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    1. Dwyane,

      Is your pump a single cylinder all-in-one pump or does it have a detachable cylinder? If the latter, those come in various sizes and you can order another one. Specifically, Dr. Joel Kaplan sells pumps and is who many of us order from. The cylinder should not be so tight as to cut off circulation and your penis should not be touching all sides of the cylinder when fully erect. You should be able to remove the cylinder/pump easily when erect. Be sure to use a water-based lubricant when using the pump and do not pump more than 10 min twice a day at a pressure of no higher than 7-10 mm Hg if your pump has a gauge.

      -Emily Porter, MD
      Austin, TX

      1. Thanks for very much Dr Porter. With the pump I have I completely fill it up and touch all sides. Very uncomfortable. So I will contact Dr Kaplan per your advice.

      2. Thank you very much Dr Porter. I will contact Dr Kaplan. I completely fill the pump I was provided and touch all sides. Very uncomfortable. I will get a new one. How long should I pump after my treatment? Does it male a difference if I combine the P Shot plus Gainswave treatments? Any difference if I get the P Shot plus Stem cells? Your posts are very helpful to all of us!

  1. If you are a South Florida patient, avoid Dr Chenven in Broward County. Really, $250 for a consultation? If a Dr. won’t do the consultation and instead attempt to pawn you off on a staff member, or sales person, , avoid that practice. If the Dr. wants to charge you for a consultation, avoid them as well. Stated on the phone they don’t disclose price over the phone and that I needed to see the Dr directly and then when I arrived (45 min drive there) then told me it’s $250 to meet with the Dr. I walked out. Dr’s have seen me and consulted for free. Any Dr should explain why you should use them.

    1. Jay,
      I’m sorry this happened to you. I don’t know pricing in South Forida, but whether or not a physician charges for a consult often varies greatly by the type of practice they have, the region and what is customary there. I can only speak for my practice and we try our best to qualify prospective patients over the phone to make sure we can likely meet their expectations. If they desire a consultation with me, I do charge (less than you paid), but I also spend 30 min with them. If they decide to do the treatment, I apply the consultation fee towards the procedure. I’ve found that this prevents massive numbers of cancellations and therefore allows me to treat more patients without months of waiting. I’d perhaps look for another practice.
      -Emily Porter, M.D. Austin, TX

  2. I am 51. Overweight, latent autoimmune diabetes, Multiple sclerosis, neuropathy.
    I have a very small penis in length, and have not had anything resembling an erection in ten years.
    ED pills have had zero effect.
    I once tried 60mg of Cialis and had no erection and horrible backache to show for it.
    Is the shot and/or shock therapy worth trying, or am I too far gone?

    1. Jim,

      I would recommend a trial of Trimix in a physician’s office. It is a combination of drugs that cause blood to flow into the penis if the blood vessels are able to fill. Tiny amount in an insulin needle. Think of it as Viagara in a needle. The physician can go up in dose. In my experience, if I am able to give a man an erection with Trimix, he is someone who may benefit from the Priapus Shot and shockwave therapy. In the meantime, I teach him how to do Trimix at home. If the man has zero response from Trimix, the arterial disease is very severe. In your case, you have the double whammy of MS causing both nerve damage and diabetes causing nerve damage and arterial damage. My suggestions to you:
      1. Keep your hemoglobin A1C below 6.
      2. Walk as much as your MS allows; ideally 21 miles/week.
      3. 10 mg Cialis daily, then 100 mg Viagra as needed 1 hour prior to intercourse.
      4. Eval by a physician who is comfortable with Priapus Shot, shockwave therapy, and Trimix. If Trimix works, I’d start shockwave and do 2 Priapus Shots. If no response from Trimix, I’d consult with a urologist for possible placement of a penile pump.

      Hope that helps.

      -Emily Porter, M.D.
      Austin, TX

  3. I just got the P-shot but they used embryonic fluid. So far much increase in girth. I pump 2 times a day for 10 minutes. Not sure yet on length but erections and flaccid state are impressive. Wife notices. I also had a laser treatment after the shot. I do recommend it. You won’t be a new porn star but your confidence will increase and your partner will enjoy the new you. I will update later as time goes on.

    1. RCV,

      I’m glad to hear you are having a good experience so far. Was your provider a member of our group? ( Did they use a product called Amnion? Also, did you have a laser treatment or something called extracorporeal shockwave therapy (i.e. GAINSWave or similar)? How long after the Priapus Shot did they do that? I ask because it is more beneficial to do any sort of shockwave or other treatments BEFORE the Priapus Shot. Any kind of treatments in the next 3 weeks or so may disrupt the integrity of the platelets once they from the Platelet Rich Fibrin Matrin (PRFM). This may adversely affect your results. You should also avoid smoking as well as systemic steroids such as prednisone and NSAIDs (ibuprofen, Aleve, aspirin) for 6-8 weeks after your procedure for optimal results.

      I look forward to hearing your progress. Most people really start to notice a big change around 2 months in.

      -Emily Porter, M.D.
      Austin, TX

    1. Unfortunately they do not at this time. They also do not pay for the O-Shot. Both work wonderfully, and all certified providers offering the procedures should refund your money if they don’t make you well. I usually do a second shot at 3 months if no improvement. Most men prefer that over the refund because 1) they have experienced the procedure and know there is very little discomfort and 2) they want to be well.

      Emily Porter, MD
      Austin, TX

  4. I recently received the P Shot with Dr. Emily Porter, and the results have been more than I expected. While I was prepared to see results over a couple weeks or months, I actually saw in increase in erection size and sensitivity in under a week. I did not tell me wife about the procedure, but she definitely noticed something was different. She not only commented on how I felt, she has initiated sex more in the last three weeks than she has in the last ten years. While I didn’t actually have ED before the procedure, I knew I wanted to feel more like my younger self. The results already have been more than worth it! I cannot recommend this procedure or Dr. Porter high enough.

  5. I had the priapus shot about a week ago and have been using my pump as directed. I was wondering if I can use a tight cock ring in my penis for sex so soon after the procedure or would that be harmful to my penis. Thank you

  6. I am 37 from uk and decided to try the p shot. I can 90% of the time get an erection but a lot of the time struggle to maintain it and it is never rock hard. Last year I had hyaluronic acid for girth which left me with a few small lumps on right side of penis and also caused a slight bend. The doc went through everything and said he recomends that to do it correctly I needed to have the fibrin and prp. He put numbing cream on and did two tubes of blood one for fibrin and one prp then injected quite a few places but only muscle. The first one or two injections I felt a stinging sensation and then the rest was ok. For the rest of the day my penis was numb and quite bruised. Next day I had a few drinks with wife and couldn’t wait to try it. Still had a lot of bruising but no pain. I couldn’t get a full erection at and was very disappointed. Day 2 I decided to start my pumping and pumped for about 10 min. My penis actually looks like it’s hanging a good inch lower than before. I decided to try it again with wife and wow. I got a erection like normal and started having sex but as soon as I was in my wife my penis was so hard she even said what is going on with me lol. I have never had an erection this good in my whole life and she kept saying how hard and fuller my penis was which made me feel amazing. Its day 3 and I will carry on pumping daily and just hope this lasts and wasn’t just a one off thing 😀

  7. I had the P Shot 6 weeks ago with extracorporeal shockwave therapy immediately after the procedure and twice a week for several additional weeks. My concern is that I am not seeing any growth with regard to length or girth. My errections may be slightly improved but I wonder if the shockwave therapy has hindered my progress.

    Dr Emily Porter advised above that “……it is more beneficial to do any sort of shockwave or other treatments BEFORE the Priapus Shot. Any kind of treatments in the next 3 weeks or so may disrupt the integrity of the platelets once they from the Platelet Rich Fibrin Matrin (PRFM). This may adversely affect your results.”

    I have been following the protocol as advised. Do you think a second round of the P Shot procedure would produce better results without any additional shockwave therapy?

    1. Chris,

      In theory, what I said is true, and that’s the GAINSWave protocol as well as how Dr. Runels has trained his teachers. However, we know one thing for certain; we don’t know everything and everything is always changing. Just 2 weeks ago, we had another weekly journal club meeting where a prominent urologist in our group said he was doing the Priapus Shot first, waiting 2-3 days until the PRFM was set up, and then beginning shockwave with excellent results. I never guarantee any change in length or girth. If it happens, it is an added bonus, and using the pump is a huge part of it. If it’s been a full 8-12 weeks, I’d go back to your physician. If you were my patient and had no change, I’d offer to repeat the Priapus Shot for free. Most of us will.

      Good luck,
      Emily Porter, M.D.
      Austin, TX

  8. I have had 6 gainswave treatments. Can’t say I noticed improvement with ED. Still need to use PDE’s which I hate. Considering doing the P shot. How long after the P shot should I wait before continuing the rest of my gainswave treatments? My goal is to not need pde’s anymore. Also, would I likely see gains in size with 1 shot? I am 6 1/2” ave girth.

    1. Laz, We unfortunately don’t see much change with length with the procedure. While 1/4-1/2 inch increase in girth is a nice benefit for many patients, it’s also not a guarantee. I personally have not had a single man who did not notice a change for the better in the quality of his erections/orgasm after this procedure. One man wasn’t sure, so I repeated at no charge and he’s quite happy now.

  9. I would like to know will my insurance company cover the cost for this procedure due to the fact that my ed is a result of my diabetes

    1. I am so sorry to hear this. Diabetes is such an unforgiving disease and I hate it and what it does to people, even those who “play by the rules.” I’ve experienced it personally. Unfortunately, insurance companies do not cover this procedure no matter the cause. I know it’s expensive when compared to an office co-pay, but instead, compare it to the cost of a new transmission. Most people value their sexuality at least that month, and if your doctor thinks you’re a good candidate and get good results and you don’t, most of us will refund your money or repeat the procedure. It’s the ethical thing to do.

  10. I received the Pshot Dec 6th from a very reputable Dr in Canada. My ED has been psychological for many years and recently started on an SSRI which killed my sex drive and made ED worse. Age 38, fit, non smoker, decent size: 7.25/5. Happy with length wouldn’t mind a decent girth increase.

    Pain was manageable. I worst part was the numbing shots. Overall nothing to worry about unless you have a phobia.

    My only concern is that everyone on here says that the minimum PRP injection is 8-10ml. While the dr definitely took 2 5ml vials, there was only about 60% amber PRP. The dr said I gave a good sample, normally he only gets 5cc of PRP but I gave 6. So when we talk about minimum injection amounts, do we mean total blood drawn or actual PRP? If the latter then I worry I was not injected with enough.

    Pumped for 10 mins immediately after injections. Felt really floppy for the day. Pump for 10 mins 2 times per day since. I haven’t measured myself but I do notice a bit of girth increase at the base while flacid. My erection quality while masturbating seems to be a bit softer, orgasms feel the same. Sensitivity the same.

    Will update in the coming weeks. But I can’t help but feel I received a lower dose than the minimum.

    1. It sounds like you may have been ripped off. Many people erroneously think they know what our licensed providers do and use our name (Priapus Shot®) without being licensed by the Cellular Medicine Association.There should be at least 10ml of prepared PRP injected into your Penis.
      If the provider (the person holding the needle) is not listed on the following website (even if someone else in the office is listed), then the person doing the procedure is not licensed by the Cellular Medicine Association to do the procedure…

      Licensed Providers World-Wide< ---

      1. Furthermore, I believe the dr is actually a national trainer of the procedure for other drs. When I asked about the amount he said the only time he’s taken 3 vials of blood was for someone with a 12” penis which was simply too large to become erect

      2. I recently had the p-shot. The primary goals were to improve sensitivity (improve delayed ejaculation) and improve ED (lessen use of cialis).

        I am 59 years old and in very good health and do not use any psych meds. I Am on weekly testosterone therapy, with optimal blood levels.

        With these goals in mind, what is the recommendation for use of the pump?

        And what is the recommendation for repeat procedures?

        Thank you

  11. I am from Dallas, a 60 year old male, in decent but not perfect health. I had heard / read about Dr. Porter in Austin (actually in Leander a northwest suburb which is closer than going into Austin) so I went to her for the Priapus Shot.

    Dr. Porter (at Wrinklefree Medspa) was excellent. So friendly, informative and helpful. I don’t like needles(typical male) but nothing about this was painful. The numbing cream and pain block shots made it so that I didn’t feel any of the PRP injections. I was surprised it was over so quick.

    That was about 2-3 months ago. I pump everyday. The results are pretty amazing. I didn’t measure (in fact – where do you measure the length?). I notice that my girth is larger. My erections are rock hard – feels like a steel pipe now. I can begin and finish intercourse very erect and hard. It seems like it is more sensitive now – to my own touch or from my wife. I also have very hard firm erections during the night. 1 to 3 times a night I wake up with an erection so hard that it almost hurts.

    My orgasms (from masturbation or intercourse) are more explosive.

    Questions – 1. where do you measure to track results? 2. Is it normal to have these night time erections? 3. I notice with intercourse I climax way quicker than I hoped – in about 1 to 2 min. Any suggestions?

    Thanks, and I am looking forward to see how the changes are or is at 4 months out.

  12. Have any of the licensed providers here in the states tried contacting Dr. Sharath, whose research Dr. Runels has highlighted in at least one conference as well as here on this site? I’ve emailed Dr. Sharath at every email address I could find and could never get any reply. Have any of you in the US tried to utilize his variations on the standard technique? The study quoted indicates such a large patient sample and the claimed results are so extraordinary. It seems strange to me that no one seems to have attempted to replicate and, I’m sorry if this sounds rude, validate his claims?

  13. I have no issues. I’m 50 next month. always open to improving. should I do the pshot? what will it do for someone with no ed issues? also if I do it I want the best dr to perform it. so who from the list is best? any suggestions? I’m from nc. thank you.

  14. Hi Dr. Porter.

    Do you have a suggestion of a specific provider in the Dallas area for the p-shot and GAINSWave therapy?


  15. 64 y.o. male. Diabetes Type 2. I heard about the shockwave therapy from an ad on the radio. Turns out they were about 90 mins away in good traffic, so I looked for something closer. Found a clinic about 10 mins away. Dr. was very nice. She suggested that I get 6 shockwave treatments and 2 P shots. After 4 treatments and 1 Pshot, I notice absolutely nothing. It was mentioned here that the Pshot should be 10ml injected. I am familiar with needles and looking back, it did not look like it was that much injected into me. This Dr. specializes in skin issues and in fact the word “skin” is part of the clinic name. I’m spending a lot of money $500 each shock treatment, and $1500 each injection total of about $6,000. I checked the Dr’s name on the Cellular Medicine Association, and her name was not there. Now her office contacted me and cancelled my latest appt. stating that their shockwave machine is down for repair and won’t be available for a couple weeks.
    I went into this blindly, trusting that there were measures in place with regard to consumer protection. How do I know that the machine was working properly in the first place? How do I know that the person doing the shockwave therapy is properly trained? Shouldn’t there be a certificate I should be looking for? The “Gainswave” logo is in her ad, but to my recollection, I have not seen that logo anywhere in her office. I looked at the shockwave machine and there is no brand name on it anywhere. I’m at a loss as to what to do. They will call me to reschedule my next appt. Should I even go back? How can I find out more about the Dr.? Thanks.

    1. If the name is not on the directory, and they use the name “Priapus Shot®” ===they are breaking the law! It’s that simple. I would be similar to claiming to be part of the Mayo Clinic but not actually be part of the clinic. Please report this “poser” to so others are not deceived. No method is perfect, and results vary with any medical procedure–but our method has been tried and tested and improved for over 9 years and anyone pretending to be part of our group (the Priapus Shot® provider group…a division of the Cellular Medicine Association) who is not listed on our directory is breaking the law and deceiving patients. There could be legal options open to you as well for their deception. I have no idea what was done for you, so cannot comment on the procedure.

  16. Hi Dr Porter,

    Are you familiar with any of the providers of the p-shot and Gainswave therapy solutions in the Dallas area?


  17. Many of the providers in my area don’t have the money back policy or the option for the 2nd treatment free of charge in case the patient doesn’t get well. What can I do?

  18. Hi. I’m a 50 year old healthy male who has had zero problems getting and maintaining an erection. One day about a year and a half ago, something happened and I was unable to keep an erection. Ok no big deal, was able to eventually make it work but ever since then, the thought is in my mind and it has worked sporadically. Sometimes I’m good for a few weeks, then it suddenly creeps back into my head that it may not work, and of course it doesn’t. I’m now at a point where it scares the hell out of me to initiate sex. The desire is definitely still there, I’ve had testosterone levels checked (500+), I’ve taken Cialis and Viagra which work sometimes but not 100%. This issue affects NYU self confidence and is literally ruining my life.

    Can a Priapus Shot help when it is likely psychosomatic? Thanks.

  19. If one is considering 6 Wave Therapy (ETSW) treatments and the P-Shot, what is the safest protocol delivering the best results? After two consultations (MD and the other a Physician), I was recommended different timelines and protocols for the combination treatment. For instance, the physician insisted 6 (ETSW) treatments (2) per week for three weeks followed the P-Shot no less than 5-6 weeks after the last ETSW treatment. On the hand, the MD suggested 6 (ETSW) treatments (1) per week over the course of six weeks followed by the P-Shot 1 week after the last ETSW treatment. There does not seem to be a general consensus about the combination ot the two treatments.

  20. 40 years old in good health. I had my shot three weeks ago. My main goals were quality of erections and a moderate increase in size. I have been pumping faithfully twice a day since I received the shot. I am starting to lose confidence as I am not seeing much improvement. I know the documentation says it starts working in the third week. From what I’ve read, pumping is the key. Did anyone try more than twice a day? Are there any other things I might try?

  21. How much pressure should I use with a vacuum pump after the p shot? I’ve heard ranges from 5 mmhg to 15 10 minutes twice a day

  22. Hi, I got hit really hard with a frisbee about 11 years ago on my penis and ever since then I have had difficultly getting much pleasure from my penis and there are some erection problems stemming from this as well. I was wondering if the P-shot might help with nerve damage and or possible tissue damage.

  23. About 7 years ago I used a penis pump for a few months but I believe that it caused permanent nerve damage after using it for a long period of time once. The pump reduced the amount of oxygen to the penis (and nerve) I think killing that area. I stopped using the pump immediately.

    Since that incident the sensitivity has become worse over the years. I would say a 2 out of 10 (prior to pump incident). I can barely feel much on front side of penis head, back side is more sensitive. Can the P Shot help with feeling/sensitivity? I’m 35 and have no ED problems or health issues. Non drinker or smoker.

  24. I’m in San Antonio Tx and wanted to do the P shot, do you have any recommendations or can I come to you. I am overweight but my results aren’t what they use to be anymore. Can you help.

  25. I am looking forward to the P-Shot, I am 55 with a decently large size, but I used to be longer. Girth is very good but I have mild ED and PE issues, plus I would love to have back the lost size. I have an HSA/HRA which requires no prior authorization and I will use that for payment.
    My Question: Is there anything I can do now to prepare for the P-Shot for maximum results? I do not smoke and am not diabetic, but could stand to lose a few pounds. I’d also like a measuring guide, because if I can restore my lost size it will be Fantastic! TIA,

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