Priapus Shot® Procedure for Growth. Research.

Using the Priapus Shot ® procedure for penis growth in length and girth..

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This protocol involved doing the injections once a month for 5 injections total and to use the penis pump for 20 minutes every day. We recommend the injections every 8-12 months.

Results Will Vary. Discuss Protocol with Your Physician.

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4 thoughts on “Priapus Shot® Procedure for Growth. Research.”

  1. Interesting, does it say if they used all of the PRP in the cavernosum only or along with subdermal and glans injections as well? Did they use the same cc’s as you do typically?

  2. Hi all..
    I just had the priapus procedure done on 4/19/19..on the same day of pshot i also started a testosterone therapy (pellets) as my blood work showed i was on the lower side t levels. Im 28 years old pretty active work out 5 days a week and eat clean and dont smoke and healthy at 6ft2 200 lbs. I started to notice the low t effects before the blood work as my erections were not the same nor were the results showing like they used to frim my work outs.

    I got the pshot with the hopes of gaining and inch and some girth size. When erect i am at 5.5 inches and hoping to get to at least 6.3…
    From reading the articles and research i noticed that people saw results immediately with girth at injection time. I have not seen any results thus far in my erections or size. I know i got the right treatment as i found my dr. Using this website for providers. I use the pump provided every day for at least 15 minutes. Im just wondering when i will actually start to see some improvement in erections or growth. I feel like im doing my part in this. Does anyone have advice or similar experience. I know i need to be patient as its only been 3 days. Just hopinh for the best for what i have spent on procedure to make imo a better me. Thx!!

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