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  1. My name is M. Torres, and I am 72 years old. For the last five years I had been suffering from Peyronie’s disease, also over 9 years ago I got a pacemaker due to atrial fibrillation and have been taking Coumadin to avoid complication with my heart. For the last 5 years primary physicians (PCP’s) have referred me to several urologists and no one has been able to find a solution to my problem. The have recommended medication that the insurance companies do not cover, and another one had recommended I use a pump that was painful. None of these recommendations resolved my problem. My Peyronie’s disease was diagnosed with a 40% upper curved with fibrous scar tissue in the upper part of the shaft of my penis that causes pain when I have an erection. I have been frustrated and depressed due not been able to have any sexual relation with wife.
    One of the providers at my PCP’s office, Alexander Tirado, Physician Assistant recommended to me a treatment called the Priapus Shot or P-Shot a procedure that uses my own blood with my own growth factors to rejuvenate the penis. Alexander Tirado explained to me all the pros and cons of the procedure and since there were no side effects with the procedure, I decided to get the procedure done. On June 2, 2016 I got the procedure done. Alexander Tirado explained to me that I may have to receive several injections of the PRP if the curve in the shaft is not resolved with the first procedure.

    I followed Alexander Tirado protocol by using the pump every day twice a day and was able to see changes in my penis the first week after the procedure. On June 23, I had a follow up with Alexander Tirado and he was able to measure and observe the complete resolution of the curve of my penis. I was noticing the changes but the confirmation that the Fibrosis was minimal and the erection was strait and without pain was a great news.

    I am so happy with the procedure and cannot express my gratitude to Alexander Tirado for providing this procedure to me. I recommend to anyone who has a problem with Peyronie’s disease or erectile dysfunction to call Alexander Tirado at SunMed Health Center to get the Priapus shot, it works and is not a painful procedure. If you want a consultation with Alexander Tirado, you can call him at 305-944-1122. His office is located in North Miami Beach, FL.

  2. Have had two p shot procedures, done by Dr Amy Brenner, in the last 9 months and can definitely feel and see the difference. I’m 56, very active and in good shape. I don’t smoke or drink in excess, but over the past few years getting and maintaining an erection was becoming more difficult and just wasn’t like it was when I was younger. Also, length and girth just wasn’t what it used to be. My wife suggested several months ago that she wanted to do the O shot and for me to do the P shot together. All I can say it was a very pleasant experience. Dr Brenner, and her staff were very professional and I never felt uncomfortable. My wife and I have found that excitement again and our sex life is amazing. I mean really amazing. And my penis is back like it was, maybe a little longer and thicker, when I was in my twenties.

    1. My husband and I are very glad to read here of your success with the “P shot”. Is it the same as PRP? My husband developed Peyronie’s Disease about one year ago and has been researching PRP. We would like to know where you had your proceedure done and I’m interested to know what is the “O shot” your wife had

      1. The O-Shot (TM) and P-shot (TM) involves using PRP injected into specific areas of the clitoris and vagina and penis, respectively. The O-shot (TM) and P-shot can only be performed by experienced physicians that have been trained by Dr. Charles Runels and are listed as a trusted and trained provider on the official o-shot or p-shot website since the technique that is used is specific to ensure quality and uniformity with our results. To find a trained provider visit “find a provider” on each of the sites.

        If you are in the Northeast Florida region, I would be glad to assist you. You can contact me if you have any further questions.

        Marisol Arcila MD
        NuMoon Regenerative Medicine
        Jacksonville, FL

  3. Perhaps I should simply accept age and fate, forget sex and the enjoyment of the closeness that female relationship provides. My wife died 4 year ago. I am 80 years old, we enjoyed sex throughout our marriage. I am unable to have or hold an erection, I have the urge and desire and the companionship support. I have no need for more or thicker. I am very active, good health, not challenged physically or mentally. Should I just accept because of age and give up? Am I foolish to consider Priapus at my age?

    1. You are not at all foolish!

      I am Dr. Richard Gaines, Chief Medical Officer of HealthGAINS. I am trained and licensed to administer the Priapus shot and have helped hundreds of men enjoy the sex lives they deserve.

      I believe that men should enjoy an active, healthy and enjoyable sex life as long as they would like! The P-shot can help you do just that. I have successfully treated men your age, and even older with the P-shot.

      As long as you do not have any other conditions that would necessitate you refrain from sexual activity, you are never “too old” for the P-Shot.

      Feel free to reach out if you have any further questions.

  4. I received the priapus shot a little over two weeks ago and i have already noticed changes in size and girth. My fiancé even noticed right away. I am only 26 years old so the function aspect i can’t really comment on but the additional size i can say works. The procedure was painless and very easy. I had my P-Shot done at Builtco by Allison Mackenzie. I highly recommend her for anyone looking to get this done in the Dallas Area.

  5. Hello,

    My name is Ali and I heard a lot about the Pshot. I would like to have this procedure done and I am wondering if there is any licensed doctor approved from your side in Romania? Also how much does it cost for the procedure?
    Also is there a way I can contact via whatsapp or viber?

  6. Heres my question.. if this platelet rich plasmas is essentially helping to heal the penis how come nothing is given to the prostate ?? If the prostate is unhealthy it could also be the cause of erectile dysfunction.. and just addressing the penis by its self only puts a band aid over the problem it doesnt heal it.

    1. There is no perfect solution for all conditions. The provider of the shot will cover all aspects of your particular case through medical history and typical doctor-patient questions. If your issue is prostate related, they won’t bother even suggesting the shot, unless you were just curious if it would help at all.

    1. You’ll have to call a doctor that provides it and ask them, as not all doctors charge the same amount. Also, the website tells you how it works, so if you actually read it, you will know.

  7. Hello:
    Are there any studies in humans that show that the injection of PRP into the penis is a safe (if not effective as well) procedure?

    I have seen the Virag study, but in that one, HA was also injected and was done directly into the peyronie’s plaques. I am wondering if we have any data about injections into the corpora.

    Please advise and thanks.

  8. I got the P-shot today and the whole procedure went really well. I had slight bruising from one of the shots but other than that everything went really smooth. I noticed already how different my penis looks. It was made very clear to me what to expect over the next 12 weeks and to manage my expectations. I am 56 and suffer from low testosterone, ED, and BPH so I already have 3 strikes so we’ll see what happens. I am 6.5 inches in length and 6 inches in girth so I’m not expecting much in the way of gains for either but if it happens…AWESOME! I am hoping for improved functionality. I have already pumped twice today and pumping is no joke so it will be a effort for me to maintain the schedule but after paying for this I own it.

    1. Yes! In fact the P-shot is one of the only non-surgical male enhancement procedures that can both treat ED, and increase penis size. Men in my practice who have received the P-shot have reported increases in both length and girth of as much as 2 inches.

        1. no way to win with that one…it’s why we don’t play the game.
          if it’s a huge increase…1. some won’t believe it. 2. others may believe it but not obtain the same results, so that particular person will feel mislead.

          Not so long ago, before & after photos were considered UNETHICAL by the American Medical Association. Somewhere long the way, those standards were relaxed. But, we still feel like big-promising before & afters could be misleading (even when the photos are true and not photo shopped).

          If it’s that important that you have a bigger penis and that you have proof before you have the procedure done…I recommend that you NOT do the procedure. Please here me out…

          We are seeing tremendous results for Peyronie’s and improvement in erectile dysfunction even in those with previous prostate surgery.

          As for size, unfortunately, it still seems to work best for size increase for those who are already 5 or more inches long. Like muscles, it seems the more you have the easier it is to grow. So, it’s pretty common for us to see 5 go to 5.5 or 6,
          or to see 6 go to 6.5-7,
          or 7 go to 8
          —but it’s heart breaking to see someone struggle to get 4 go to 4.5 or 5 with little success. Not that we don’t have failures with all sizes and success with all sizes but that’s the uncomfortable truth.

          We now have multiple urologist and interventional radiologists and cell biologists in our group and we hope to make the stats better…but here’s where we are….

          When we survey our patients, we still get about 85% happy with the outcome when it involves erection or Peyronie’s and about 60% happy when it comes to size.

          The great thing about the procedure (when it works) is it’s THE thing that actually addresses the pathology (fixes the problem). For example, Viagra gives a harder erection, but does not actually grow new blood flow. We have rat studies (so far no men have allowed us to chop off their penis for study under the microscope) showing growth of new blood flow and new nerve tissue.

          Hope this answers your question. There is one before and after photo I allowed that shows a change in size because it also involved Peyronie’s. You’ll see it here at the bottom of the page (click)

          Notice–as you look at that– you’re thinking–“is that real?” and “did he cheat with the ruler?”
          Bottom line is that the results vary and looking at a photo gives no indication of what you will see. I’ve seen guys easily go from 7 inches to a solid 8 inches with an extra 1.5 inches in girth–but showing you that photo really means nothing when it comes to what will happen with you.

          I do recommend that our providers refund money if no results after the second shot…so no one feels taken advantage of. So, some of our providers will sometimes chose to not treat those who have expectations about growth that will be difficult to meet.

          Hope this helps. Thank you very very much for your question!

          Very best regards

          1. I’m 4.5 to 4.75 in in length erect so, based on what you are saying, in is doubtful I will get increased length What about girth? Mine is really skinny – about 3.75 in in circumference erect. Can the priapus shot help that?

            Does it help flacid size?

  9. I stumbled onto this site looking for something else. Short version: Ive had the P shot and I’d like to give my short take on it. I had a priapism do to an over dose of a sleeping pill. It lasted for 6 hrs until the ER got it down. Because of it i had penis damage. I could only get about 90% erect. I paid $1000 for the shot. First of its not A shot, its multiple shots in the base of the penis. I forgot how many bc its been about 6 months but i think about 8. The topical numming cream didnt work. I felt every shot and died with each one. I took a daily dosage of cialis afterwards and used the pump twice a day religiously for 3 months. I noticed no difference. The shot, treatment and pills didnt do any thing for me. I was very excited to get the P shot but very let down with the results after spending $1000. Im looking into something different to get me back to a 100% erection. Im 44 yrs old, in very good shape, non smoker and a social drinker.

    1. What a painful story. I’m very sorry to hear that you had this much happen because of a sleeping pill!!

      I’m also so very sorry to hear that the procedure didn’t work for you. Results do vary. Severe damage (from priapism–as you had–or trauma–or long term diabetes) may not be repairable with the Priapus Shot® procedure or any other procedure other than a penile implant. Smeone with diabetes for many years with blood flow constriction all the way up to the aorta (not just in the penis) would not likely be helped by a procedure that only makes the penis more healthy. Best guide–if you have some function, the procedure will usually make things better. If there’s zero function even with Cialis–then the procedure is less likely to work.

      Also, the pain threshold of people can vary. The needle is about the size of what’s used for trimix injections which thousands of men use without any numbing cream every time they have sex. Perhaps the damage to your penis made it more sensitive. Hard to know. It’s very unusual to have that much pain.

      Also, most of our providers return all the money if there is zero benefit from the procedure (which is unusual for any group of physicians since every procedure can have those who benefit and those who do not). There’s still a need for penile implants in some people–and that may be the best option for you– but the Priapus Shot® procedure offers a way to make most people better without the risk of a surgical procedure.

      I hope that you and your doctors find a solution to this very difficult problem at any age but especially at your young age.

  10. It’s been a week since I got the P-shot. I have maintained the pumping schedule of twice a day for roughly 15-20 minutes once in the morning and once in the evening. I had not expected any gains in girth or width but I have definitely gained in girth. My wife noticed immediately. don’t know how long this will last but I’m enjoying it. But getting used to the pumping is definitely high adventure.

  11. Has anyone ever reported or experience scarring or damage to the penis from having multiple injections into the penis during this procedure?

  12. Good Afternoon, I have done laser and PRP to my face at one the clinics here in Cairo-Egypt.
    I have a high sensitivity that makes me cum and ejaculate so fast in less than 1 or 2 min max during the first 4 sessions of making love. I do not make love on a regular base, i do it occassionally, the doctor has told me that PRP will treat the high sensitivity in your penis and can make you enjoy it for like 7 min , so iam afraid of two points. is the PRP will decrease my high penis sensitivity or not ? the other things iam worried about that it will increase my penis in length and girth….. what about the muscle at the base of the penis , can those muscle bear and support extra length and extra thickness, won’t it affect the erection after a while? i will have the P- shot tomorrow and he told me that it is going to be 3 shots with 15 day interval…. should i postpone it till i make sure nothing wrong will happen to me in the future? iam 44 year old , i do not smoke at all and i drink like once or twice every two years…

  13. Dr runnels,
    , I have heard from undisclosed sources , that service providers on your list have been selling p shots but have not been using the FDA issued vials (with all of the “ingredients”)

    Example, one service provider purchases 100 vials from you and sells 200 p shots to 200 clients , which means that the extra 100 supposed p shots were fake “fillers” where the provider intentionally and knowingly defrauded the client.

    There is undercover operations currently looking at service providers on “your” list for this activity .

    It is understood that the cost of these special vials is expensive to the doctors and therefore that is why they resell each shot for $1800 etc.

    Their motif of course is money to increase their profit .

    With that being said , is it the supplier who is selling these “fake filler” vials to the service providers ?

    Please advise

    The service providers will point the finger at the supplier (your company) and the supplier will point te finger at the service providers.

    Now we will see who will scramble first to “tighten up” these fake filler vials to make them look more official and sealed like FDA authentic viles.

    Please enlighten us, how do we know if we are getting a “real” p shot with all of the special ingredients and not a fake filler vial?

    1. Hello Salvatore,

      What an interesting question. There’s no need for “under cover” or “undisclosed sources.” It’s really very simple and very open. No one in the office or Charles Runels and none of his employees or family members make any commission from the supplies used to do the Priapus Shot® procedure.

      Your question indicates that we need to do a better job of explaining so that patients are not taken advantage of.

      The “vials” and the “ingredients” as you seem to describe them are NOT a part of the Priapus Shot® procedure. The Priapus Shot® procedure simply involves processing the patient’s own blood to extract the platelet-rich plasma and then injecting that PRP into the patient’s penis.

      There are over 20 kits that are approved by the FDA for processing whole blood to extract PRP to go back into the body. Providers who do the procedure should be using one of these kits–some of the centrifuges for these kits cost more than many pay for their car. But regardless of the price of the kit, it’s the expertise in doing the procedure and understanding the medicine and followup methods and strategies that also give value to the procedure. When a doctor does a 10,000 brain surgery, he uses a $2 blade and a $3 suture…it’s the knowledge and expertise that gives the procedure value.

      I am glad you asked a question to help understand how to be sure of your value and that you’re getting the “real thing,” …

      1st make sure the provider is listed as one of our providers (directory)

      Then while there getting the procedure–or when calling to inquire about the procedure–ask which FDA-approved PRP-prep kit they use (the FDA does not rule on what to do with blood or PRP since these are not drugs, but the FDA does approve devices that process blood). Some of our favorite kits are Regen, Eclipse, Magellan, TruPRP, Angel, Harvest, Emcyte, and Pure-Spin, & Selphyl. Some (but not all) of the kits not mentioned do not meet our standards even though the kits meet the standards of the FDA for preparing PRP. Dr. Runels makes ZERO commissions on any and all kits (turning down much money) so that the group can stay unbiased and recommend or decline methods based on results and safety.

      The only thing that should be added to the PRP is either thrombin (again made from the patient’s own blood) or a few drops of Calcium Chloride (the same that’s in “Smart Water” which is in the blood anyway, but a few extra drops will activate the thrombin cascade. Some of the Regen kits come with a way to prepare the thrombin from your blood. Selphyl comes with the Calcium Chloride as part of the kit, the others do not include it but calcium chloride (CaCL) similar to sodium chloride (NaCL) is just another form of “salt” water and pharmaceutical, sterile sources of CaCl abound.

      If anything else is added, that’s NOT part of our procedure and adds extra risks that we do not recommend. We do not think harvesting “stem cells” adds to the effectiveness of the procedure (though further research on this point needs to be done)–but does add to the expense. We think that adding an hyaluronic acid filler like Juvederm could be a good idea but could add risk and is not part of our official procedure. The same goes for ACell and whatever else people may want to mix with the PRP. We have thousands (over 8,000 research papers) showing the use of PRP in multiple tissue types with no history of granuloma formation or serious sequelae when used alone (PRP alone) but adding other materials could add benefit but could also add risk and is not part of our protocol.

      So, when you say “vials” and “ingredients” if you refer to anything other than what’s part of processing the PRP then such “ingredients” are not part of the procedure.

      We do not think the procedure works in all people. We do not think the procedure is completely without risk. There could be serious risk that are rare but which we have not yet encountered. We do think it’s much less risky than other alternatives that are commonly done (implants–infection, Viagra–stroke/heart attack, Collagenase–impotence, etc). But, all of this only if the provider is part of our group and following our methods. We still think there is a need for the alternatives (surgery and Viagra, etc). we simply see the Priapus Shot® procedure as a step to take for possible benefit before going to other alternatives.

      In short, we’re not even sure what “vials” your talking about since the only thing that’s used in the procedure is centrifuge kits made to process blood–and Dr Runels refuses to accept commissions on any of the materials used in the procedure (and has turned down millions of dollars) just so that he and the Priapus Shot® provider group is beyond reproach.

      So, Dr. Runels “sells” nothing but educational materials that help finance further research. All materials used by the physicians are bought from other sources and if you suspect something is not straight, you should report it here & have a discussion with the Dr under question.

      Hope this answers your questions and if you have a particular provider that you’re concerned may be significantly altering the method or someone advertising the procedure who is not on our provider list, then please let us know (here).
      We can’t be in every doctor’s office watching. We can’t promise good outcome or no side effects. We can set a standard of care and expect our providers to follow that standard and use the money they all contribute to the group to finance further research. Our providers are AMAZING people, smart, dedicated, and trying to care for people with a standard that exceeds the norm. Anything you know that’s hurting that standard within or outside the provider group should be reported immediately.

      Thank you very very much for your question!

  14. I just reached the two week mark with the p-shot. Acknowledging that its only been two weeks this is what I have experienced so far: definitely an increase in girth, no gain in length, slight decrease in erection firmness and sensitivity, and no improvement of my ED symptoms. As noted in an earlier post I have low testosterone and BPH so I am definitely swimming upstream hard for any improvements to my ED. I have pumped twice a day for 20 minutes and as I wrote in my last post pumping is no joke. I am currently 6 1/2 inches in length and 7 inches in girth so I have gained a inch in girth.

  15. It’s been just over two weeks since I received the P-shot and so far I have definitely achieved increased girth but no increase in length which I had not expected due to having BPH and low testosterone. I was hoping for a decrease in my ED symptoms but so far have had no improvement. Also, I have not experienced firmer erections or an increase in sensation. I know it’s only been a little over two weeks so I have a ways to go. I am pumping twice a day for 20 minutes and so far have maintained the schedule but pumping is not fun. I am normally 6.5 inches erect and 6 inches in girth. Today I am 6.5 inches erect and 7 inches in girth. I am not disappointed. I will post again at the 3 week mark.

  16. My boyfriend got the P shot, and I got the O shot yesterday. He is terribly bruised. The office said this would go away in a week! We didn’t expect this, although the office said it was typical.
    Is it safe for him to have sex while still bruised? I don’t even know if he has the desire, as it may be uncomfortable.

  17. In February. 2011, I received a penile transplant. It has worked fine. I have but one complaint. Prior to the operation, I was well endowed (11″ x 6 3/4″) when erect. My measurement has greatly diminished by almost 2″ in length and 1″ girth. Can I be a candidate for your shot to restore old glory?

  18. Hey guys
    I like to get the p shot but I have a few questions before doing so. Can P shot help with harder erection and more firmer penile? I can barely get hard or keep a erection. Will it increase my girth? I would love to increase my girth a lot! And last do we have to pay in full or can we do payment option? Thanks

  19. My penis is only a little below average in length, a little belie 5″ erect, but really skinny, under 4″ in circumference when erect. Can I expect to achieve an increase in girth? I know you said guys who have shorter penises do not experience much increase in length but I was wondering if this was true for small girth too. Also, can I expect the head (glans) to increase in size too? I would hate to have a penis in the end of normal girth but with a still tiny head head.

  20. Well it’s been 30 days since I received the P-shot. I am now a solid 7 inches in girth and 6.75 inches in length. I have gained 1 inch in girth and 1/4 inch in length. As a 57 year old man with low testosterone and BPH I was only hoping for improved functionality so this has been AWESOME!!! I am still pumping for 20 minutes twice a day and it is uncomfortable. I have missed one day and pumped only once on 2 other days. In two weeks I have a 6 week check up with my doctor. I am just hoping my ED gets better. I take Viagra and I would really like to take less or be able to stop completely. We will see how this continues to progress.

  21. To get optimum results, especially regarding an increase in size is it best to be in shape and physically fit and not overweight?

  22. I have just reached the 5 week mark after getting the P-shot. I have gained 1 inch in girth and 1/4 inch in length. I am now 7 inch in girth and 6 3/4 inch in length. I am happy with these unexpected gains but I haven’t had any improvement in my ED symptoms. Viagra does work very well for me now. I have BPH and low teststosterone so any improvement I have I’m happy with. Next week I have my 6 week check up so we’ll see how it goes.

  23. Could you pump more than twice a day, at a low pressure like -5 inHg? This is the day after I had the priapus, and I feel a lot more sensation than when I received the PRP yesterday. last night I could barely take -5 inHg. This morning(which is the day after the procedure) I was taking -9 inHg and I feel the need to pump a little more often. Would this counteract the procedure in a way that would place more stress than necessary? I am also following the RPD Protocol to the “letter T,” and although I feel loads better. I was skeptical at first like everyone, I drove 310 miles there and back just to get a consultation, and then I had the procedure. That night my member wasn’t really having it, but I pumped anyway, and the next morning(this morning) I woke up with “morning wood” for the first time in ages! I know it may be too soon to say this,but I am very pleased with the result thusfar. What a wonderful creation! and I had it in me all the time? Haha! Thanks for this wonderful discovery Dr. Runels. Also, many thanks for teaching and mentoring Dr. Hanson at the Men’s Clinic in South Charlotte. I’d appreciate any feedback on the above mentioned over the amount of pumping daily if you could. I’ll keep everyone posted every two weeks on the healing process. By th’by I am a 30 year old male. never smoked, never drank, and lead a relatively healthy lifestyle(aside from the occasional junk food now and again). Happy gains everyone!

  24. I want to get the P shot to fix a slight pyronoes curve but can not find before and after pictures anyplace and not just one I prefer to see multiple to see multiple results if I can be emailed some great

    1. You may want to take a look at this lecture (we do not send out before and afters…it works sometimes and sometimes the procedure does not work…a photo or one hundred photos do not predict if you’ll be one of the ones it helps)…

      The following video may help understand why it helps…(click). Be sure and watch to the very end.

      Notice the the use of an HA (hyaluronic acid) material to mix with the PRP may or may not be necessary. That method (adding the HA) simply activates the PRP and causes a more immediate release of growth factors…but could add some risk to the procedure. The Priapus Shot® providers use calcium chloride to activate the PRP (an electrolyte that does not add the risk of granuloma formation).

      It is the PRP that provides the growth factors that recruit & activate pluripotent stem cell (already in the body) to remodel healthier tissue and dissolve scar and to downregulate and overactive immune system. The HA or calcium chloride simply act as and activator.

      The PRP kit that includes the HA is not yet approved by the FDA in the US. But, we do have PRP kits that are approved by the FDA for preparing the PRP. The providers of the Priapus Shot® procedure should be using an FDA approved kit (the procedure is a PROCEDURE and is not governed by the FDA—which governs drugs and devices). If a doctor comments that the Priapus Shot® procedure is “not FDA approved” what they really just said is that that doctor either does not know what PRP is or does not know what the FDA does —or both

      The Priapus Shot® providers also recommend the whole protocol (not just PRP). You can see the protocol here (click).

      Using an ultrasound device during the procedure is necessary in a research setting to document the change in the thickness of the plaque but is not necessary to see results from the procedure (or even to inject the plaque which can usually be palpated).

      Also, it’s worth noting that PRP is being used to TREAT scaring. You can see this lecture about treating keloid and this one about treating other scars.

      Providers of the Priapus Shot® procedure can be found here (click)< -- Anyone not listed there may or may not be using a kit approved by the FDA for the preparation of PRP to go back into the body and may or may not understand our techniques. Anyone using the name “Priapus Shot®” who is not listed there–is also stealing intellectual property and pretending to be part of our provider group when they are not.

      We do NOT recommend at this time that the procedure be done in combination with fat, stem cells, acell, or an hyaluronic acid unless the doctor is participating in a formal IRB approved study. Results can vary but our current registry indicates that when using the full protocol that the satisfaction rate of men suffering with Peyronie’s who undergo the Priapus Shot® procedure approaches 85%…varying with the degree of angle and the age of the deformity.

  25. I have come across conflicting information regarding longevity of the results. Some information states the results are permanent while other sources say the results lasts 15-18 months. If the growth factors that are released from the calcium promotes actual tissue and blood vessel growth by unipotent stem cells how is it that this growth be reversed? Also, does it promote nerve growth too? Is getting three shots normal procedure? And can growth possibly happen from each injection? Also does being overweight effect the results? Is it better to be in shape to get optimal results especially regarding testosterone and dht levels?Thanks

  26. I received the P-shot 6 weeks ago and just had my six week check up with my Doctor and he was quite amazed but it seems I have gained 1 1/4 inches in girth and a 1/4 inch in length which now puts me at 7 1/4 inches in girth and 6 3/4 inches in length with erect. As a 57 year old man who suffers from low testosterone and BPH and ED I was only hoping for improved functionality from the P-shot but the increase in girth and length while AWESOME was not my primary concern. The P-shot has improved my ED symptom’s somewhat. I have a much stronger penis that definitely gets rock hard and keeping the erection has improved but not quite to where I wanted but any improvement is improvement over what I have. I am still pumping twice a day for 20 minutes and even though I’m not a fan of pumping I am grinding it out. Hopefully, over the next 6 weeks which leads up to the 12 week mark I get some additional improvement in functionality. My wife is loving the additional girth.

  27. Please let me know if any luck I got 1 shot and o big diference so I started trt and gonna get a 2nd shot to see what happens

  28. I have just hit the 10 week mark after getting the P-shot. My results have been growth in penis erect length from 6.5 inches to a solid 7 inches! I have had growth in girth from 6 inches to 7.25 inches. My erection quality has also improved but not as much as I had hoped. I have low testosterone and BPH that has given me ED. I am taking less Viagra and maintaining my erections very well and recovering fairly quickly after a orgasm so I am very happy especially since I am a 57 year old man!

  29. I had prostate surgery In April of 2015 which left me impotent. I am 52 years old and was unable to have intercourse until May of 2016 when I received my first P shot. With in a few weeks I was able ( with the help of Viagra) to achieve and maintain an erection. Everything also got a little bigger than it had been:)
    Dr. Tuttle at Columbus Wellness Medicine and her staff are amazing. I cannot thank her enough for giving me back this important part of my life. I have since taken a 2nd P shot in October and will comment on additional improvements as I see them.

  30. I am going to post again . In April of 2015 I had prostate surgery that left me impotent. I am 52 years old and unable to have intercourse.This was until May of 2016 when I received the P shot. Within weeks I could ( with the help of Viagra) get and maintain an erection. Everything also got “a little bigger” :).
    Dr. Tuttle and her staff at Columbus Wellness Medicine are amazing and I cannot be more thankful for them giving me back this important part of my life

    I have since taken another shot in Early October and will post further improvements

    1. We don’t know how long the positive results will last–but since the growth factors are stimulating new nerve growth as well as now growth of other tissues, the hope is that it is lasting. Many men see some waning of effects after about a year and choose to have a repeat. However, for some men the positive effects are much longer lasting.

  31. Just got back from my consultation today. Got myself scheduled for a pshot this Thursday 11-10-2016. My current size is 6 inch length 4.75 girth. After reading and researching looking for any real results from individuals who have undergone the prochedure, and never found a solid verifiable source, I made my decision to show myself if it would work or not. Not sure if I can post up an actual cost so I’ll just say it’s over 1000 and under 2000. This particular DR said usually other DRs draw 60ml in blood for the shot and have you come back for a follow up 4-5 weeks later for another 60ml shot then another 3rd shot a few months down the road. For him he said he draws the full 180ml for a one time shot. That way you wouldn’t have to comeback and pay again for follow up shots which could start to get costly. I’ll still come back for follow up shots until the desired size I’m looking for is achieved. (That is if it actually works). I’m really looking forward to it and I’ll update with any progress. Oh by the way, when I do my daily penis pumping, I’m able to achieve a girth of 5.25-5.5 inch girth vs my non-pumped girth of 4.75. No gains in length from pumping. So my goal and what I’m wanting to get out of this whole ordeal is to achieve 5.5-6 girth from the shot so I can also pump to get larger gains as well. If I can get extra length, that’ll be a plus too.

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