2 thoughts on “Men’s Health Talks about the Priapus Shot® [P-Shot®] Procedure…”

  1. I read the article by Ben Greenfield and it angers me. There are several issues here. Number one is the article itself. Greenfield is obviously an idiot, unable to write an article without being crude and rude. There should be no place on your site for something so poorly written. His article degrades everything that I think you, Dr. Gains, have tried to explain to the reader. Secondly, he claims to have a ten inch penis. Probably in his dreams but not in reality. This entire diatribe needs to be removed from your site. It drags you and your research down to the level of nothing more than more lies and more BS with the sole purpose of making money off of men who truly have sexual issues. His article is nothing more than pornography.

    1. What??? I loved his article, was entertaining and factual, the guy is a brilliant writer and knows everything. Pornography?? Give me a break.

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