When Should You Treat Peyronie’s with the P-Shot® Procedure…Early After Onset, or Later?

Question (name changed)...

Dr. Runels:

I'm an ENT doctor but in this case a urology pt with recent-onset (noticed 2-3 weeks ago) Peyronie's. My urologist ______ in ______ gave me your flier about the Priapus Shot® treatment.

(1) Does your Rx address the plaques?

(2) Does it stop or reverse the Peyronie's process?

(3) Is it better to treat early (now) or wait 8-10 months when the plaques stabilize?

Thank you.


(1) Yes! Research shows a decrease in plaque size.
(see research listing below)

(2) If you mean, does the Priapus Shot® procedure help the curvature? Yes, in most men.  If you mean, does it permanently reverse the underlying process so the curvature never recurs...then probably in some. To further elaborate with some data, we did the following research (click to read) with lichen sclerosus (also thought to be an autoimmune process, like Peyronie's), showing that our process with the O-Shot® procedure decreased inflammation according to 2 blinded dermatopothologists--indicating that somehow the procedure down-regulates the autoimmune response.  There are other papers showing this downregulation of the autoimmune process by PRP.

Further as to permanence, our provider group has seen women who see a recurrence of their lichen at 1 year out, a few who are not helped at all, and many who are still well at 3-4 years post procedure. How these data will relate to Peyronie's disease remains to be seen but we expect a similar spectrum.
(see research listing below)

(3) DEFINITELY  better to treat early  before the scar tissue matures. I saw Dr. Virag lecture in Venice this past summer when we shared the podium and he will soon publish data showing that using PRP is more effective and safer than Xiaflex. Depending on how you look at the data, Xiaflex has a 1 in 50 to 1 in 100 risk of fracture/impotence post procedure. The Priapus Shot® procedure has associated with it the probable side effect of an improvement in erection quality by around 5 - 7 on the 25 point scale commonly used.
(see research listing below)

IMPORTANT! If your provider is not on the following list of physicians who have studied the accepted methods of the Priapus Shot® procedure (click) and agreed to follow them, then your physician may be a wonderful provider, but I have no way of knowing who or how he/she was trained and what method he learned. So, I have NO way to make any comments about the quality of the procedure he/she may provide. What I can say, is that your physician (if she/he says he's providing the P-Shot® but is not listed on that directory) is either knowingly or unknowingly breaking the law and pretending to be part of a group that he/she is NOT a part of. The certified providers of the Priapus Shot® procedure share notes with each other, finance research, and support the advancement of the effectiveness of the procedure. THOSE WHO USE THE NAME "PRIAPUS SHOT" BUT WHO ARE NOT LISTED AS ONE OF OUR MEMBERS ARE USING THE FRUITS OF OUR LABORS ILLEGALLY and possibly providing and inferior service by deceiving patients.

Certified Members of the Priapus Shot® Provider Group (click)<--
Research Listings for the Priapus Shot® Protocol for Treating Peyronie's Disease (click to read)<--

Best regards,

Charles Runels, MD


Inventor of the Priapus Shot® Procedure


One thought on “When Should You Treat Peyronie’s with the P-Shot® Procedure…Early After Onset, or Later?”

  1. I am very interested in having this therapy, but i have a concern. Since the peyronies is caused by calcification, is there any way the Calcium Chloride could affect on the PRP shot since this substance is used to activate the platelets?
    I’m researching about the subject before making my desicion and this part of the protocol came to my attention

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