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Should you repeat the P-Shot® (Priapus Shot®) in an 80-year-old man?

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PRP vs. Stem Cells

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Question. Multiple Procedures? Cialis

I have some damage resulting from a prolonged erection that I had .I had to receive emergency treatment. I have received 2 rounds of the Priapus shots. 1st round was around May 28. the next was around end of August. I received both from the Mens clinic in Memphis, Tn. I am very pleased with the results. I seems that the scarring that I could detect on the right side of my penis has almost gone away and I also have noticed at least an inch increase in length. My ED has not gone away but not near as severe. I have a couple of questions. Should I receive more rounds of the Priapus shots. They do seem to work. And should I be on a daily dose of Cialis to help with the ED? Thanks for your time and your work on this procedure. I truly believe your on to something. You are welcome to use my testimony and if you ever need a patient to teach your procedure I will gladly volunteer. I'm not at all shy and it would help reduce the cost. Looking forward to hearing your advise. I will also leave my phone # if you need to call.

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Penis Structure: Growth & Regeneration

Section I. Structure: Growth & Regeneration

You could divide the body the way the body works and looks into 2 categories: 1) the growth and maintenance of physical structure & (2) the function of that structure.
As an example, Michael Phelps, by way of genetics, training, & nutrition developed an Olympic-swimmers body—he developed the structure. But, if the day before an Olympic race, did not sleep, and binged on alcohol, then he would not offer his best performance even though he developed an Olympic body. Success demand 2 ingredients: 1) developing the structure & 2) function.

You could see the same principal if you studied for a difficult exam, but then on the day of the exam you ate a hand-full of sleeping pills. Even though you developed the brain power, you wouldn’t see optimal function.

Exactly as the body for swimming and the brain for thinking operates as dictated by structure and function, so does the penis.

You can think of is like one part builds the machine and the other part tunes the machine for optimal performance.

So, this first section deals with “growth” & “rejuvenation” & “repair” of the structure of the penis. All 3 words involve the same principles of biology—even though you may not always be able to measure the changes with a ruler since structure includes blood vessels and nerves and tissue health.

As a side effect of following this plan for the penis, you will likely see improvement in the function of the entire body including the brain. You may see improved endurance, a tighter waistline, and increased strength. Memory and creativity should also grow more significant. Good sex can be the cherry on top of the desert of excellent health.

Key Points…
1. Body and body parts include structure and function
2. The 1st section of this book explains how to improve the structure of the penis (though many of the described strategies simultaneously improve function).
3. Make sure your personal doctor agrees with all that we are doing. This book can guide you to the proper thinking and strategies but does not substitute for a doctor-patient relationship.

The first steps in this course will lead you toward the best structure for your penis. Let's start with step 1...

Charles Runels, MD
Inventor of the Priapus Shot® procedure

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