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  1. I am a 67 yr. old and have been doing the injection therapy for ED with moderate success. My real issue is that I have lost nearly all sensitivity in my penis. I have to go so long to achieve climax, that it is painful for my wife, and often difficult for me to maintain an erection for that long. Will the Priapus shot substantially increase my sensitivity? Also, my local reference from your list says absolutely no refunds. This is a lot of money. I am really torn on doing this unless I have more encouragement that it will help me with my problem.

    1. Hi Brad I have the same problem no sensitivity. I have been thinking of trying the Priapus shot. Did it help you much and what was the cost .
      Bob here

    2. Hi Brad,

      The P-shot can help with sensitivity for many men as well as improved erection quality. In regards to providers and cost in your area, it may be best to personally call the provider you are interested in seeing and discuss your concerns with them. Good luck and if you have any further questions, do not hesitate to reach out to me at or visit my website at

  2. Hello, I had the priapus shot about 24 hours ago. Dr. Runel, have you heard of patients finding it difficult to have an erection after the procedure? This has happened to me and am hoping its normal and will return back to my normal ability and then better. Does the PRP thats injected get resorbed into the body or stay in the penis? Its hard for me to gauge the volume of the prp vs swelling.

    1. As a follow up to this.. I only had difficulty for that day. 5 days into the treatment and I can definitely feel a postive change in my performance.

    2. I couldn’t get hard at all during the first night (Lidocaine wearing off I think). And then throughout the first week I had some trouble getting fully hard. It went back to normal after about a week and now they are firmer than pre-procedure.

  3. Charlie I had prostrate removed 3-2001 no problem 9-2016 37treatments radation from waist down I was dead 12-2016 p shot 1200.00 4wieeks later I was a lot better with 100mg via. Good things happen.

  4. I had pshot done a week ago and have been pumping daily. Had some bruising, haven’t really noticed any effect yet. I can pump for 3 weeks, but then am traveling abroad and won’t be able to pump. Am I doomed if I stop after 3 weeks (I could possibly resume on week 6).

    1. Pman,

      Bruising is normal after any type of injection and should resolve after a few days. If you are not able to continue to use the pump for the remainder of the 3 weeks then resume when you return. There is no clear indicator that not using the pump for the latter 3 weeks will affect your results dramatically however ideally it is recommended to maintain pump use for 6 weeks. You do the best you can with the circumstances that you are given. You may possibly substitute the pump during that time with manual stimulation to achieve erections which is commonly what is done for men that undergo penile rehabilitation from surgeries etc. Good luck and update us on your results.

      1. At 5 weeks the results are good. Erection quality is now very strong and penis has noticeably grown in size. My wife is pleased.

  5. Demographics: 34, Caucasian, healthy and in shape, no erectile dysfunction and no Peyronie’s Disease
    Flaccid size pre-procedure: varied at around 5″
    Flaccid size six weeks post-procedure: 6″
    Erect size pre-procedure: 7.75 x 5.5
    Erect size six weeks post-procedure: 7.75 x 5.5
    Goals for procedure: primarily sensitivity increase and mild size increase (1/2 an inch more of length and girth)

    I decided to give this procedure a try in early January 2017. I’d seen mostly mixed reviews but wanted to experience it for myself. A doctor I have been seeing for over 12 years performed the procedure. The procedure itself was not difficult at all. The doctor extracted blood from my arm, and I was surprised at how much was taken out, but it was fine. Then he had me rub Lidocaine on my penis, wrap it in plastic wrap, and let it absorb for about an hour. I was completely numb and could not feel the needle at any point. He put two shots on each side of the shaft, one on the top of the head, and one in the tip along the underside of the head, and I believe one shot at the base. The whole thing took five minutes. I remained fairly numb for about six hours after the procedure, and had some mild bruising that lasted about a week.

    Now onto the pumping. Having to use a pump was the primary concern for me about this procedure. I have never wanted to engage in pumping at all – seems dangerous and time consuming. When choosing the size of the cylinder, be sure to add about two inches to your erect length, because the pump is going to stretch your penis quite a bit. The cheaper pumps were around $80 but keep in mind they accommodate 8 inches maximum of pumped length. If you need any larger than that, the pump prices jump to the $200 range. So if you’re normally like 6.5 or more inches in length, you may need to buy one of the more expensive ones to accommodate for the temporary size increase from the suction. Choose wisely because these devices are expensive and non-returnable.

    When I had gotten home, I really struggled with the pumping. I couldn’t get a tight seal, even with a gel insert to help seal it. I couldn’t use that because the pump kept sucking it up the cylinder. When I could get it sealed properly, I could’t tolerate the suction for more than 30 seconds at a time. How people do this daily for 20 minutes I’ll never know. It’s like a torture chamber for your penis. My doctor said I had to do it twice a day for 20 minutes for at least a week, but recommended one month. I did it for seven days, not terribly successfully as I describe in this paragraph. My aftercare instructions stated pumping would increase size but slow the increase in sensitivity gain, so I didn’t overdo it on pumping since I was mostly going for sensitivity.

    It is supposed to take 12 weeks to achieve full results, but here is what I’ve noticed so far, six-weeks in:
    1) My primary goal was an increase in penis sensitivity. I have noticed a small increase so far, but it’s hard to quantify. It’s certainly nothing dramatic.
    2) So far, my penis has had zero increase in length or girth when erect. I am still hoping to achieve even a minimal increase in size, but I’m not counting on it.
    3) One thing I can say with certainty is the size of my penis when flaccid is larger. I attribute this to the improvement of skin texture and elasticity that I’ve noticed since the procedure. It increased from about 5″ soft to 6″ soft with more girth as well. The interesting thing is it seems to remain consistent. Previously the flaccid size fluctuated considerably, whereas now it seems to always be the same size.
    4) My erections do seem firmer. I did not have any erectile dysfunction prior to the procedure so I cannot say if it would aid with that.

    My overall thoughts: If you have $1500 to spare and wanna give it a try, go for it. Again, these are only preliminary results for me. I would say that pumping is essential if you want to obtain an increase in size, but pumping was horrible for me and not worth it. Also, I am skeptical that this procedure itself increases size, because if you have to pump to grow bigger, that would suggest it’s really just the pumping procedure doing all the work. I appreciate the mild sensitivity increase, but it’s not an increase that justifies $1500. I will be 100% satisfied if there is a significant increase in sensitivity in the next six-weeks as a result of the procedure. I think you can expect to see results from this procedure, but from my experience adjust your expectations.

    I will update with any improvement or lack thereof after the full 12 weeks.

    1. HI Jeremy, try trimming Back your pubic hair that will give you a better seal. Use some type of lotion also. This is what I do when I pump and have no problem with sealing tube.

    2. Hi Jeremy,

      Dave here, I had to deal with prostate cancer when I was 53, I’m 59 now, and had to use a medical pump to achieve 5 erections a night for several months to keep the erectile tissues active after my surgury. I went out and bought the best for fear of losing erections all together. $600, was a big price tag to swallow, but I bought it. This unit is battery operated and works great, yes you do need to trim around the base of your penis to get a good seal. More lube is the best means of getting a tight seal. You shouldn’t be over pumping to the point of pain. If you’ve pumped too far, release the pressure valve and back off a little. Over time, you’ll be able to withstand more and more pressure. I had a hard time with it at first, but got better with practice. The prostate surgery did some nerve damage to me, so after 6 years, I still need to use my pump to achieve an erection. I’ve lost a lot of sensitivity over time. I’ve been waiting a long time to find a procedure like this in hopes of giving me some hope of regaining a somewhat normal sex life. I’ve used the Trimix injections, but there’s nothing a real buzz kill like sticking a needle into the side of your penis before having sex. I’ve used 5mg Viagra’s upped it to 10mg, to 20’s now I’m using 100’s with very little staying power. Thank you for the insightful information on P-Shots. I’m going to investigate further. OH by the way, after 6 years of pretty regular pumping, there hasn’t been an size increase in length or girth. Kinda disappointing to say the least.


  6. I am 72 and have been in good health and physically fit, I lost my prostate due to cancer 14 years ago. The effect was devastating due to serious erectile disfunction. This last year things became unbearable due to very low testosterone. I am getting hormone replacement therapy and things are improving but still poor. I can get a partial soft erection at best. Am I a good candidate for Priapus shot?

    1. Bruce,

      You may be a candidate for the P-shot. Although, nothing is 100% many men have had significant improvement in Erectile dysfunction with PRP and the P-shot. You would still need to maintain testosterone therapy to optimize overall sexual health. Also what I have noticed more so with my patients is that when partial erections or erections are significantly impaired that more than one injection is needed. Think of it as your baseline is not the same as someone who has good erections and wishing to maintain function and improve on that. Visit my website at for more information or you can email me directly with other questions at

  7. I’m having great success with these for penis enlargement. I’ve had 3 shots – each 4 months apart … followed by a daily pumping regime. To date, I’ve gained about half an inch in length (up to 6.25 inches) … and significant girth (close to 6 inches now). It’s the thickness that women seem to be really loving.

  8. I did listen, and don’t smoke, the doctor learned from you and your training videos? Not sure he has much experience at it? So I have no idea if it was done right, he says yes.. any recommendations or good doctors in Massachusetts ?

  9. Looking for advice.. I’ve made an appointment to get the pshot next month but I’m wandering what things can help or hinder obtaining the best results. First of all, does being overweight have an adverse effect on optimal pshot results? I’m 6’1″ 256lbs so I am a bit overweight..would losing weight first help in getting optimal results? Also what things, if any, can I be doing to prepare for the shot? Things like drinking plenty of water and eating foods or taking any supplements that might help in increasing my red cell/ platelet count? Also any thoughts as to other supplements to use in conjunction with the pshot like an hgh releaser such as Genf20 or using dht cream? Thanks.

  10. I currently use the bathmate penis pump. I am getting the pshot later in April and just wandering if the bathmate will suffice as my pump post procedure.

    1. It’s a good pump–that’s for sure,,,and much better than not using a pump at all. HOWEVER….I prefer a pump where you can measure pressure. If you use a pump without a pressure gauge, then you really have no way of knowing what you’re doing. I’ve found that most people who start using a pump with a gauge and putting the pressure up to between -7 to -10 find that the vacuum at that pressure is greater and more effective than what they saw with the Bathmate®.

      1. What pumps/brands/models are recommended? What pump do you recommend for your patients? Are there good manual pumps out there in the 100$ range?

  11. Hello Dr., I hope you are doing well!

    I want to know if the P-shot can restore erectile tissues after an implant removal. I was healthy before the destructive implant, i don’t know how did I agree to it when I didn’t need it but I had no idea what I was getting into and what it was for, it was not for me!

    The criminal doctor WC from MHB lied and manipulated me because I only had a mild ed which was mostly psychological so he said that with the horrendous device I would not have to worry about anything. I had natural erections and my penis was perfectly healthy prior to the implant and now it’s destroyed, had I known about the p-shot before or the destructiveness of the horrendous device I would have never accepted it and I would be so happy now but unfortunately this is the situation now. He wanted to maximize his profits and never cared about me.

    I didn’t deserve an unnecessary mutilatiion, I am only 37 years old and since the surgery live in permanent pain, I can’t walk or do anything and can’t even use it so thank God I have my removal surgery scheduled for April 19, at least it’s not infected… and now I’m desperately seeking a solution to undo/minimize the damage and all my hopes are on the PRP. Your input will be very helpful tu determine next steps and calendar

    Thank you in advance

    1. Hello Dr. Runels
      Can you please share your insights/experience regarding a case like Paul’s. P-Shot effectiveness to regenerate tissue after implant removal.

  12. Here is an update to my post from February 19, 2017, where I recount details from six weeks post-procedure. The following is an update to those results now at the full 12-weeks:

    1) My primary goal was an increase in penis sensitivity. At 12 weeks, there has been only a minimal sensitivity increase. It’s hard to quantify, but I would say maybe 10%, which I attribute to the improvement in skin texture. The increase is so minimal that it may be better accounted for by placebo effect.

    2) My secondary goal was just a small increase in erect size, maybe half an inch of length and girth (pre-procedure size was 7.75 x 5.5). At 12 weeks, my erect size is exactly the same as it was pre-procedure.

    3) At 12 weeks, my soft size increased minimally (from about 5″ to about 6″ post-procedure), which I attribute to improved skin texture. This was not a procedure goal.

    4) At 12 weeks, my erections are the same as they were pre-procedure. Erection improvement was not a procedure goal.

    Overall, the only results I saw from this procedure was improvement in skin quality, slightly and only mildly increasing sensitivity. That’s it. The post-procedure recovery documentation provided by my doctor stated that pumping for 1-3 months provides size increase, but that it would decrease the results for sensitivity (see my previous post for my issues with that). Because my primary goal was sensitivity, I only pumped for one week, which was the minimum my doctor recommended. My guess is that the size increases people are reporting are obtained purely from pumping, not this procedure, in which case, just buy a pump and save yourself $1500, since a consistent pumping regimen has already been proven to increase penis size. Not having pumped significantly, I would have expected more of a sensitivity increase, but it did not occur. I had minimal expectations prior to this procedure, and overall I would say it was a waste of money.

    1. I’m grateful for your honesty. When a procedure is new like this, the text book is the patient until we have more data. The usual progression for a new procedure is 20 years before it’s widely accepted. The first heart cath was done in the 1940’s (and the procedure was not widely accepted until the 1970’s).

      I have a couple of comments and suggestions after reading your comments. First, I agree that if the main goal is sensitivity, then you are right to not use the pump…which seems to hinder the growth of the nerve tissue (though this is observational and not backed up by a formal study). The downside to not using the pump in that undergoing the Priapus Shot® procedure and not using the pump is like taking anabolic steroids and expecting to develop your best physique without lifting weights; for best muscle development, it takes both…weight lifting and a good hormonal support and if you want to be a professional NFL foot ball player, you’ll probably need to do both. The men I know who played in the NFL told me that there are only 2 kinds of NFL players–those who use anabolic steroids and those who lie about it. But, they also work out like warriors and lift weights to a point that would be beyond the discipline of most men.

      So that you did the shot and did not use the pump, would make it less likely that you would see growth.

      On the other hand, the fact that you DID see an improvement in sensitivity at 12 weeks that you find difficult to quantify says that you DID see some benefit. Also, it’s been only 12 weeks (which is a short time to grow nerve tissue…which is VERY slow growing). The people I treated for loss of sensation often have 2 and 3 shots over a period of 6 months to a year before they feel like things are back to normal.

      In the orthopedic literature, the full effect of using PRP on bones and joints is 6 months to a YEAR! So, it’s way to early to give up hope after only 1 procedure and only 12 weeks.

      The fact that you saw any improvement at all qualifies as a near miracle considering there is nothing else out there that grows new nerve.

      So, if you want full sensation back, I’d say don’t give up but give it more time and maybe have another Priapus Shot® or two. There’s no downside to waiting another few weeks or even months before you have another procedure.

      IMPORTANT: Part of the formula also involves the cause of your loss of sensation. If it’s from an injury in the back or spinal cord or the brain (back injury, or stroke, or herniated disc) or from diabetes that’s affected nerves leading to the penis or nutritional problems (like B vitamin deficiencies), then improving the nerves of the penis will not help you regain sensation. The P-Shot® does regrow new nerve and we have animal studies and studies in humans showing that PRP does grow new nerve tissue (some of them modeling prostate surgery and damage to the nerves of the penis (click)—but the P-Shot® canNOT regrow nerve in an area other than where the shot is given (in the penis).

      So, if the reason for the loss of sensation with you is somewhere other than the penis, then I’d stop getting P-Shots® and look for other therapies. But, if the etiology is within the penis, then I’d consider seeing how things are going in another month or 2 and then have another procedure.

      I’m very grateful for your comments and I hope that this helps you decide on the next steps to take.

  13. Hi.

    I just received the pshot and I wanted to know what is the amount of prp typically injected? Is there a standard protocol for amount injected? I’m just curious since I didn’t see anything noticeable post procedure as if nothing was injected.

    1. You should receive at least 10 ml of PRP and should follow the procedure immediately with the pump for 10 minutes to retain the PRP until it turns into platelet-rich fibrin matrix (PRFM). Perhaps, the pump is not needed post procedure in every case, depending on your situation as determined by your physician and you—but you should always receive at least 10 ml. Also, the provider should be listed here (click)…if not, then the person may not understand how we are preparing the PRP, may not be using a device that’s approved for preparing PRP for re-injection back into the body, & may not understand how we are injecting the PRP. The Priapus Shot® name is protected by US Patent & Trademark law and is intended to refer only to physicians who have been trained and understand our methods. Any provider who uses that name who is not listed here (click) may be an amazing physician…but he/she is NOT ethical because they are pretending to be part of a group that he/she is NOT a part of. So BEWARE of anyone advertising our procedure who is not listed here (click).

      1. Oh I see. They don’t offer pshot in my city so I had to drive about an hour to get the shot. I did pump when I drove back home but it was a bit over an hour after the procedure.

      2. Hi

        I did go to a facility that was on the list of providers of the pshot. I had a brief consultation and then had the procedure done. The doctor performing the shot stated that the use of a pump was highly recommended but she didn’t actually require the use of one and the facility didn’t even provide a pump. She certainly didn’t tell me that I had to use a pump immediately after the procedure. After I drove home about an hour or so later, I did use my bathmate pump for about 5 minutes. I was still numb from the lidocaine so I didn’t want to pump too long or too hard. Based on your response regarding PRFM, I’m just worried that the procedure didn’t follow the appropriate protocol and that it will be ineffective.

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