Peyronie’s Treatment…Straighter, Harder, Bigger by the 7-Step Priapus Shot® Protocol


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Hello. This is Dr. Runels and I want to talk with you today about Peyronie's Disease.

Peyronie's Disease is not just an inconvenience. A curvature of the penis can be slight and in that case, maybe it's not a big deal; but it can also be so severe that it causes inability to actually penetrate your lover. Associated with this bend, as you may know, there can be some associated pain. I think the analogy to this with a woman is of all the different sexual dysfunctions for women, there are loss of libido, difficulty with an orgasm, difficulty with arousal and pain. Of all those problems, absolutely, without a doubt, the worse is pain.

A woman can be accommodating to her lover and she can even fake it a little bit if she's just has loss of arousal, but if she has pain, the stories I hear from these women is that even though they might love their husband dearly, they may be hesitant to even touch his hand or touch her hand because of they don't want to have to have sex because it hurts. There's a loneliness and a isolation that can come and a woman who has pain. Then that same idea, if a man has a penis that won't fit inside of a vagina because of curvature, he can feel isolated, because now if he actually tries to establish a relationship, then he has to, at some point, tell his lover that he's not able to penetrate with his penis.

Even if it's just slight of a 00:01:47 blend, it can cause pain in his penis and then that pain can have a negative feedback loop. It's like a conditioning, just like Pavlov's dogs, only reverse. Instead of the bell causing the dogs to salivate and become hungry, arousal has a negative feedback loops that causes the man to not to want to have sex. How good is that? When you have an erection, it feeds back to your brain to avoid sex. This is a difficult problem and it's not just about pleasure. It's about relationships. It's about confidence at work. It's about your career.

There's a reason when Rubio insulted Donald Trump's hands, the very next time he spoke in public, he said, "I promise you, there's nothing wrong with my hands." Because as a leader, he wanted people to know that he's not impotent. Who would want a world leader that's impotent? Perhaps he might do this wonderful things, but man or woman, we understand that along with sexual energy, there comes a creativity and a courage that's difficult to have if the person has been neutered by a lack of sexual desire.

This is so much much more than about just being able to achieve an erection. It has to do with life. Of the things that are available for Peyronie's Disease (named after the French physician who first described it), the different treatments include some injections of verapamil, so injections, verapamil. Now there's XIAFLEX, and XIAFLEX is a new collagenase. Basically, it's an enzyme that dissolves collagen and it's meant to dissolve the scar tissue that causes the bend in the penis.

The problem is there's about a 2% incidence of penial fracture, which 2% doesn't sound like much, but that's one in 50. If you consider you have a one in 50 chance of going from a bent penis to a fractured penis that will not become erect, so from a bent pencil to a limp noodle, that's still something that you may not want to make as your first choice. Other possibilities include surgery. Again, all these things still apply, but the surgery has associated with it possible impotence, infection and even shortening of the penis, which is a common thing.

The other problem with it is that let's say this is the penis and if there's a section here that's scarred, if you cut that out, plainly you have to make it match. Then along with that, if you cut this out, later it can recur at a different part of the penis. Just removing it at one place does not mean that it won't come back. Surgery can be frustrating. It can be successful. I'm not saying it's an absolute rule this out, but I don't know any urologists that want to go straight to surgery as the first choice.

Other things that have been tried are a pump. In one study there was 51% success rate in men who had a bend or Peyronie's or the angle was severe enough that they were contemplating surgery. 51% of the men who just used the pumps daily, basically stretching out the scar tissue, were able to achieve correction enough that they canceled the surgery. That's inaudible 00:05:32. There are also attraction devices, basically physical, mechanical therapies to cause straightening of the penis. There have been some supplements that have been shown to help, vitamin E, CoQ10 have been studied and as a standalone, not so powerful, but when added in with other protocols, they seem to be helpful.

Now, there's also some practices and some risk factors that make a man more likely to have Peyronie's Disease, for example, smoking. One of the things that commonly occurs for after which Peyronie's occurs is the woman is on top and instead of going up and down on the penis, her pelvis hits the end of the penis and fractures it. That happens frequently with men. Most men have experienced that at least once in their life without developing Peyronie's Disease. Why is it that some develop Peyronie's and others do not? One of the reasons is thought to be that perhaps smoking and low testosterone can be associated with the scar tissue formation where with a healthier penis, that may not be the case.

The other thing that's become 00:06:55 about more recently is by using a Priapus Shot techniques, using platelet-rich plasma or it's a very simple process at the blood ... At the bedside, we draw blood and then the blood is centrifuged. Those platelets are extracted and then using the same kind of technology that's used by Tiger Woods and the professional NFL athletes have been widely publicized, race horses have used it, or veterinarians who take care of race horses, and dentists for rejuvenating tissue. That same technology can be applied to the penis. The Priapus Shot techniques ... Priapus Shot, Priapus, which is the Greek God of fertility, Priapus Shot. Now, it's important that if you have this procedure done, that it's done by a provider who actually knows how to make platelet-rich plasma using a device that's FDA approved for that purpose and who understands the way we're injecting it. Not everyone injects it the same, not everyone prepares the plasma the same.

This is our really nice technique. The other thing that's been shown with all these different techniques for correcting Peyronie's Disease is that, as you might expect, one alone may not work nearly as well as many combined. The analogy I like to use for this is that if you were starting a fire, suppose you had never seen a fire before, and someone told you, "To make a fire, all you really need is a match." You went out and you struck a match and you threw it down on the street, not much would happen. You say, "Well, that didn't really accomplish much." Then someone else told you, "To make a fire, you should chop down a tree and stack that up." You do that and you stack up some wood and nothing happen. Well, you say, "Well, that didn't work." Then a third person says, "You need some lighter fluid." You squirt some lighter fluid on the ground. Nothing happens.

The point I'm making. I know it's a primary, odd analogy, but it makes the point that sometimes to get a metabolic tissue healing thing to happen, you need more than one thing to be happening at the same time. Someone who actually understood fires said, "Hey, you should do it in this order. You should put some wood. Then you should put some lighter fluid and then you should strike a match. You'd get a beautiful fire." Well, the same thing happens. People might read, "Oh, vitamin E helps Peyronie's Disease." Well, yeah, it has been proven to help other things work well, but as a standalone, not so good. Correcting testosterone after the event has happened may not be so good, but combined with the other things, tremendously helpful.

Oftentimes, people ... The same with our Priapus Shot, they'll do the Priapus Shot, but if they're smoking two packs a day, and their testosterones are low and their nutrition is low. Just like if you were trying to heal the wound, if you had a surgical wound, most doctors won't even do, for example, a surgical facelift if you smoke, because they know it's not going to heal well. Most doctors are not ... They just know that if you have surgery and you're malnourished, you're not eating enough protein, you're not going to heal well. There's this whole thing about how to help Peyronie's.

What I would like to do is offer you a free course where we send to you, one at a time, a course in the right order, just as if you were building a fire. Listen, this is what I think you should do first: chop down the wood. Only, of course, it won't be wood, because it'll be our formula, our Priapus Shot protocol for correcting Peyronie's Disease. Now, eventually, if it doesn't work, surgery may be your only option, but my goal is that this not be the option surgery or XIAFLEX be your first option, where the cost is $30,000 to $50,000 and you risk impotence. I would like to give you a formula for the risk involved actually would be good.

The side effects of the formula I will give you will actually make you healthier, they'll make your erections more likely to be firm and I'm happy to give you this formula one lesson at a time by email. I would like to invite you to subscribe to that in the form below. We'll also provide for you a forum where you can talk with other people who have the problem, where you can talk with some of our doctors, providers, who are certified providers of the Priapus Shot protocol. Again, I would warn you though that getting emails, obviously, does not substitute for seeing a physician.

Legally and ethically, I must tell you that our results vary and before you do any of those should talk with your private physician. If your physician's interested in becoming one of our providers and learning our techniques, you could also refer her to this website. Thank you. I'm Charles Runels. I invented the Priapus Shot, but none of this would be worthwhile, it would be worthless, without the amazing, amazing urologist and family practitioners and anti-aging physicians and nurse practitioners that are certified and contributing to our research, which is ongoing.

You'll also be provided with some of that research as part of our course in the Priapus Shot protocol for treating Peyronie's Disease. I hope you find it helpful and that it helps you with your family and relationships and your career and that you'll give us some feedback on the forum, so that you'll be encouraging others to find healing. Thank you very much.




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  1. I hope to have success with the Enhanced wellness center in Ridgeland, MS. Kelly B. Engelmann CFNP. The peyronies has made life miserable. The use the Gainswave the the P shot.

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