Reviews of the Priapus Shot® Procedure

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  1. How much inHG should I use for the pump? How long? My dr said 1 daily 10 min at 5-7inHg, but I have read twice daily for 10 min from patients of other doctors after they had the shot. I think I have lost some girth and length due to not getting spontaneous erections as often and I would like it back. Also, is it ok to take Benadryl post procedure will this inhibit the action of the p-shot? Please advise.

  2. The P shot is great. I got it done and I certainly have seen increased size in my erect penis. Erections have been better but still not 100% maxed out. I still feel as if I have slight ED but it isn’t bad at all. I do want the girth alot more bigger. I was wondering if I can get multiple injections done. Maybe after 3 or 4 injections I should see an increase in girth.

  3. Why isn’t there any placebo controlled testing conducted for the p-shot? What I am reading is anecdotal reports from people who have had the procedure. I believe I’ve read something like 20% to 60% improvement. That’s a wide range

    1. research< --

      unlike a drug where you can make a fake/placebo pill. drawing blood and then making something that looks like blood in a syringe and does nothing is thought by most researchers to be impossible. For example, jetting just plain saline into tissue disrupts it and is not nothing (which a placebo must be).

      Not every therapy lends its self to placebo studies. For example, there are no placebo studies of birth control pills–yet we have much research showing that they work and we have a good understanding of the failure and the complication rate.

      Procedures (this is a procedure, not a drug) are also difficult to do placebo studies on. There are no placebo studies of cholecystectomy, or physical therapy, or sex counseling. But, you can still do research that is strong even when researching a therapy for which there is no placebo by doing comparison studies.

      For example, if you look at Dr. Virag’s study, he compares the Priapus Shot® for Peyronie’s with using an FDA approved collagenase (Xiaflex) and shows the Priapus Shot® works better with less risk.

      Every doctor and patient must read the research and reach their own conclusion. It usually takes at least 20 years for a new therapy or drug to be widely accepted (10 years to do the research and another 10 years for the research to translate into a change in the common practice of medicine). For example, the first heart cath was done in the 1940’s–but not widely done until 20 years later.

      In the end, everyone must decide with their physician what’s the best therapy. Based on risks and benefits and your own personal problem or preferences, the Priapus Shot® procedure may not be for you.

      Hope this helps.

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