Priapus Shot® Post Penile Implant? Why & Why Not…

Is it OK to do a Priapus Shot® procedure after a penile implant? Why should you? What's the danger to avoid?

Drs Joseph Banno (board certified urologist) & Charles Runels (inventor of the P-Shot® procedure) discuss the issue...

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3 thoughts on “Priapus Shot® Post Penile Implant? Why & Why Not…”

  1. Hello Dr.
    I will have an implant removed this month, I didn’t need it in the first place but I made a huge mistake and accepted it pushed by a criminal who knew I was healthy and I had erections so this wasn’t needed. Unfortunately I had no idea of the p-shot last year when I had the unnecessary and destructive surgery. My question is, can a series of P shots help me? Can my tissues be regenerated before they are all scarred and can new tissue grow inside my penis restoring my condition?
    Thank you

  2. post penile implant removal nothing will work.penile implant will cause irreversible damage to the coropora cavernosa. only next option is reimplant,And calling the doctor as a criminal is not in good taste. he might have explained to you everything before. you might have gone through number of you tube videos and information on the net., prior to surgery. then why blame the surgeon.

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