the liver and other tissues. So it causes you to make more growth hormone, which also is associated with firmness of erection and associated with decreased vascular disease. It's a cheap way of taking growth hormone, but it doesn't work if you mix it with your milkshake or your food because it doesn't act pharmacologically.

So for it to have its effect on the pituitary gland, arginine or glutamine or citrulline, they have to be the only amino acids in the bloodstream. A practical way of doing this is to wake up, and the first thing you take in the morning is not food, and it's not your protein shake, it's the things that work best on an empty stomach. So that might be your SAMe, if you take SAMe, it's your arginine, if you're taking thyroid medication, this is when you take your thyroid with something without amino acids like water or some juice.

Then you wait about 20 minutes, you don't have to wait a long time, 20 minutes before you have your protein meal, or protein shake, or whatever you're doing. So arginine, they say three grams once a day, I would say that's a minimum. Shoot for four grams three times a day on an empty stomach. Now how to get an empty stomach three times a day. What you do is when you think of eating, take the arginine first, just mix a scoop of it. It's interesting, in the pills, hard to get it down, it's a bunch of pills, but you'll see four grams in a scoop is not very much. Mix it in half a glass of water or juice or something, you down it, and wait 10 or 15 minutes before we eat. Arginine is huge.

Now, testosterone. We'll get to, when we talk about hormones in a future episode, it's huge but it's not the subject of today. Omega 3 fatty acids, you'll see here he talks about that, it's proven over and over again it helps circulation. They recommend a gram of omega 3 fatty acids because that's what the American Heart Association talks about.

I'm not as big a fan of folic acid. You can read the paper, take it if you want. Calcium I think it makes people constipated sometimes, and although talk about lowering blood pressure, I think magnesium lowers blood pressure better than calcium, so I'm not as big a fan of those. Vitamin C they say 500 to 1000 mg. I would reduce that to 300 mg, but take your vitamin C at the beginning of a meal, so don't take it with an empty stomach because it's acidic, take your vitamin C and your vitamin E at the beginning of a meal.

So let's go back and look at this again. So arginine and citrulline, arginine's what I would go for. They are going to help with the nitric oxide, promote it, and they also boost growth hormone levels, which he doesn't talk about here. He also mentions another antioxidant that I put here on the page, this. Pycnogenol, it's a very, very, very powerful antioxidant, but you need to take it at least 100 mg per day, and you can take that with food.

Now, what about food? It's interesting to me, by the way this whole, remember you can click there to get to this article and I'll give you a link to this shortly. Food. Food is, it's interesting to me when people talk about, we want to talk about medicines and supplements, which are measured in milligrams. Think about this for a second. Your food is measured in pounds. So if milligrams of supplements can have an effect on your body and your life and your brain and your sexual function, you better believe that food can make a huge, huge difference in your life, and your body, and the way you feel.

Now, I did some research participating with Dr. Atkins. I went to San Francisco when Barry Sears first came out with his own diet. Actually their zone bars, you have to be a certified provider, and be in his training, which was more nutrition by far than I ever learned in medical school, before you could sell the zone bars. I never sold the zone bars when I went out and trained with him, and I've come up with my own ways of combining things.

The problem with the Zone diet is that it's difficult, it takes a lot of time. The low carb diets are not so energizing, so it gets confusing when people talk about food. Counting calories, people don't like that. The bottom line is, after taking care of people for 25 plus years, and I ran a weight loss clinic for about 12 of those years, it's just miserable when people start trying to monitor their food. So there are some principles that I like to teach, and I would recommend two things. I would recommend the Zone book sort of as a way of swinging two bats before you swing one. If you just make a point, and his website's very supportive, make a point of following his diet the best you can for about a week, you'll learn some principles.

For example, it's best to eat about the number of calories that you'll need over the next three hours or so, and then you're sort of titrating the amount of calories, and then if you get the ratios right of protein, carbohydrates, and fat, there's neither a lethargy nor a hunger, both of which make you not at your best function, which is the idea behind the Zone, like a zone an athlete is in.

Now, trying to come up with a cram course in how to teach you both the ideas of fasting, which also does some things with growth hormone, it does some things with your pituitary gland and your brain that make sex better, not during the fast but immediately afterwards, and how to teach the zone, and how to teach low carb, I came up with this crash course that I call the three day fat burn, and it comes with some ideas about exercise. Either way, get one or both of those if you need to think about your nutrition, because if you go back to this article, it is absolutely imperative, if you look at this, look at food. What inhibits, doesn't matter if you're doing your testosterone, your vitamin E and your vitamin C, it does not matter.

You realize this inhibits, so this is lighter fluid for your erection fire, this is water. All these things are putting water on your erections. Smoking, I think if you're a smoker you probably should just consider being a priest, because eventually most guys who smoke, not all, but most guys eventually have some problems with their erections if they're smoking. I don't want to start preaching about smoking. I have some ideas, I have a very high success rate with addiction in general in my practice, and I'll tell you right now, the smoking idea, I'll give you a preview because I have an episode of this coming up, here's a preview.

Freud says you never quit a habit, you only substituted one for the other, but if it's a strong habit like smoking, you have to substitute a bunch of habits for the one habit of smoking, and so I cover that later. High fat, high sugar intake, I think the sugar is by far, in this article you see is 17 years old, but it's still very, very true, and the parts that aren't true I'm telling you, and the high fat has become less important than it was 17 years ago. Now we know you can actually lower cholesterol, and lower and improve blood pressure with high fat diets, as long as they're low sugar.

If you're high fat and high sugar you're just going to gain weight and it's poison. Sugar is the thing that's the poison, and when people say they go on diets where all they do is cut out sugar and white bread, well white bread, bagels, that's just sugar in disguise. It almost instantly turns into sugar, so you might as well just take a spoonful as sugar any time you eat white bread or pizza crust or a bagel. It's literally like eating a candy bar.

The obesity of course, and diabetes, we're not talking about the results here, I'm talking with you about the habits of food, and supplements that will change these other things. Of course diabetes and obesity, because diabetes interfere with erections, because diabetes causes nerve damage, it causes increase atherosclerosis. This is key, and a lot of patients, a lot of people don't think about this. I want you to think about this really, really hard if you're a diabetic person, if you're a person suffering with diabetes, or the trouble of having diabetes. Lowering your blood pressure tied to diabetes, not type I, if you're a type II adult onset, which now sometimes occurs in children, if you suffer with type II diabetes, lowering your blood sugar with a drug is like force feeding your body.

Realize the reason the high blood sugar occurs is your body says, "I've got enough nutrition here." The insulin receptors go down, so the insulin doesn't work anymore, so insulin levels go high. That's why it's called insulin resistance. And blood sugar goes up because the body says, "I don't want this sugar anymore, i already have all the sugar I need."

So it goes high in your bloodstream and you start to urinate the sugar, you start urinating a lot. Now, when you take the insulin, or you take the drug, you're basically force-feeding the body that extra sugar instead of just not eating, or going for a walk and burning the sugar off. The reason I tell you all that is, if you suffer with diabetes I want you to know that, just like being on a blood pressure pill and controlling your blood pressure does not take away the risk of hypertension for increasing your risk of heart disease, having the diagnosis of diabetes and insulin resistance does not take away your risk or problems from that.

As a matter of fact, the research shows that the more tightly you control your blood sugar, more than one study, both as an outpatient and in the hospital, the more tight you control your blood sugar, the more you have an increase in heart disease and stroke. That's a really scary thing, because you're stuck. You need to take the medicines to keep from the problems of hyperglycemia, but yet if you take the medicines then you have problems, too, and that's why, because it's basically force-feeding.

The way to deal with it is increase insulin resistance, and decrease diet at the same time. Increase resistance by exercise, and to do that, if you're on medicines you really need the supervision of a doctor. I don't want to dwell on that too much, but there may be some people dealing with diabetes right now and you need, in my opinion, I hate to say it but unfortunately the nutritionists who were trained by the powers that be that deal with diabetes, in my opinion, often they're not as effective as something, a combination of therapies using something like the zone diet with walking.

The walking or the exercise, again we'll get to that later, but it's not 30 minutes two or three times a week, it's just not adequate. But I have a way of making it easy, so we'll get to that.

Back to his list, he's got ... I think we've covered, and then I have a couple more we'll talk about. So the inhibitors are high fat, although the fat doesn't bother me much, the poisonous sugar, smoking, excessive alcohol. The alcohol changes, here's the thing about alcohol, it changes the way you metabolize sugar. It's not just the sugar in the alcohol, and that's where some of the commercials sort of trick them. They do trick people, because having a low calorie alcoholic drink doesn't make it not change they way you're dealing with sugar. It's effect on the liver has an effect on the way you metabolize sugar that makes you more susceptible to problems with metabolism, even if alcohol itself doesn't have that many calories in it.

Again, I'm not trying to turn you into a priest, but my advice to people is instead of doing drugs like alcohol and caffeine, be a drug. That's what one of the gurus said. Be a personality that is a drug instead of taking drugs.

Again, I don't want to preach at you too much, I'm just telling you we'll get to this later. As a matter of fact, I don't even want you to try to quit the stuff now, I just want you to focus on the things to do, and the things to do we're talking about so far are the arginine, the vitamin E, the not so much calcium, the antioxidants, vitamin C, and folic acid. Now, this nitric oxide promotes cyclic GMP, which causes the erection. The reason Viagra, which is PDE5, the reason it helps the erection is it inhibits the breakdown of the cyclic GMP.

Let's go back to here, we're getting close, there's no reason to make this go, I'm going to open the floor to questions here in a minute. Let's go back to our thing here. So coq10, vitamin E, we talked about, when it came up here ... by the way you can click on these and order from Amazon. You might have another source, but I just shopped Amazon for the best price on what I thought was the best quality. This is 1000 mg and 250 mg, that includes some other things that help.

Okay, so we're into this long enough I think I'll stop here and open it for questions. Before I do, I want to show you, this will be the second in this lesson. We've talked about pumps already. We'll talk about the priapus shot in the next one and really details about hormones and exercise, and then my tips on how to quit smoking. If you want to get the whole thing and you're not subscribed, here's where to subscribe. It's Even though I'm talking about Peyronie's and researched that literature very carefully, everything I'm talking about here helps erections as well.

Before I open it to everybody, let me see, is there any physicians on the phone who want to add to what we've talked about so far, just raise your hand and I'll unmute your mic, because I know there are some people. Then I'll unmute the mic for anyone else who has questions. So let's see. Elizabeth Owings. So let me unmute your mic, Elizabeth. So Dr. Owings, let me give you a little preview. Dr. Owings has an amazing resume, she's been trained as a pediatrician, a pediatric surgeon, four different residencies, just a brilliant woman, and she's one of our priapus shot providers and she's had some experience that I think she wants to share. Let me see if I can unmute you.

Elizabeth? Dr. Owings?

Elizabeth Owings, MD: Yeah, can you hear me?

Charles Runels, MD: Beautiful, yep. You're up.

Elizabeth Owings, MD: Can you hear me?

Charles Runels, MD: Yes. Can perfectly.

Elizabeth Owings, MD: Okay great. All right, I just wanted to give some hope because I've not worked with a lot of men with Peyronie's disease, but I've worked with a lot of men with erectile dysfunction. I was the chief medical advisor of a supplement manufacturing company for many years, so I know my way around the herbal and nutritional world, the amino acids, the arginine and citrulline. We saw some incredible results with combination products, especially arginine plus citrulline, these two things together. Apparently arginine can be turned interesting nitric oxide, or it can be turned into urea.

One of the things that citrulline does is drive it towards that nitric oxide pathway, and it's just a beautiful thing when you see that work. Just a little piece of hope, I've seen men, diabetic, no erection for 20 years. I'm sorry, someone's trying to call in. No erection for 20 years, successfully complete intercourse after three to six months of combination products like this. That just brings hope because you know that this, it's like this relationship is flowering all over again.

That's the main thing I wanted to share. Blood pressure tends to get better, all sorts of things get better when you're supplementing these things.

Charles Runels, MD: So what does ... two things, first of all three to six months, this is not ... a lot of people think food and nutritional things can be immediate, usually they're not, as she just pointed out. Usually with the change in metabolism there's a change in body, and I know when you change someone's hormones it takes four years for the full effect to take. For example, a woman has a hysterectomy, it's usually three to four years before ... and she's not properly hormonally replaced, so you remove her ovaries, her hormones go crazy. It's usually weight gain for three to four years before she levels off.

Same thing if a man starts taking testosterone, lifting weights, his body will change and he'll plateau three to four years out, so even three to six months is really fast for a metabolic change where you're rebuilding tissue. Obviously these are causing, rebuilding also is causing an accumulation of this nitric oxide, neurotransmitters, nerve. So I heard three to six months. Tell us what dosages you were using when you were in this experience.

Elizabeth Owings, MD: In that particular experience, it was going to be arginine at five to ten grams a day, and this was a liquid product we were working with, although I've had equal results with a powder, this particular one was liquid. I think I'm happier with the powder, we had a lot of diarrhea with the liquid, something about one of the mineral masks or something, but that's okay.

Plus 200 mg of citrulline, 2-400 mg of citrulline. Now, I have seen a product that had some remarkable blood pressure results clinically in a study, that used 1000 mg of citrulline. It was a combination product. Again, just like you said, one of the frustrating things about some of these articles is that they're trying to do one thing at a time, and that's the way you're supposed to do it in your test kitchen, but when we're trying to get someone better from a disease they're not supposed to be able to get better from, I say throw everything at it, do everything. Why are you holding back?

Charles Runels, MD: Yes.

Elizabeth Owings, MD: You have to do your studies in a certain way, but when you're trying to help people get better like we are, I say give the body every chance that it needs, because you don't necessarily know what tests to order to find out what they're deficient in sometimes. You just know that if we do this combination of things they're going to get better.

Anyway, most recent one had I think a gram and a half of arginine and a gram of citruline, and some other things like a micronized cayenne. They didn't have hawthorn in this one, but just a couple other things in there, red yeast rice extract. Several things put together and you're really going to see good results with that.

There are lots of things out there. You can get a good testimonial from anybody, I'm just saying there's hope. If you've been told there's no hope, and you've been impotent for 10 or 20 years and you just live with it, I'm telling you there's hope.

Charles Runels, MD: Beautiful. Let's see, so stay on the line. We may have someone else that you can help me with. Someone wrote in and said, "I've noticed I have back pain from taking one to two grams of arginine. Do I just need more water?"

I've heard the diarrhea and nausea. Glutamine has a similar effect of arginine, so that's an idea, but you have any ideas on that, Dr. Owings, as far as the back pain? That's a new one for me.

Elizabeth Owings: I don't think I've run into that before, although I'll tell you where the conversion is, is in the liver and the kidneys. I don't know, it may be one of those things where you want to spread the dose out and see if the back pain goes away. I'm not as strict a disciplinarian as I used to be, nothing happens twice a day, or heaven forbid three times a day in my house. I have to take my arginine first thing in the morning or the last thing before I go to bed. Two scoops go in my big bottle of water, I shake it up and down it while I'm doing my workout or whatever.

This may be a person that wants, instead of that approach, spread it out two or three times a day and see if that doesn't improve it. I wish I knew where the back pain was, if it was central or bilateral, or ...

Charles Runels MD: I'll go along with what you said earlier, too, about powder versus liquid. I just think the powder's easier to carry around obviously than the liquid, as far as the practicality of taking something two or three times a day. The only way I've found to do that is to keep it at home, wherever I eat breakfast, and at the office or in my backpack when I was an ER doctor, so that whenever I ate lunch it would be there and it would be the thing I did right before I ate the lunch.

But you're right, unless you have something to trigger it, or it's there with you all the time, then it's almost impossible to do something three or four times a day. Let's see if I see any other hands up. Let's see.

Annette has her hand up, we'll see if I can ... can you type the question in, Annette? I'm trying to unmute you.

Someone is asking, would you give her a combination of items again, Dr. Owings?

Elizabeth Owings, MD: Yeah, sure.

Charles Runels, MD: So your ultimate combination.

Elizabeth Owings, MD: Would include arginine, citrulline for sure, a combination of antioxidants, especially the ones that you cannot store, so your B and C, your B combination and C, vitamin D, it's been shown to be a shepherd of the gene pool, we only have 20,000 genes, and vitamin D may influence up to 10% of those, and it appears to be favorable in every case. Down regulate cancer genes, and up regulate heart health things.

I once downloaded a cardiology article that had like 150 references of the impact of vitamin D on the cardiovascular system and cardiovascular health and heart disease. So definitely at least 2000 IUs of vitamin D and 5000 is perfectly okay. There's never been a toxicity associated with even taking 10,000 units of vitamin D a day. Don't let them scare you.

Those are going to be the main things. I love coq10, and now it's less expensive. I'm not committed to whether the water soluble or fat soluble is better. I think it just depends. People have had their gallbladders out, there's all sorts of factors that may play in there that are hard to determine, so I think the jury's out on that one.

I'm still a hawthorn fan, it doesn't take a lot of the hawthorn berry to get some benefit. Red yeast rice, I mean they'll still hold the shipment offshore for a little while because somebody's trying to say it's a drug because it's the same active ingredient that's in some of your statin medications. The reason your statins are dangerous is that they don't have coq10. They knew that statins cause liver and muscle damage 20 years ago, and they thought about putting coq10 with it because it seemed to prevent that, and they just decided not to. I guess it was an expense.

So definitely if you're going to take the statin or you're going to take something with red yeast rice, you better make sure you got your coq10. Probably even 30 mg is enough to offset some of the badness of it, but like you said up to 300 mg if you want the most positive effect.

That's a long list. I don't know if any one product has all of those things, but those are the kind of things that I look at when I'm looking at a cardiovascular product.

Charles Runels, MD: Let me add to some of the things you said. The vitamin D is not in this article, because as you know some of that research is more recent, and I just want to second that. Somewhere around 10,000 per day. The other thing that's not really talked about very much anymore, there used to be a prescription version of yohimbe. It's really hard to come by a pharmaceutical grade yohimbe, and if you don't take the right amount, if it's sort of low grade, it can make you have chills and headaches. But a 5 mg yohimbe, a pharmaceutical grade, would cure erectile dysfunction in 25% of men, and it's one of the only things, only supplements out there that actually increases libido.

Now, I can also make people irritable, and there's talk about it can raise blood pressure, but if you do the other things that we talk about with the walking, I never saw the blood pressure problem, but if you use yohimbe you have to think about blood pressure headaches and irritability. But a pharmaceutical grade yohimbe will treat, before we had Viagra that's what we had, and 25% of men with erectile dysfunction would be cured.

Coleus root is another one. In rat studies, they castrated rats. C-O-L-E-U-S. They castrated rats and gave them, one group got testosterone, the other group got coleus, and coleus root caused them to start to have sex again as much as the testosterone. Let me add one other thing that I thought was interesting in this article, that the men who took a combination of arginine and pycnogenol also increased their semen volume, which you know some guys want to do that just sort of as a party trick sort of thing, it's just fun to have lots of semen volume, but I think the semen volume contributes to libido, just like when you need to empty your bladder when it's full, when your prostate's full of fluid, of course that's where most of the volume comes from is the prostate gland, when it's full of fluid there's I think more urge to have sex. I think that's part of the reason our O-Shot® works is it causes women to collect fluid in their Skene's glands.

Let me see I we have any more questions. I think that's ... here we go. I guess that's maybe it. We have other doctors on the call. Dr. Posey's one of our doctors, and others here. Anybody else have anything they want to say? If not I'll just shut it down, no reason to make it go on, but that's sort of our secret formula, and sometime in the next week or so we'll cover the next part of this idea, and we'll talk more about the priapus shot, then hormones, and then my ideas about walking and things such as that.

I'll put this recording, I'm typing in here where it will be, it will be at So that's where it will be, by in the morning we'll have the recording there. I was honored you guys came and I hope you find this helpful. Thank you very much.





Peyronie’s Treatment…Straighter, Harder, Bigger by the 7-Step Priapus Shot® Protocol


Here's a podcast version of the video at the top of this page...

Transcription of the above podcast...


Hello. This is Dr. Runels and I want to talk with you today about Peyronie's Disease.

Peyronie's Disease is not just an inconvenience. A curvature of the penis can be slight and in that case, maybe it's not a big deal; but it can also be so severe that it causes inability to actually penetrate your lover. Associated with this bend, as you may know, there can be some associated pain. I think the analogy to this with a woman is of all the different sexual dysfunctions for women, there are loss of libido, difficulty with an orgasm, difficulty with arousal and pain. Of all those problems, absolutely, without a doubt, the worse is pain.

A woman can be accommodating to her lover and she can even fake it a little bit if she's just has loss of arousal, but if she has pain, the stories I hear from these women is that even though they might love their husband dearly, they may be hesitant to even touch his hand or touch her hand because of they don't want to have to have sex because it hurts. There's a loneliness and a isolation that can come and a woman who has pain. Then that same idea, if a man has a penis that won't fit inside of a vagina because of curvature, he can feel isolated, because now if he actually tries to establish a relationship, then he has to, at some point, tell his lover that he's not able to penetrate with his penis.

Even if it's just slight of a 00:01:47 blend, it can cause pain in his penis and then that pain can have a negative feedback loop. It's like a conditioning, just like Pavlov's dogs, only reverse. Instead of the bell causing the dogs to salivate and become hungry, arousal has a negative feedback loops that causes the man to not to want to have sex. How good is that? When you have an erection, it feeds back to your brain to avoid sex. This is a difficult problem and it's not just about pleasure. It's about relationships. It's about confidence at work. It's about your career.

There's a reason when Rubio insulted Donald Trump's hands, the very next time he spoke in public, he said, "I promise you, there's nothing wrong with my hands." Because as a leader, he wanted people to know that he's not impotent. Who would want a world leader that's impotent? Perhaps he might do this wonderful things, but man or woman, we understand that along with sexual energy, there comes a creativity and a courage that's difficult to have if the person has been neutered by a lack of sexual desire.

This is so much much more than about just being able to achieve an erection. It has to do with life. Of the things that are available for Peyronie's Disease (named after the French physician who first described it), the different treatments include some injections of verapamil, so injections, verapamil. Now there's XIAFLEX, and XIAFLEX is a new collagenase. Basically, it's an enzyme that dissolves collagen and it's meant to dissolve the scar tissue that causes the bend in the penis.

The problem is there's about a 2% incidence of penial fracture, which 2% doesn't sound like much, but that's one in 50. If you consider you have a one in 50 chance of going from a bent penis to a fractured penis that will not become erect, so from a bent pencil to a limp noodle, that's still something that you may not want to make as your first choice. Other possibilities include surgery. Again, all these things still apply, but the surgery has associated with it possible impotence, infection and even shortening of the penis, which is a common thing.

The other problem with it is that let's say this is the penis and if there's a section here that's scarred, if you cut that out, plainly you have to make it match. Then along with that, if you cut this out, later it can recur at a different part of the penis. Just removing it at one place does not mean that it won't come back. Surgery can be frustrating. It can be successful. I'm not saying it's an absolute rule this out, but I don't know any urologists that want to go straight to surgery as the first choice.

Other things that have been tried are a pump. In one study there was 51% success rate in men who had a bend or Peyronie's or the angle was severe enough that they were contemplating surgery. 51% of the men who just used the pumps daily, basically stretching out the scar tissue, were able to achieve correction enough that they canceled the surgery. That's inaudible 00:05:32. There are also attraction devices, basically physical, mechanical therapies to cause straightening of the penis. There have been some supplements that have been shown to help, vitamin E, CoQ10 have been studied and as a standalone, not so powerful, but when added in with other protocols, they seem to be helpful.

Now, there's also some practices and some risk factors that make a man more likely to have Peyronie's Disease, for example, smoking. One of the things that commonly occurs for after which Peyronie's occurs is the woman is on top and instead of going up and down on the penis, her pelvis hits the end of the penis and fractures it. That happens frequently with men. Most men have experienced that at least once in their life without developing Peyronie's Disease. Why is it that some develop Peyronie's and others do not? One of the reasons is thought to be that perhaps smoking and low testosterone can be associated with the scar tissue formation where with a healthier penis, that may not be the case.

The other thing that's become 00:06:55 about more recently is by using a Priapus Shot techniques, using platelet-rich plasma or it's a very simple process at the blood ... At the bedside, we draw blood and then the blood is centrifuged. Those platelets are extracted and then using the same kind of technology that's used by Tiger Woods and the professional NFL athletes have been widely publicized, race horses have used it, or veterinarians who take care of race horses, and dentists for rejuvenating tissue. That same technology can be applied to the penis. The Priapus Shot techniques ... Priapus Shot, Priapus, which is the Greek God of fertility, Priapus Shot. Now, it's important that if you have this procedure done, that it's done by a provider who actually knows how to make platelet-rich plasma using a device that's FDA approved for that purpose and who understands the way we're injecting it. Not everyone injects it the same, not everyone prepares the plasma the same.

This is our really nice technique. The other thing that's been shown with all these different techniques for correcting Peyronie's Disease is that, as you might expect, one alone may not work nearly as well as many combined. The analogy I like to use for this is that if you were starting a fire, suppose you had never seen a fire before, and someone told you, "To make a fire, all you really need is a match." You went out and you struck a match and you threw it down on the street, not much would happen. You say, "Well, that didn't really accomplish much." Then someone else told you, "To make a fire, you should chop down a tree and stack that up." You do that and you stack up some wood and nothing happen. Well, you say, "Well, that didn't work." Then a third person says, "You need some lighter fluid." You squirt some lighter fluid on the ground. Nothing happens.

The point I'm making. I know it's a primary, odd analogy, but it makes the point that sometimes to get a metabolic tissue healing thing to happen, you need more than one thing to be happening at the same time. Someone who actually understood fires said, "Hey, you should do it in this order. You should put some wood. Then you should put some lighter fluid and then you should strike a match. You'd get a beautiful fire." Well, the same thing happens. People might read, "Oh, vitamin E helps Peyronie's Disease." Well, yeah, it has been proven to help other things work well, but as a standalone, not so good. Correcting testosterone after the event has happened may not be so good, but combined with the other things, tremendously helpful.

Oftentimes, people ... The same with our Priapus Shot, they'll do the Priapus Shot, but if they're smoking two packs a day, and their testosterones are low and their nutrition is low. Just like if you were trying to heal the wound, if you had a surgical wound, most doctors won't even do, for example, a surgical facelift if you smoke, because they know it's not going to heal well. Most doctors are not ... They just know that if you have surgery and you're malnourished, you're not eating enough protein, you're not going to heal well. There's this whole thing about how to help Peyronie's.

What I would like to do is offer you a free course where we send to you, one at a time, a course in the right order, just as if you were building a fire. Listen, this is what I think you should do first: chop down the wood. Only, of course, it won't be wood, because it'll be our formula, our Priapus Shot protocol for correcting Peyronie's Disease. Now, eventually, if it doesn't work, surgery may be your only option, but my goal is that this not be the option surgery or XIAFLEX be your first option, where the cost is $30,000 to $50,000 and you risk impotence. I would like to give you a formula for the risk involved actually would be good.

The side effects of the formula I will give you will actually make you healthier, they'll make your erections more likely to be firm and I'm happy to give you this formula one lesson at a time by email. I would like to invite you to subscribe to that in the form below. We'll also provide for you a forum where you can talk with other people who have the problem, where you can talk with some of our doctors, providers, who are certified providers of the Priapus Shot protocol. Again, I would warn you though that getting emails, obviously, does not substitute for seeing a physician.

Legally and ethically, I must tell you that our results vary and before you do any of those should talk with your private physician. If your physician's interested in becoming one of our providers and learning our techniques, you could also refer her to this website. Thank you. I'm Charles Runels. I invented the Priapus Shot, but none of this would be worthwhile, it would be worthless, without the amazing, amazing urologist and family practitioners and anti-aging physicians and nurse practitioners that are certified and contributing to our research, which is ongoing.

You'll also be provided with some of that research as part of our course in the Priapus Shot protocol for treating Peyronie's Disease. I hope you find it helpful and that it helps you with your family and relationships and your career and that you'll give us some feedback on the forum, so that you'll be encouraging others to find healing. Thank you very much.




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Priapus Shot® Post Penile Implant? Why & Why Not…

Is it OK to do a Priapus Shot® procedure after a penile implant? Why should you? What's the danger to avoid?

Drs Joseph Banno (board certified urologist) & Charles Runels (inventor of the P-Shot® procedure) discuss the issue...

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“How Long Does It Take for the P-Shot® to Work?”

Drs. Joseph Banno & Charles Runels answer questions about the time frame surrounding the Priapus Shot® procedure...

Short version- in most people, it STARTS to work at around 3-4 weeks with full effects at 12 weeks. Some people will see effects sooner. In some people it will not work at all. Depends on the goal.

  • For Peyronie's, the success rate is 75-80%
  • For growth of 1/2 inch or more (length & girth), it's around 70%.  The more the man starts with the more likely that growth will be successful.
  • For ED, the average increase in the erection scale is 7 (on a scale of 5-25).

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Pain & Bruising after the Priapus Shot® Procedure


I would like to know if the following issue is ok or not.
Two weeks ago i had my first P shot, in the Netherlands, the treatment went fine, but i had some bruses on my penis on the spots were the needle was set, after a couple of days it was gone.

However, i had pain in my penis, especially in the nights, i woke up several times because of a painfull nightly erection.
Also my erection was worse than before the treatment.
My doctor told me to give the penis some rest, so no pump for 3-4 days, after that start again.

Everywhere i see on the internet the color of the plasma is yellow, mine was red, is this normal?
Did the centrifuge do his work well?

Thank you for your reply in advance.
Kind regards,