Peyronie’s Disease

Peyronie's Disease Protocol...
7 Steps to a Harder Straighter Penis Using the Priapus Shot® Protocol

General principles of the protocol...

-->>Results May Vary<<--

  • Things that decrease inflammation.
  • Increase circulation
  • Increase collagenase. Men with Peyronie's have increased incidence of antibodies to collagenase.
  • Genetic component (not as frequent in Asian men).
  • Smoking greatly increases risk.  Te find healing, smoking must stop.  Changes wound healing.
  • Though men can associate trauma with the onset of Peyronie's disease, most men with Peyronie's disease can NOT remember any specific one could conclude that either it's not trauma based at all or that men with Peyronie's respond differently to trauma (different wound healing). The only other alternative would be that they have poor memories or a higher pain tolerance and don't notice the trauma.
  • Wanted a protocol with low risk and as natural as possible (as in using the body's own healing or using vitamins/diet therapies with intake of what would normally go into the body anyway).

I. Pump (&/or Traction)

II. Food/Nutrition

  • CoQ10. 300 mg per day
  • Vitamin E. 1,200 IU/day in the morning with food.
  • Vitamin C. 3,000 mg/day with food.
  • B-Complex in the morning with food.
  • Research to support.

III. Priapus Shot®

  • One Priapus Shot® shot (PRP done in a very specific way) every 6-8 weeks for up to 3 shots (may need less). click for references<--
  • At 12 weeks after the second shot, if no benefit at all, consider using collagenase--then do the 3rd Priapus Shot® procedure 6 weeks after that.
  • Should be someone in our group (click to see certified providers) who understands the procedure and using real PRP.
  • So, either of these protocols...
    • Time 0. P-Shot #1
    • Time 6 weeks. P-Shot #2
    • Improvement-->> Time 12 weeks. P-Shot #3
    • Or...
    • Time 0. P-Shot #1
    • Time 6 weeks. P-Shot #2
    • No improvement-->> Time 12 weeks. Collagenase (Xiaflex)
    • Time 14 weeks. Collagenase (Xiaflex)
    • Time 16 weeks. Priapus Shot #3

IV. Hormonal

  • Testosterone. Low testosterone associated with Peyronie's
  • Estradiol
  • Prolactin
  • IGF-1

V. Walk 21 miles per week.

VI. Stop Smoking

  • Smoking is associated with Peyronie's disease (increases risk of developing it and decreases effectiveness of treatment).
  • Smoking decreases the effectiveness of the Priapus Shot® procedure.
  • Smoking leads to erectile dysfunction.
  • Follow this easiest most effective method to stop smoking (click).

VII. Cialis 2.5-5mg per day

  • If not erectile dysfunction, then use only 2.5mg/day in the am
  • If erectile dysfunction, then use 5mg/day in the am.
  • For mechanism, see the research.

Peyronie's Disease Before & After

Photos and the following clinical details supplied by Dr. Hunter Hansen.


Results May Vary




8 thoughts on “Peyronie’s Disease”

  1. I received a PShot for ED and minor curvature and pea sized plaque that was palpable, (I had this with no change for close to 20 yrs). I followed all directions to the letter post shot. I did not notice any change what so ever and now a little more than a year later I have significant bends and curves in the length of my penis. This has been very traumatic and the PShot had no affect on my ED. the Trimix shots are too expensive. I used them until I ran out. I am currently using urethral suppositories with marginal success. I have done pumping and Jelqing exercisizes to try and straighten out the “dents” because that’s what they look like. You can also at this point palpate a moderate amount of plaque centrally extending to each side. I eat very well and excersize. I do have high blood presure (controled) and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. I have a history of diabetes but after a significant weight loss (60 lbs) I am diet controlled. I don’t know at this point what else to do. They recommended additional shots but I cannot afford them as I am a disabled American Veteran. The doctor was teaching a nurse to do the procedure and I should have not allowed it. I don’t know if she performed the procedure appropriately. I felt like I was just a practice patient. Any advise or consulation?

    1. First of all…because our procedure does work very well for many people, there are plenty of physicians and nurse practitioners pretending to be in our group when they are not. Some of the imposters may know what they are doing but many are using methods to prepare the PRP that are not approved by the FDA, using methods of injection that are painful or not effective or even dangerous. So, if the person doing the Priapus Shot® procedure is not listed on the following directory, I would consider zipping up your pants and running away (click to see directory)< --

      Unfortunately the procedure does not work for everyone. Especially with a man who has suffered with diabetes for a number of years there may be blood flow problems up around the aorta (and the Priapus Shot® only affects the penis). It’s wonderful that you lost 60 pounds, but that you were 60 pounds overweight is evidence that there may have been some significant vascular disease in the blood vessels that feed your penis.

      There is still a place of penile implants and 90% of men are happy with the outcome. An implant could help you with the curvature and provide you with the erection.

      Wish I could tell you that if the shot had been given another way that it may have helped but it’s least likely to work in a man who has type 2 diabetes (even if controlled) and over 50 pounds overweight (even if you’ve lost the weight).

  2. Having a good experience so far. I had my first shot 3 weeks ago in Austin, Texas. I have minor scare tissue from prostate removal aftermath that causes a modest downward bend in my penis. I have been pumping every morning since the morning after the procedure – 8 one minute pumps, with 30 sec rest in between, per session.
    So far so good – I have definitely gained noticeable girth; to the point where my wife is now commenting on it during sex. My erections are full and healthy, and also a bit straighter (but still some minor downward curvature). Length change has been modest; maybe 6 to 6.25 when naturally erect. Pumping I’m up to 6.75
    I use Viagra before sex – but always have. Hope this is helpful.

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