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Sexuality is beautiful, pleasurable, and sacred.  Comments should consider those principles.

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    1. I’m sorry for your disappointment.

      We are the first to want people to know there is no perfect procedure that works with everyone. Some people most likely to see good results include those who had erectile function before prostate surgery who want to maintain function after surgery, those who have erectile function but want to improve function, those with peyronie’s disease, those with loss of sensation.

      If you’re trying to grow your penis more than 1/2 an inch in size, then the procedure can be of help but here’s where results can be frustrating for all involved. If you go on the forums and read the research (like this article that showed growth of about 1/4 an inch over 12 weeks), you’ll see that a pump alone can cause growth in some people and after the injection and immediate pump therapy, people usually go home with a larger penis that works better. So, using a pump with PRP seems to give even better results.

      But, expectations with improvement in size are what’s most likely to disappoint. If someone’s trying to gain more than an inch, it can be a slow process and only 50-60% get there. Unfortunately, just like with weight training, it seems those who already have the most grow the most when physical and physiological therapies are used.

      We routinely see 1 to 1.5 inches both ways, but width comes first and the size comes more easily to those who already are in the 5 inches and up range.

      Also, men older than 60 with long-term diabetes and zero erectile function even with injections or cialis-like drugs are not likely to respond. If there’s blockage of flow upstream, then creating new blood flow down-stream will not likely help.

      This video may help explain.

      So better erections are a good a reliable outcome, but not 100% and best seen in those who already have some function.

      What results were you looking for? Are you able to give us more detail? We want this forum to be honest about the good and the not successful. Thousands have been very successful with the treatment. Only with more research and detailed feedback (which can move faster than the research) can we figure out why some get amazing results and some do not.

      Thank you for taking the time to leave your feedback. Hopefully, with time, we can improve the procedure and the outcome. I don’t pretend to know all or be all. But, by having an open discussion here with physicians and patients contributing, hopefully find answers.


      1. HI, I am 58 health male looking for girth improvement. I am scheduled for mid January to receive the P Shot and was curious if there was any pre-work I could be doing to increase my chances of success, i.e. stretching, vitamins, etc. Any suggestions

      1. Hello Pete,

        I’m sorry that you had pain. We use the same size needle that’s used by men who do Tri-Mix injections every time they have sex (and they do it without numbing cream). Still, there is some thing insulting about a stranger poking your penis with a needle.

        I always just give myself a shot without using any numbing cream at all–but I’m sort of a freak I guess (which it would take to do this procedure for the first time in the world and do it to yourself). Most don’t know that when I was developing the Vampire Facelift® procedure, I was doing the work to observe directly how to best use the same methods to rejuvenate the genitalia.

        We all have our thing that we just dont really worry about. Maybe your thing is riding bulls or wrestling alligators (which would terrify me). I hate even standing close to the window of a very high building, but I have no problem with giving myself a shot in the penis without numbing cream.

        For those who are bothered by needles but wrestle alligators for fun, I worked with some of the urologists in our group to develop teaching materials for all the physicians in our group about how to use lidocaine to put the penis to sleep. So, the next time (if there is a next time) you get a Priapus Shot® procedure, ask your provider to put the thing to sleep!

        Thank you for writing.

        Charles Runels, MD

      2. I did the trimix it stung a little bit but after three or four minutes the stinging went away. I had an erection for quite some time I could not leave the office until the erection went away it was very hard and Phirm I was completely satisfied but instead of doing the trimix I decided to get the P shot I am scheduled for the trimix this Thursday

  1. I want to do the procedure in order to gain length but would like to know where are there testimonials. I’m not moved by one guy that may not have got what he expected, but I do need to read or see evidence of several men that did get results before I can decide to go ahead. It isw a lot of money to spend if no results are experienced.

  2. Wouldn’t combining this procedure with a topical compounded cream including testosterone and HGH directly to the area help guide or steer the mesenchymal stem cells in that localized area to proliferate even more? Do you or have you considered this option? If so, what are the pros and or cons to adding this method?

  3. on alprostadil injections now.type 2 diabetes since 1998.60 years old. can achieve an hard erection with alprostadil injection specially when standing up.very hard erection.lasting about 3-4 hrs ,difficulty with erection when laying face up more soft and regaining hard erection if standing up.eyeculation is sorta painful as if sperm wont come out if inside the vagina.loosing sensitivity on pennis at touch

  4. I had a procedure 20 days ago, so far absolutely no changes, pumping twice a day……and just been taken for a ride…..definetely it doess not work at all, just another scam.

    1. Your provider should have told you–just like with the face, it STARTS to work at 3 to 4 weeks (your at 20 days–not even to the 3 week mark). Full effect is at 12 weeks.

      What’s happening now?
      Did you follow the RPD protocol

  5. I want to give this a chance, but first I would like to ask if Acell will be used in the near future or if hormones should be taken with this… Has this been tested with HGH? No disrespect to you Dr. Runnels but have you ever discussed any of this with Dr. Anthony Atala ?

  6. I am 65 and have had erection problems for about 15 years. I received the p shot in July. I saw results that kept getting better over the months. I am diabetic and lost most of my sensation. After 5 months I have regained much of the sensation and saw a big improvement in erection size and function. I am looking forward to see if a second injection will help me to get even better. If you have ed problems you should see if the shot will help you.

    1. Craig thank you for your incouraging report. I am 75 and much like you have lost the ability to maintain an erection and wonder if the shot might help give me some capabilities I have lost over the years and now that I take Eliquis and Metoprolol it seems I can’t even get an erection hard enough to penetrate my Woman.

      Can you confide in me who did the shot for you?

  7. Hello doctor Charles Runels, I read about the P-Shot on the facebook newsfeed of Dr. Crisler and I am very excited about this new approach.
    I have a blog which helps men overcome premature ejaculation and so I know that most of the PE sufferers do not realize that their real problem is bad erection, so they have problems to go for the 3rd round etc.

    Of course, the main reason for having bad erection these days is stress and certain type of movies that everyone can easily find on the internet… (after quitting it the most men see huge improvements). But it’s good to know what other possibilities are available today.

    So my question would be whether you have tested the P-Shot with actually younger patients, who have had life-long problems with erection and/or premature ejaculation and how it has helped them?


    1. Hello David,

      I do agree that too frequent masturbation both has profound effects on hormonal status (prolactin & testosterone levels) as well as on erection quality in some men…and can also train a man to have premature ejaculation. I’m grateful for your pointing this out. Yes, the shot can improve erection in young men even more dramatically than in older men (in the same way that younger men heal wounds more easily than older men).

      But, if erection quality is a problem (both in the young and the old) I’d recommend people study the various practices that can help (not just getting a priapus shot). I have a course on the subject that can be subscribed to on the following form. I also would recommend you post the address to your blog in a reply to this post so readers know where to find you.

      Here’s the 15-week course that I have on the subject–>>

      Hope this helps..

      Peace & health,

      Charles Runels, MD

      1. Hello Dr. Runels,

        thank you for the reply.

        The P-shot sounds very promising and I am curious when this kind of treatment is available here in Germany. I think it’s a great complementary treatement for those with ED and PE, because lasting longer also requires men to have a strong erection.

        You recommended to post a link to my german blog, here it is:

        I also have started an english site, which will get new content (basiclly translated from my german blog) on how to last longer in bed, maybe it will be interesting for the english speaking readers:

  8. I had the procedure done about 6 months ago. I’m 58 and was hoping to improve my sexual performance. I’ve had no results at all from the p shot.

  9. 68 year old that had prostate removed two years ago. Partial success with Cialis/Viagra. Decided to try this shot. Worked in about 20 minutes and lasted 3-3.5 hours. Wish I had my mate around. Exploring about paying the “fee” which is high! I feel that the shot you can administer by yourself might be like using Viagra, CIalis, etc., trying to time it with a receptive partner. Many times I would take the Viagra, then it didn’t materialize, so a waste of an expensive pill. Stay tuned.

  10. This seems perfect for any diabetic who is not yet totally impotent. Diabetes damages nerves and blood vessels, this treatment restores nerves and blood vessels. It seems like a no brainer to me for a diabetic.

    1. Hello Jake,

      First, the Priapus Shot (like every other medical therapy that I know) is NOT perfect. Everyone is not “cured” but many are—after years of suffering—many are. Why? How?

      I’ll answer some of the questions I’ve seen posted and give some references.

      As back ground..I injected my own penis…first human to have PRP injected into the penis (and chose to inject my own)..over 5 years ago and many times after. The idea for injecting the penis came from injecting scars and rejuvenating the tissue of the face and watching what happened. Out of those ideas came the “Vampire Facelift” which was my invention (not PRP, but the way I use it in the face). But, from the start, the Vampire procedures (there’s also a Vampire Breast Lift® and a Vampire Facial®) were done as a way to visibly test ways to rejuvenate and heal the genitalia.

      The medical references about how the Vampire Facelift (vampire because using blood to heal and because the press loves the word) works are listed here and help explain why it may work in the penis: –>>Vampire Facelift References
      You’ll also see a movie there of me explaining how PRP works in wound care.

      PRP sounds mysterious and in some ways the details of how it works are mysterious, but the idea is very simple: we are making the yellow goo that you can see in the scab that’s on the knee of a child after falling down (that’s platelet rich fibrin, which is what the PRP turns into after injected or before injected if calcium is added to start the thrombin cascade).

      To see photos and an interview of the treatment of scar tissue using PRP, watch the movie that’s posted here–>>> Click That video is a VERY important idea and demonstration of what PRP does for scar remodeling into healthy tissue.

      For an adjunct to the PRP…
      I’m sure you guys have seen this, but here’s a nice research study showing that not all, but some can be helped by a pump alone (click).

      So what if you used a pump in combination with PRP and nutritional/hormonal therapies to support regrowth of healthy tissue?

      Let me digress make a point…
      When I was an ER physician and taught paramedics at a local college how to do resuscitation on a dying heart, I would ridicule the text book they used. The text book would divide up the possible treatments up into 3 categories, (1) those proven to help, (2) those that may help, & (3) those not well researched but that may help. The reason that I thought that designation (when a paramedic is in the street) funny was because of this…if you’re lying there with your heart not beating, which of the 3 categories do you want?

      You want all 3!

      If category 3 is likely very safe & possibly helpful, then why would you not want that as much as category 1? If you’re lying there with your heart stopped, you don’t want to wait another 20 years for the research to prove or disprove category 3 if it’s considered safe but only possibly helpful.

      Of course you see the analogy.

      So, yes, you can see one of the 3 research projects (about the Priapus Shot for Peyronie’s) that I know is going on by people whom I have taught if you look at the following video –>> click
      …but if you want to see the final result of a multi-center study with 10,000 patients, you’ll be waiting for a while.

      On the other hand, there are over 11,000 (that’s eleven thousand!) research papers about PRP (click to see) and NOT ONE of them showing one serious side effect. I cannot say that about any other therapy that I know (I’ve had 2 patients wreck their car just driving to my office over the past 20 years…driving to my office is more risky that the MILLIONS of PRP injections done over the past 15 years).

      This treatment is NOT perfect. But the idea behind it is very well established and we DO have people getting amazing results.

      Are the results (if any) permanent?

      Look at the scarred ankle again in the video referenced above…yes what’s created from the new tissue growth IS permanent. On the other hand, nothing is permanent (in 100 years we are all dirt again). And, there’s still aging. And whatever process started the plaque formation, if left alone could recur. And, the truth is we just do not know why on a cellular level some heal better than others. But, we have ideas (smoking, drinking, and poor nutrition all interfere with healing from wounds or surgery and since PRP is creating the same response then those practices also interfere with the results of the Priapus Shot (R) procedure).

      Practices and supplements and hormones that increase tissue health should help!

      More specifically, if you’re eating your mother’s amazing spagetti, you don’t debate about whether it’s the noodles or the sauce or the meatballs that make it wonderful—you want the whole secret recipe (and by the way, it’s much better because she cooks it in an iron pot).

      The problem with most research is that it must be done with only one variable or else it’s difficult to know if what you’re doing is actually working or not?

      But, with over 11,000 research papers, most showing benefit in multiple tissues (mouth, bone, collagen, nerve, scar resolution), and ZERO serious side effects, tell me a good reason why you would not want to include this as part of your recipe for the treatment of Peyronie’s?

      Painful? Not that much.
      Expensive? Cost less then repairing your car’s transmission.

      Five years ago, when I first injected my penis, I was extremely terrified. I did not know what effect the gelatinous platelet rich fibrin would have. Would I get priapism and wind up in the ER? Would I get necrosis from the immediate blockage of blood flow? Would I cause pyeronie’s if the material were not distributed evenly? Those are the things I feared. But now after well over 10,000 patient treatments over the past 5 years, the question becomes “will this work for this one person sitting in front of me with ED or Peyronie’s”?

      Sure, there could be the rare person who becomes the first person in the world to have a serious side effect. We have a consent form because we don’t know. But, so far there have been no serious side effects with the Priapus Shot just as with PRP in general.

      So, hopefully that helps you with your decision. I mostly teach now and am not looking for new patients (please do not contact me for that purpose and if you have questions please post them here for your forum to discuss or on our review page on the Priapus Shot (R) official page). Here’s where to find providers of the Priapus Shot® procedure —>>>Click

      All providers who have been trained and certified to provide the Priapus Shot are listed there. If someone is advertising the Priapus Shot procedure and is NOT listed there, then they are pretending to be something they are not and may not be providing good medicine (at the least you know they are being lying about being part of our group). I’m not sure why some physicians think they can advertise as being part of our group when they are not, but we have 3 attorneys working (one full time) prosecuting those who do (some using inferior, non-FDA approved methods of preparing the blood for re-injection).

      As for stem cells. If you NEEDED stem cell transfer for PRP to work, you’d need to get a stem cell transfer to heal the skin of your knee when you fell as a child. You don’t need that transfer because the pluripotent stem cells are sitting there waiting to grow when needed and fertilized by the PRP. Here’s where you can read more about stem cells being there waiting to be activated–>> click.

      Here’s a rat study where the penis got much better from “stem cells” but the researchers noted that the stem cells died! So they postulated that the real results came from the growth factors that were mixed with the stem cells (as in PRP): –>> click

      Two warnings.
      (1) There are FDA approved kits for preparing PRP for injection back into the body. They are expensive and the centrifuges they use are outrageously expensive. To avoid the costs, some doctors try and make their own PRP using homemade lab equipment. Which would your rather have?

      (2) Some doctors claim to be in our Priapus Shot provider group who are not and many of these “fakes” I would not trust to feed my cat. They don’t know how we inject and many of them use “home-made” PRP instead of using FDA approved kits. If you try the Priapus Shot® you should use one of the providers listed on our Priapus Shot Provider Group directory (most of them will refund your money if you do not see results…that’s how determined we are to be completely ethical with this treatment).

      So, I’d advise using someone in our group.

      By the way, the FDA does not approve procedures, the FDA approves drugs and devices. So the doctor should be using lab equipment designed and approved by the FDA for the preparation of platelet rich plasma to go back into the body. Then you know it’s sterile and you actually are getting PRP. But the FDA does not govern the way the doctors inject the PRP…that’s a procedure.

      I know that as the inventor of the procedure that it’s impossible for me to be unbiased. But, hopefully the references that I’ve given you will let you research this area of medicine and make a smart decision.

      Peace & health,


      Charles Runels, MD
      inventor of the Vampire Facelift (R), Priapus Shot (R), O-Shot (R), & Vampire Breast Lift (R)

      Here’s a few more of the research projects that I’ve done so you can see that I’m not just another penis snake oil salesman…you’ll see a variety of topics–>> Runels’ Research

      1. Thank you very much for the detailed feedback. I will contact one of the Physicians in your directory for an appointment.

      2. Hey hello Dr Runels :so Dr I am going in a cycle of hgh or the iv therapies growth hormones I have 2 herniated disc on my lower back arthritis in the knees and neck but I am ready for the p shot waiting for years to do this just want to know the pro s and cons on this wild going threw the cycle ?

  11. Hello Dr. Runels,

    I have been researching the Priapus Shot and reading patient reviews for quite some time hoping to get a better idea on if the shot would prove effective for me..

    I am 30 years old with absolutely no history of erectile disfunction. I am solely interested in the Priapus Shot for its cosmetic benefits. I have practiced all forms of penis enlargement since I was 18. Jelqing, stretching, pumping, clamping, taking supplements. I have tried them all at great financial expense. I do believe some of these methods to be beneficial, such as pumping at low pressure for long durations but that can be achieved with clamping which I find to be the most efficient form of P.E. for girth gains anyway. Long story short I am tired of the endless effort and expense of Achieving size gains.

    That is what has led me to the hopes I have for the Priapus Shot. As I said I am 30 years old with no erectile disfunction. I am also already above average size and both length and girth. I also do not smoke or take drugs, prescription or recreational and have a handful of drinks a year. I simply want to achieve the best erection quality possible and the largest size in both length and girth possible and fortunately have a lady that not only encourages my goals but looks forward to them.

    Knowing what you know about me now, would you consider me a good if not ideal candidate for getting the best effects possible out of the Priapus Shot? And an educated idea of what results I could achieve following the correct protocol.

    Thank you for taking the time to read my story and any feedback you can offer me would be greatly appreciated.

  12. I haven’t seen much about the cost, or how well this PRP does with increasing sensation and ability to ejaculate. I have had ED for years and have taken the “injection” route as well as Viagra, and after a couple years of that found I cannot reach orgasm now. So, how well does the PRP shot(s) work on increasing stimulation toward orgasm, and also, how expensive is the PRP shot/treatment?

    1. The doctor I went to charges 2000 for the shot. I just got the shot a few days ago. I have peyronie’s. I haven’t seen any change in that yet but I think I have a little more sensitivity.. I would say it will probably take a few month cause they suggest using the pump for 12 week (3 months).

      1. Hello Mike,

        Please keep us updated. You are correct, when we treat the face for scars, we can see what happens (where I got many of my ideas for the procedure–ironic that people thought I was just thinking of the face when from the start I was treating the face–with the Vampire Facelift® procedure— to understand how better to treat the genitalia).

        When treating the face, the affects can begin to appear around the 3rd week with full results around 12 weeks. Around 80% of the benefit happens by the 8th week, which is why we allow people to repeat at 8 weeks, but repeating before then is overkill since you’ve not seen the results of the 1st procedure. If you wait longer than 8 weeks, there’s no harm but if you’re determined to find healing, I’d have the second injection by the 12th week if you are not satisfied with the 1st.

        1. I can see some difference but not a lot. I’m hoping I don’t need a second shot. I can’t really afford it. I did wonder if you could use PRP from a young person and use it on an older person if it would work harder or longer.

  13. Hi Doctor, can you indicate how often follow up PRP injections on the penis be given after the initial four injections show improvements in erections.Cheers Bruce

  14. I just learned about this Priapus shot and about to go see one of the doctors listed in your qualified directory of physicians, I don’t know if I really need the shot but I been having some sexually issues (I’m 48 yrs old) and would like to try the shot, also how expensive is the treatment ?

    1. One must always understand that erectile dysfunction makes up part of a syndrome called male sexual dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction is just a symptom.

      To have the ultimate sexual experience, the vascular, neurologic and hormonal systems have to be in sync with the anatomy of the penis.

      What the P-shot aims to do is rejuvenate the tissues of the penis to allow for the optimal function. This rejuvenation can be in the form of building new penile tissue, building new blood vessels and repairing the nervous connections in this area.

      The best course of treatment can only be recommended after a consultation and examination so you’re on the right path Jerry.

  15. I am interested in getting the P-Shot, however, the doctors I contacted said that it is only one shot but here they are talking 3 or more. What is your recommendation?

    1. Hello Arthur,

      First talk with one of the providers about whether you’re a good candidate. Make sure it’s someone on our list. Then, after the injection, follow the RPD protocol. Wait 12 weeks and decide. About 60% are happy after the 1st shot. About 85% are happy after the second.

  16. I would like to be a test subject and I am willing to provide both daily and weekly updates to chart and analyze all data. Get back to me Dr. Runels

    1. When we have a research protocol where we treat people for free, then we will let you know.
      Make sure you’re on my e-mail list for updates and you take me out of the spam folder (since we talk about the penis, that’s where the spam filters often put my notes).

      Here’s where you can get a free copy of one of my books (sent a chapter at a time) and be on the list when the next research project starts:

  17. Hi I’m Daniel and I’m 46 years old. I’ve had ed now for about two years. I’ve tried Viagra, Cialis and testosterone injections but nothing seems to work. I don’t care about getting size I just want to stand up and play ball when the time is right. I’ve ben married 17 years and this just drives me crazy. Do you think the Priapus shot will help me get an erection? I’m so scared of spending that much money with no results.

    1. Hello Daniel,

      I’m very sorry that you’re still struggling. Many of our providers will refund your money if no results after the second shot. Most men will see their erections improve by 5-7 on this scale (click). Realistically, that means that you go up by an average of 1 point on each question.

      So, take the test, add 1 point to each question–and that’s about what to expect from the shot alone (1 to 3 injections). If you do the whole RPD protocol (Runels Peyronie’s Disease Protocol), you could go up by 7 to 10 on the scale.

      Few things work for all people in medicine. Overall, we have a satisfaction rate of around 85% with the men who receive the shot. That means that 15% are not happy with the results.

      Things that will make it NOT work–
      1. Hormonal issues that have not been corrected (low testosterone or high prolactin for example)
      2. Smoking
      3. Lack of exercise (NOT bike riding which has been proven to CAUSE erectile dysfunction in some men).
      4. Long term vascular disease with blockage of blood flow from the aorta to the penis. The Priapus Shot® procedure is for improving penis health. But if there is blockage of blood flow from the aorta to the penis (as can happen in long term diabetes) that will negatively affect the results of the procedure.
      5. Not using the pump as prescribed. The penis pump works. Using the Priapus Shot® procedure and not using the pump is like taking steroids and not lifting weights. You may see an improvement in strength with the steroids alone but you’ll see better results if you lift weights too. Using a pump without the Priapus Shot® is like lifting weights and not taking steroids. For optimal growth, you do both. Increased IGF-1 (or somatomedin C) is one of the benefits of taking hHG (human growth hormone). IGF-1 is also one of the more than 20 growth factors released by platelets when the procedure is done properly using FDA approved lab equipment. I’m not suggesting that you take hGH, I’m just saying that when you do the Priapus Shot® procedure you’re affecting the way the cells regenerate in the same way (only perhaps more powerfully) than if you were on body-building steroid dosages. And in the same way as with weight lifting–physical therapy (with the pump) augments the affects of the growth factors.

  18. Hi Doctor Runnels,
    I have had the P shot twice and had some surprising results. The first thing was the increase of sensitivity starting the first day…could feel my clothes touching my skin and this still continues. The next best thing was not getting up during the night to go to the bathroom. By far this has been the best surprise! Now for what everyone is looking for. I did get a noticeable increase in girth both erect and soft. Increase in length when not erect. Increase in vascular size after a few weeks. Sex is much better. I also use the pump on irregular basis. I have used cialis after procedure but for me it’s overkill. Things were working on there own like when I was a teen…popping up all the time for days after taking pill.

    So being fifty years old, social drinker and smoker i’m thrilled with the results. Having worked for one of your licensed Doctors of this procedure I highly recommend this to everyone. A side note to procedure is that I had no intentions of doing it but the patients at the office wouldn’t do it until I went first so they could have someone to talk too that has done the procedure.

    Many thanks for you work!

    1. Thank you for writing. The procedure price changes around the country because the price of everything else is different. Doctors in New York pay 2-3 times the $/square feet of office as what we pay in many parts of the South East. If someone offers the first shot for less than $1,800 there’s a good chance they are using inferior methods. The FDA approved kits we use are not cheap and the time for the procedure is not just a procedure–there should also be some thought and plans made about overall health.

      The certified Priapus Shot® providers are listed here (click). Anyone advertising the procedure who is not listed there, is not part of our group and may be doing an inferior procedure. Oddly enough, sometimes it has been the more prestigious physicians who think they don’t need the feedback and on-going research of the group and tend to use our provider-group name without actually learning what it is we do and keeping up with the evolution of our thought–so be careful that your provider is listed here (click).

  19. I want to try the priapus – shot for peyronies
    Has any body had positive results with it
    I will apreciate all comments thanks

    1. Hello Mr. Yanez,

      Thank you for writing. Yes, we are seeing over 1/2 of those with Peyronie’s disease become happy again with their penis function and shape!

      Here’s the Runels Peyronie’s Disease Protocol (RPD Protocol) that works best

      1. Walk 21 miles per week. This decreases overall inflammation and changes hormonal status in ways that support tissue healing and decreased scar formation.
      2. Correct tesosterone levels back to the upper 1/3 of what’s normal for a male. Here’s the list of lab testing that I recommend (click). Print that list and discuss it with your physician. The person doing your Priapus Shot® procedure may not be the best choice for prescribing your hormones. We all have our special interest. The critical question to your physician is to show them that list and see if they are willing to adjust levels based on your function within the normal range (for example raising a testosterone level from low normal to high normal, or to lower estrogen levels etc–fine tuning rather than settling for anything within normal without regard to your symptoms).
      3. Stop smoking! The Priapus Shot® will not work as well if you smoke. With many, it still works when smoking–but your chances of success go down. Most surgeons will not do facial plastic surgery if you’re smoking because they know that the cigarette smoke poisons the stem cells involved in wound healing. When we do the Priapus Shot® procedure, we are triggering the same cascade of growth factors and stem cell development.
      4. Get a series of 3 Priapus Shots spaced 8-12 weeks apart. Though there’s about a 50% chance you’ll be happy at the end of the first 12 weeks, for many it will take a series of 3. If you’ve not seen any noticeable results after the second shot, then I’d probably give up and not do the 3rd. Most of our providers will refund your money if you do not see results after the 2nd shot–so they are willing to take the financial risk if you’re willing to follow the RPD protocol.
      5. Pump to a pressure of -7 to -12 inHg (-2 to 4 Barr) for 10-15 minutes twice a day. I still prefer a very good custom made pump like what you’ll find here (click). If you can afford it, go for the electric model (I think you’ll see better results and it’s easier. Of course, discuss this with your physician–but now we know that the pump also helps Viagra work better and helps men recover from prostate surgery, and more. It’s not only safe when used properly, it actually improves erection.
      I’ll send the rest of the protocol and updates on our research as it comes available to you my email, just put in your first name and email address here–

      Very best regards,


      Charles Runels, MD

      1. I have had a consultation with one of your listed providers, (did not want to post his name if this was made public) However doctor made no mention of penis pump, When i inquired i was told it was not needed and that the pump would cause blood to carry prp out of penis, This seems to conflict with all written here, I’m setup next week to have shots and this issue concerns me, Please inform me what to do. Thxs

        1. Complete nonsense! How can a pump that pulls blood into the penis cause blood to go out. In every group there’s the outlier who thinks they’re smarter than the rest and are clueless. We’re embarrassed that someone in our group told you something so non-sensical.

  20. I had a P shot about three months ago and had no improvement whatever in achieving an erection. I did see that the volume of my Tri-Mix injectible I use was cut in half. So there was a minimal improvement in that I need less Tri-Mix but otherwise this was a “bust” for me. However, to give it my best, I did take a second “round” a couple days ago, and will try to remember to report in on that. It is worth noting I used this in conjunction with pumping and followed the instructions to the “T”.

    1. Hello Mike,

      Thank you very much for writing. I have some good news and some bad news.

      First the bad news: The Priapus Shot® usually only increases erection quality by about 5-7 points on the erection scale. (click to see). That means what happens is exactly what you saw: Your Viagra or cialis works better; you can get by with 1/2 the dose or perhaps don’t need it all the time when you used to need it every time. Or perhaps, it’s quit working at all–and now your trimix starts to work again.

      So, your reaction, to be able to cut your Tri-Mix dose in 1/2 is EXACTLY what you would see in a good reaction to the Priapus Shot® procedure! That’s a good thing!

      The Good News. I’m sure you know that the natural progression of erectile dysfunction is for Viagra or Cialis or Tri-Mix to eventually QUIT WORKING! Instead of your Tri-Mix going down in it’s effects, you were able to cut your dose in 1/2! That’s a good thing!

      Still, I completely agree with you–a penis is similar to a boat, whatever you have, you usually want something bigger and with more horsepower (I live near the water so the analogy works for me/hopefully it’s not too crude). I’d suggest a couple of things to improve your results.
      (1) If you’re smoking–stop! The Priapus Shot® does not work well if you’re smoking for the same reason that many surgeons will not operate (most will not even consider a cosmetic procedure) unless you quit smoking. Smoking poisons the stem cells that should be developing in response to the PRP. Basically, if you want a crude analogy that involves a penis–Smoking is like planting a seed that will grow a new penis, then carefully watering the seed and fertilizing it, then turing around an urinating on the seed….not good.
      (2) Follow the Dr. Runels Protocol for Peyronie’s Disease. That protocol will also help the Priapus Shot® procedure work better for ED.

      Thank you again…very much for writing. I wish the procedure worked perfectly and made it so that nothing else is required.
      The fact is that it does not make other therapies obsolete–an overall approach to health and to erectile function gives the best chance of optimal sexual health.

      Still, the Priapus Shot® procedure is a very powerful tool! It’s always a little funny to me when people say “herbal remedies don’t do anything” while they are drinking coffee and smoking a cigarette:) Similarly, I also smile when people question whether or not PRP can do anything since every time we fell, or were cut, or had surgery–IT WAS THE PRP THAT PROMOTED THE HEALING! The stitches just held things together until the PRP-stimulated stem cells grew new tissue.

      Keep us posted about your progress!

      Very best regards,


      Charles Runels, MD
      Inventor of the Priapus Shot® procedure

  21. the procedure seems to be unaffordable to persons on a fixed or limited income. Up to 3000.00 for something that is not guaranteed I have been diabetic for over 15 years now and was involved in two near fatal motor vehicle accidents which I suffered broken bones and a skull fracture with traumatic brain injury. I have been left with no sense of taste or smell or love life for that matter even when I do feel a bit frisky it seems my member is no longer connected to my brain, ok so the wife likes it as I can go on and on until she is ready to stop. but it doesn’t give me pleasure as I do not ejaculate what is a good remedy for this a shot? I am frustrated and grabbing at straws here..

  22. Some time ago I asked about wether Acell, HGH and or any hormones would be used. I also asked if you have ever heard of doctor Anthony Atala urologist of Wake Forrest University. Now I am not a doctor but I am very interested in this precedure. And I would like to take it soon.

  23. I had my 2nd shots 3 weeks ago. I’m using a water pump, it works good but theres a learning curve to it. Ask the doc what pump he will give you, if it’s water I suggest start using it a month in advance to make it work .I’ve searched alot for supplements to help make the shot work better. Theres many you can take to help. I think the best one I’ve found is RNA. I started on 1500mg a couple weeks prior, I just upped it to 2000 2 days ago and I’m gonna go 3000 until maybe the 8th week and then cut back to 1500 . I did alot of reading to learn about it. Also Arginine, I took it at 1st for blood flow but now I’m reading it’s important for collagen production and lots of other things. I try to cover all my nutritional bases but I believe thats the best 2 additional supplements that may help with results. I didn’t realize I had low testosterone before the 1st shot but I’ve got that up to optimal levels and I use 10mg of progesterone 6 days a week. Just wanted to say what I’ve learned. I try to learn as much as possible about anything I’m interested in.

  24. I just got the P-Shot Oct 23 2015 which was 2 days ago. Well my penis looks pretty beat up. Now I was told that I had some scaring so my first shot was two shots. Now I will wait and do every thing I was told to do and see what happens. I am mid 50s…

    1. usually the shot has 5 locations. it can be bruised but should look “beaten up” any more than that.

      very best of luck!

  25. I have had a consultation with one of your listed providers, (did not want to post his name if this was made public) However doctor made no mention of penis pump, When i inquired i was told it was not needed and that the pump would cause blood to carry prp out of penis, This seems to conflict with all written here, I’m setup next week to have shots and this issue concerns me, Please inform me what to do. Thxs

    1. Odd, how would a pump that draws more blood in cause blood to go out?

      We’ve found over and over that the procedure works better if you use the pump (for everything except loss of sensation, in which case not using the pump may be the better option)>

  26. I’ve been thinking about getting the shot.
    Im 23, I have a healthy sex life.
    No erectile problems.
    Im around 7” in length and wanted to try this to see if I could increase my size.
    Would you recommend it?

    1. Around 60% of men who get the shot gain size that they think is worth the procedure (1/2 to 1.5 inches in either or both ways). I don’t normally recommend it for this alone. It’s like a boat, we never get one big enough or fast enough…so it’s hard to make people happy if size is the only goal…but many have the shot for this purpose and it seems the more you have the easier it is to make it grow (easier for 5 inches and up to grow than for those less than 5 inches).

  27. I’ve been thinking about getting the shot.
    Im 23, I have a healthy sex life.
    No erectile problems.
    Im around 7” in length and wanted to try this to see if I could increase my size.
    Would you recommend it?

  28. Met with Diane Hattel , FNP-C at her clinic in Cheyenne Wyoming for the Priapus procedure. I received five injections in the penis after applying a numbing cream. Two shots on each side of the shaft and one in the head of the penis. Had to apply more numbing cream because I felt the second shot, ouch. LOL! But overall, I would say things went just fine with her and her great staff. I pumped my penis just after the injections for 15 minutes and it was a little sore but not to painful. The next day I was a bit sore and bruised with no major complications. This Is the forth day and still pumping two times a day a 15 minute intervals, I can feel warmth in my penis and I believe it is the healing process taking place. The head of my penis has overwhelming feeling which I have not felt in 30 years as I have had ED for 35 years. I have been a diabetic for 40 years and have tried Viagra and it really did not do much for me. As of now I have been using the pump and putting bands at the base of my penis to hold an erection, It was not really the best because my penis would feel cold and the bands would be a bitch to get off. I am hoping that I can get a decent erection and overcome my never ending problems with ED. Thank you Dr. Runels for a second chance at my sex life. Will post again at three weeks and let you know about girth and length progress. Thanks, Anthony.

    1. usually it’s 2 on each side of the penis and one in the head. with long term diabetes, the chances of success are less because there can be vascular disease blocking flow of the blood vessels up stream (before they get to the penis). Not saying it can’t help, but the success rate is less for men who have suffered over 20 years with diabetes.

  29. Hello, where can you get a priapus shot treatment?

    I live in Europe, Belgium
    i want a treatment to increase size (girth & length) to save my relationship…

  30. Doctor, a question on the research you did while developing this procedure. Would this procedure work in the nerve problems of a Drop- Foot situation ?
    Thank you,
    Randy Gray

  31. I am a male who will be 63 soon .I am scheduled for the the p shot Dec 8.Have used viagra 100 mg .What can I expect?

    1. It takes people up 5-7 points on the ED scale.
      Practically speaking that means that you’ll be able to get the same effect with 25-50 mg of Viagra that now takes 100mg. There’s a chance that you may not need it at all, but less likely.

      As you know, eventually, Viagra can quit working. So, if we can just keep your Viagra working–that’s a good win.

      Men can become very discouraged if the Viagra quits working before they quit breathing. Always a good goal to not let your penis wear out before your heart and lungs….the Priapus Shot® helps make that possible.

  32. Well, it has been three weeks since my last post. Still pumping the penis twice a day and have no added girth or length. I can feel a lot of nerves in my penis that are getting repaired by the PRP or irritated by the constant pumping of my penis. Also, I have noticed a slight dark discoloration of my penis due to the constant pumping. Sorry guys but I’m not showing any great results. Dr. Runels, this is a question for you? I was not told prior to my appointment to stop taking my daily dose of aspirin or naproxen. After my injections I pumped my penis and a lot of blood came out into the vacuum pump. I think I may have vacuumed a lot of PRP out of my penis. Do you think this is possible and is it the correct procedure to take aspirin and naproxen the day of this procedure? If this is not the proper procedure should I contact Diane Hattel, FNP-C and ask for another Pripaus shot? Thank You Dr. Runels…..Anthony

    1. There would not be enough blood loss from the needle to matter (happens commonly that a few drops come out and a bruise occurs). The asprin is OK probably…the research is somewhat conflicting about whether it interferes with the growth factors.

      The darker color to the skin is a side effect that can happen with the pump. It goes away if you stop pumping but can take some time. Most are ok with a larger harder penis that’s a different shade. Three weeks is when it STARTS to work. So, at 8 weeks decide if want to repeat. If some benefit at all, then I’d repeat. If absolutely no benefit, then it may not be the thing. I’ll sometimes do 2 injections 8 weeks apart before I give up.

      Full effect with bone and joints (what the NFL does for linebackers) is 6 to 12 MONTHS. With soft tissue, the full effect is probably around 3 months. So, don’t give up yet!

      Everything in the Peyronie’s Disease protocol will also help the Pripus Shot work better for ED and size. Here’s where to find that protocol and the research about why it works.

      1. I was wondering if there is a possibility that one has an infection (Not HIV!) then this method would not be good as you are using ones own blood for the process…would this be an accurate concern?

        1. Though we know that part of the function of PRP is to help fight infection when there is an injury to the body, getting the Priapus Shot® procedure while you have an active infection is probably not a good idea…not that it would cause things to be worse, just that a more direct attack of the infection with the appropriate antibiotic (and stopping smoking) is probably a better idea.

  33. wish to contact the associates who have had success in treating the drop foot ” condition. I live in the Oklahoma
    City area and what is the price of the procedure.
    Appreciate your assistance.
    Randy Gray

    1. Doctor, I wish to repeat my request for some type of assistance in contacting associates who have had success in using your procedure in treating the ” Drop Foot ” condition. I live in the Oklahoma City, Oklahoma area. If necessary I will travel to meet with any physician.
      Again, I appreciate any assistance you can give me.
      Thank you, Randy Gray

      1. Try Dr. Harshfield. He’s on our provider list. There are others, but he’s an interventional radiologist who has treated such conditions.

  34. Hi, would the priapus shot be suitable in repairing damage from a sexual injury? After an injury a few years ago I have been diagnosed with venous leak and have a soft glans when erect.

    1. Yes, follow the protocol given for Peyronie’s Disease. Nothing’s 100% effective, but that’s your best option short of surgical repair (which could make your shorter) or getting a penile implant (which can be the final solution in some men and works best to preserve sensation if done in combination with a Priapus Shot® procedure).

  35. Hi, im a 25 year old black male 5’10 145lbs from alabama (i hear the guy responsible is from alabama or practices here) with no erectile dysfunction. Im 5 1/2 inches lenght maybe 3-4 girth. Ive been researching new developments in penile enlargement since i was maybe 16. I never truely found any with as little risk and such great potential as the P shot BIG PENIS ENLARGEMENT SKEPTIC with lots of hope lol. With that being said i want to know if you thought using traction device would help with cosmetic results in size. Just with the reading i’ve done they seem to be safer to use for a longer time frames a session than pumps, 2 hours as opposed to 10 minutes. If there is any new studies to be done i would love to take part and more than a willing enthusiastic patient regardless of results with hopes for the best. Only because I feel it would be helpful to have someone with intentions of sound advice regardless of results not to smeare. Who could give 1st hand advice from an impartial participant with people like me who feel inadequate despite whats average. I really feel that this is most safest cutting edge way to enlarge the penis. Which why i have never take any opportunity to take part in a medical procedures study of any type. Not that im a Dr or even close, but i was a skeptic in what seem to be a hopeless way of improving myself. Which says a lot when you’re desperate for what was thought and still is thought to not be possible. I also am more than willing to give updates and show results picture or video results, since its sorta lacking form studies on the penis. Although your picture results on other body parts look great so kudos on that. Hope to hear form you soon.

    Signed hopelessly average.

  36. Had the shot about five months ago..Did not work and I called the Dr. he said there will be a big reduction in costs for the next round of shots…first one was easy, no pain and no after effects… do you suggest I do it again

  37. I had the procedure done on 15 December 2015

    The topical numbing cream was surprisingly effective in preventing injection pain. I did not expect that. Several of the shots stung a bit, but many of them were almost painless.

    Most men seem to report an immediate increase in girth due to the amount of fluid injected, which subsides in the next days as that fluid is resorbed. I did a ‘double treatment’ but NOT see any immediate increase in girth. If anything, my penis seemed to shrink back into my body cavity after so brutal an assault!

    It has now been a week and I do not notice any increase in sensitivity, ease of getting an erection, and certainly no size change (though for size, it is of course to early to tell.)

    I have used the pump as directed, but find it very unpleasant. I do not quite trust that it isn’t doing damage, because it certainly feels that way.. And it gives me a very strange puffiness under the glans, which is worrisome.

    I will provide follow up over the next month.

  38. Hi Dr runnels

    i was prescribed the most potent steroid ointment for some psoriasis on my upper thighs 2 years ago after using it for 1 week . It has made my penis lose some length but the girth loss is very bad .

    Could priapus shot help . please reply

    1. Yes! Men lose an average of 1/2 of the endothelial tissue of the penis by the time they reach 65. Restoration of that tissue is part of what the Priapus Shot® does best. Here’s a video of a woman treated for a scar (caused by cortisone) using PRP…

  39. I am one of 4 people that I know who have had this shot. 3 in San Antonio Texas and one in Houston. One of us has had the shot 3 times. None of us got any results as far as size improvement. It’s safe to say it does not work for penis enlargement. I’m not saying it’s a scam, I believe the doctor believed it ‘could’ have worked, but the truth is that it does not. There are no pics, no before and afters, no credible testimonials. The 4 folks, including myself, literally saw no changes. I can’t speak for the others, but the $1900 I paid for the shot was insignificant to me so I though it would be worth a try. And it was, but received no benefit. I think it’s time for the doctor to stop promoting it and move on.

    1. First, be very sure that whomever did the procedures are on our list. We send out 1 to 2 cease and desist letters per DAY to doctors who pretend to be in our group who are doing who knows what with who knows what material who have never been trained by one of our certified teachers.If you were treated by someone not on this list, there’s a good chance it was a bogus procedure (we at least know that if they used the words “Priapus Shot” and not on this list that they are not being honest).

      Also, it’s interesting that the forums are full of people who grow their penis using pumps, etc. but somehow some think that no one ever gets benefit from the shot combined with a pump.

      We freely admit that only about 60% of men see 1/2 an inch or more in both directions but we routinely see men grow 1 to 1.5 inches after 2-3 procedures… and we don’t know why we see non-growth in the other 40%. You’ll see a similar ratio on the forums promoting physical therapies for the penis. Not everyone grows.

      We think it’s similar to lifting weights, some grow more than others and whatever potential you have is increased by a combination of growth factors and physical therapies. You won’t see many very large muscle men who don’t combine intense physical therapies with multiple diet and exercise routines (it’s an overall plan). We think it’s the same with growing a penis…it’s an overall plan of which the Priapus Shot® procedure is one important part. So, some of the failure could be from missing the physical therapies. But we do have failures in some guys who pump like crazy..and we don’t know why.

      You don’t see before & afters because it cheapens medicine and no-one believes them anyway. At one time, the AMA forbade doctors from posting before and afters (because we know that no procedure works all the time so it’s a form of false advertising).

      We do have positive testimonies so I’m not sure how you decided those are not credible. We don’t recommend that people have the shot only for size because we don’t really know how to predict who will grow and who won’t. But we do see a reliable increase in erectile function, improvement in Peyronies, and sensation, and in size in some men.

      There was one study published about how we help Peyronies and the size goes up. Another study in the British Journal of Urology showed that a pump alone increase size.

      A study of 4 men doesn’t really prove much but it’s still extremely discouraging to those men so we take that very very seriously.

      Here’s the page about Peyronie’s and following that protocol will help with size and function (for example if any of the 4 smoke, that’s almost a guarantee that PRP won’t work). We are very grateful for you honest and your courtesy in the face of disappointment and hope this helps.

      I’m sorry for your disappointment and hope our future efforts will help us find the way to increase the effectiveness of the procedure.

  40. Hi. I am 59 and have had ED for about 4-5 years now. I take a few medications that I know could effect this (high cholesterol and lexapro). I am scheduled for the P shot in 5 days and am hoping for improvement in my erection and in size as I am small (5 1/2). I don’t smoke or have diabetes. I’ve researched a lot and seen pros and cons. The men’s health clinic I’m going to reports almost 100% success. It’s costly, but I’ve decided I need to try it!

  41. I can get an erection without medication but can’t keep it. I have had two of the Priapus shots without any success. I am 74 and in good health. Not sure if the place where I got my injections really knew what they were doing.

  42. I understand that nothing is promised with any medical procedure, however I was hoping that there would be a since urgency to gather more conclusive and factual information by way of clinical trials. This would help potential customers make a more informed decision. The money aspect is not an issue for me, I just don’t want to gt my hopes up and waste time. I will even volunteer to be a test subject if to gather more valuable information.

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