How to Stop Smoking

Below is a photo of the "Dear Abby" article that helped my Dad quit smoking when I was 2 years old...

Here's an audio version of the article with updates using current medical practices (if it's slow to start playing, refresh the page and it should go)...

Start all of the following ...with your doctor's permission, (ALL of the following, at the same time) 1 to 2 weeks prior to the quit date (preferably 2 weeks)...

First, before even starting the plan...acknowledge that smoking does look very cool (Arnold had a smoking tent (and suffered with heart problems), Clinton made cigars famous (but then later suffered with heart problems), and many movies feature smoking (and leave out the heart problems and never show the hero with impotence 20 years later).  Here's some of the very slick ways that the cigarette companies love to brain wash you (from the New England Journal).  Though I'm a big fan of Arnold, think he would now agree that this is a better cool (click to see).

  1. Jack LaLanne & smoking
    Then decide to give up cool and powerful looking from cigarettes for the better cool described by Jack LaLanne.
     (better sex, heart, lungs, & brain). Without this decision, the rest is a waste of time.  It's OK if you don't feel completely decided...decisions become more concrete when you act on them.  Then...
  2. Walk 21-25 miles per week--every week for the rest of your life. If you're not in the habit of walking at least 21 miles a week, then listen carefully to this: Here's more tips on how to make the walking a habit-->>click
  3. Keep the following with you and chew them almost constantly if needed...especially when you would normally smoke: carrots, licorice, gum.
  4. Zyban 150 mg once a day for 3 days, then every 12 hours for the next 6 months.
  5. Pray twice a day that you will not smoke (and ask others to pray for you). Research
  6. Tell everyone that you quit smoking as soon as you walk into a room (and keep no cigarettes with you).
  7. Carry a photograph of diseased lungs, a stoke victim, or grave tombstone, or photograph of someone you love--on an empty package of cigarettes.
  8. Look at the empty package of cigarettes, look at it when you want to smoke and say--out loud, "You will no longer be the boss of me. I am the boss of you!"
  9. Print this list and carry it with you & know that the pain of craving cigarettes will be replaced by the pleasures of health.
  10. Forward a link to this to someone you know and lovewhom you know would like to quit smoking (you can click the link on the left margin of this page & forward the link-- to save the life of your friend or family member).
Quit Smoking. Dear Abby.
Quit Smoking. Dear Abby.

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  1. What about smoking a one hitter of marijuana a day up until the day of the procedure and then smoking a one hitter the night of the procedure , and then the next night.

    How much would this marijuana smoking affect the prp results

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