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  1. why are their nocomments from patients with peyronies on here very frustrating for those of us who have it and are considfering this prosedger

  2. Just had my second shot. The first one added firmness and about 1/8 in length and 1/4 in girth. I’ve ed for about 30 years off and on. I highly recommend it. I use in conjunction with viagra and pumping.

  3. It has been 3 weeks since I got my second rounds of shots. My first was about a year ago with absolutely no gain in size or performance. I have been pumping 3 times a day for three weeks and have gained approximately 1/2 in length and 1/2 in girth. I hope this is permanent. I will keep everyone posted as time goes on.

  4. Doc, has there been consideration of using trimix or similar immediately post pump, post injections? Seems to me it may help maximize keeping the PRP within the CC?

  5. Just diagnosed with BXO, and I am interested, as steriods help but I don’t seem to be able to tamper them down. Is the treatment the same for ED and BXO. I suffer from both. But I am most interested in treatment for BXO. Do all doctors that perform this procedure have knowledge of BXO?

    1. I received my first P shot for BXO. I have noticed some improvement in first two weeks but wondering when inflammation will go away. Also, how long should I wait for second round of shots?

      1. I had the p shot a year ago and never noticed any growth ? I did pump for a few weeks after , so I think each individual has different response to it from what I read.

    1. Dr. Runels, I received the first shot and some improvement was noted. But inflammation is still present after two weeks. How long can I expected to see improvement? Also, I am taking a second shot, how long should I wait to take the next shot?

  6. Got the P shot this week with Dr Falcone in Philly. She is awesome. I have a strange thing going on where I have what I would describe as a circular dent in the center of my shaft that has been making getting an erection challenging, possibly peryoines). She focused on the area that was problematic with her injections.

    I was numb for 3 hours and went to bed. Woke up with massive erection.

    Im now 3 days post op and have been using the pump. The injections have made getting an ereckton easier in the area that was the problem. She did a great job focusing on the problem area and It seems to be easier to get an erection and seems like it’s working as planned. I’ll update when I can. Considering another injection in 2.5 weeks in the area that could use more.

    I’m already 7 inches erect so not looking for growth, I do notice more girth immediately.


  7. I am a 40 year old fit male with no ED issues, but wanted to try the P shot and perhaps have my wife do the O shot as a way to enhance our intimacy. I am confused if a penis pump is necessary and what is the benefit or risk of not using it.

  8. Can someone help me, o recently got the shot but I did not get a pump because they were out, it’s been 3 days since I got it, will not getting a pump reduce the chances of seeing size increase?

  9. Im in my mid 20s and I’ve been Type 1 Diabetic since 12 y/o. I’ve put on pounds over the last five years and therefore my health isn’t A1. I’ve noticed I’ve lost length,girth and I ejaculate prematurely now. It’s a pretty sensitive subject and I’m searching for help. Will the P shot help me?

  10. Dr.
    I have vascular/nerve injury to my glans/shaft that happened when wearing a cock ring too long (cutting circulation off). Would the P-Shot help in my scenario?

    1. Very possibly. Nothing is a sure thing, but we see improvement most of the time. Here’s the research to back up the ideas (studies showing how PRP helps generate new nerve tissue)…click< --

      A couple of tips…
      1. I don’t have the research to prove this yet, but my observation is that if your main goal is to regain sensation from the Priapus Shot® procedure, you should not use the pump. I think it could interfere with the new nerve growth. If the main goal is improved erectile function, then you can use the pump with effectiveness under the direction of your doctor (being careful to not over pump in duration or negative pressure).
      2. Unfortunately, the growing number of people who are unethically offering our Priapus Shot® procedure has become shocking. The reason for our name, “Priapus Shot®” procedure, is to make it easier for you to find those providers who have agreed to follow our tested protocols and to use only those kits to prepare the PRP that have been approved by the FDA for preparation of PRP for injection back into the body. We are collecting survey data and we are constantly modifying techniques based on feed back of our providers and teachers of the procedure. If your provider of the Priapus Shot® is not listed here, you may not be receiving the best quality PRP or the most intelligently designed methods. You may have an amazing provider, but if he/she is using the name “Priapus Shot®” and is not listed here (click), then that person is duping you into thinking he/she is one of us when it’s only a trick.

  11. Question I’m 29 been diabetic for 9 years and have lost my ability to gain a hard enough erection for intercourse. Viagra doesn’t work for me would you recommend the pshot. Testosterone level is normal also.

  12. I had the procedure done by certified provider in 2016. Ifollowed all post op protocols, I did take ibuprofen two days before procedure which I informed the provider of.
    I had zero positive results (was looking for improvement in function not size) there was no mention by provider of refund, which I understand this was an elective procedure. Of the injections all but the last one were painless, the final one was very uncomfortable .
    Since the procedure I have been treated for low testosterone, would it he reasonable to attribute my lack of results to hormonal issues? I would like to try this procedure again (albeit with a different provider) but if it is going to yield zero results again than I am inclined to consider alternatives. I am late 30”s active, no other co-morbidities. I also was told by another certified provider that without normalized hormone levels not to expect much in way of results in wish I would have heeded their advice and treated the testosterone issue first.

    1. My doc mentioned I would see little to no success if the t levels are low. Hopefully Dr Runnels can chime in and let us know how this correlates to PRP injections.

    2. I have been lookin into getting this done. I don’t have any problems. Just another man wanting a bigger shaft. Right now I’m 6.5length and 6.0girth. Maybe don’t need it but would like to rock a pornstar piece lol. Maybe this is for all the wrong reasons. I was in a car wreck years ago. And the meds I take kill any desire and make it impossible to ejaculate. I would have to time sex in between doses so I would get off. I have since started taking sustanon 250. It’s 4 diff types of testosterone. Yes it is anabolic. But I could take my pain medicine as prescribed and f$@k and finish 3 times a day. I had my hormone levels checked before this and it has lowered my testosterone so I could’ve easily had my dr do it for me but why pay 1800 a month when I can do it for less. I do in moderation. Anyway. After I get this done I will post a review. Thank u.

  13. I had the shot in March 2017. I pumped the night before procedure. Would I have any less of benefits from the shot if I did not pump prior. Please advise. Will be getting second round of shots sometime this year and dont want to make it less effective. Thank you

    1. In theory the penis pump is required as it lays the groundwork, so to speak, to allow the capillaries space to grow. You are pumping to elongate the tissue, not simply because you cannot get an erection. I had no problems getting an erection and sought the P shot to enhance performance, but I still had to use the pump. I had two shots. The first round I did not use the pump and basically had no response. The second time I used the pump and had a better result, including being harder and having more sensation. I’m already large, but the procedure did add fullness without increasing length, which is fine.

    1. Yes, it’s real, and largely based on research we did with the O-Shot® procedure for lichen sclerosus in women (click to read that research)<-- These investigators also observed the side effect of improved erection quality. Nothing works 100% of the time, but we are seeing and the research is showing this to be a help in the majority of men who have been suffering for years.

  14. Ok. I had the p-shot two weeks ago from another Dr. in Seattle. I also doing the gainswave and have been pumping once per day. No lie, my penis is noticeably longer and girth is significant. My wife and I had sex yesterday afternoon and was quickly erect, when she saw my erection her face lite up! She said with a big smile, “look at that, it’s huge”, porn star grade! She talked about it for the rest of the day. Anyhow, it was very strong solid erection that lasted the entire session and she was on top for a long time 4xO’s. I was a skeptic but this is the real deal. Would do it again in a second. Happy couple 🙂

  15. Just got my P shot and the doctor said to pump every other day for 20 minutes. I’ve read in a couple places that if you’re looking for sensitivity the pumping could be bad, so if I’m not looking for an increase in size but sensitivity should I pump or not?

  16. I’m 50, relatively healthy, but have had moderate to semi-serious ED issues for the last several years. Cialis does help but I wasn’t real happy even when on 20mg Cialis.

    I got the pshot two weeks ago and the first week was amazing. I have followed the pumping routine for the most part and was pleasantly surprised how healthy my penis looked and felt, morning erections like I had in my teens and 20’s, and a very positive reaction to Cialis. Only needed a half a pill to get a more solid erection. Ejaculation also improved.

    The second week the overall appearance has slipped back to normal a bit, but still better than before.But I’m being patient as the doc said give it 8-10 weeks to make a final determination on its success. He also mentioned, in his practice, the following estimates: 20% are happy after one shot; 40% are happy after two, and 80% are happy after three shots. He didn’t quantify “happy”, but for me I was looking for increased performance primarily, any size increase would just be a bonus .

    I do have low T and he did mention for best results T levels needed to be at least normal. I don’t understand the correlation between low T and the effectiveness of PRP so if Dr Runnels can maybe explain that part I would appreciate it.

    My plan is get get testosterone pellets, have an appt today, and in one month to six weeks get another pshot.

    So in short, if you have the resources to pay for the shot and need some additional help in that area I think it’s worth the risk. I will try to keep the board updated on my results.

  17. I had my 6th GainsWave treatment along with my first PShot 2 weeks ago, tomorrow. There was some girth size increase for the first few days but that disappeared quickly. I’ve been pumping every day for two weeks. Unfortunately, I’ve had no positive results from either treatment. Several thousand dollars later and I’m still in the same situation I was before I did anything. I was told only about 70% of men have positive results. I guess I fall into the 30% group. I had a prostatectomy 8 years ago, the nerves were spared but I haven’t had an erection with any degree of firmness in all this time. I’ve tried Viagra, Cialis, Trimix injections, vacuum pumping and now the Gainswave treatments and lastly, the P shot. It was my last hope. Glad to hear the shot is working for so many guys, just wish I was one of them.


  18. had the P shot 10 days ago for curvature and ED. Results so far have been very good as I now have hard erections and more sensation. I have been pumping once per day for 10 minutes.
    I have a question. Does the blood platelet count have an impact on the success of the shot.

  19. Hi there. I am 20 suffering from e.d . i have overmasterbated a lot since a young age . and now i struggle to get an erection . Also when i het an erection it does not last for long. Will the p shot help repair any damage i may have done to my penis while over masturbating. Also if i have ed can i still increase my penis size with the p shot as well as treating ED . please reply asap doctor

  20. What was the procedure protocol? How many shots and was there any shock wave therapy performed in addition to the P Shot?

  21. I am a 46 yo gay man. As far back as my early 20’s, I have always had issues with getting, keeping an erection , and loss of sensitivity for ejaculation. I hurt my lower back significantly during high school, so there may be some nerve involvement. But I feel a lot of it is performance anxiety since I can sit by myself with porn and masterbate with no problems. For sex, I have used Viagra, Lexiva, Cialis…but all give me horrendous headaches and vision problems. Tri-mix has worked the best with my erections, but it takes forever to ejaculate.
    I have been considering the P shot. But because of cost, I want to know if it would be effective in my situation.

  22. I have a possibly unique question. I am at the early stages of MtF transition. I want everything that the hormones provide, except for the diminishing affects on the male genitalia. Is the Priapus shot effective in stopping the shrinking and functionality, or will the hormones quickly nullify its effects?

  23. I received the Pshot from Dr. Jeanne Eyde at the Grand Pearl Spa in Grand Rapids MI four weeks ago.

    I am a 43 yo male with no issues or size concerns. My current girlfriend and I decided to get the Pshot and Oshot together to see what it might do for our sex life. From the day we received our shots everything has been spiced up. Some of this initial increase in sexual activity, I attribute to the twice a day pumping. A couple of weeks in we both notice a minor increase in length and a more notable increase in girth. My orgasms are definitely more intense than before and I seem to last longer and be harder during sex.

    The procedure didn’t hurt and Dr. Eyde was amazing with the plethora of information she gave me prior to the procedure.


  24. I had a Prostatectomy 8 years ago. DaVinci Robotic surgery. Nerves were spared. Erections have never been firm since. I had 7 Gains Wave treatments which unfortunately showed no improvement whatsoever over a two month period. I also had a P Shot. I had some increase in girth, but it only lasted about 3 days before getting absorbed into my body. I’m right back to square one. Erections are hard to achieve and to maintain. Sensation did not improve despite being told things would improve. It’s been 4 months. I pumped twice a day for 3 months in hopes of something happening, but nothings happened.

  25. I am 59 years old and I had my P shot done 3 days ago for moderate ED, unable to maintain an erection and a lack of sensitivity. I also have low Testosterone, which is maintained by injections.
    I shopped around and found a facility in Wilmington, NC that offered the procedure. It was completed by two Nurse Practitioners that worked as a team, explaining every part of the procedure as it was happening.
    Relatively pain free, although some pressure could be felt. I pumped immediately after and have been pumping twice a day as instructed. So far, I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. I was able to achieve an erection, maintain it and orgasm without the help of any medication. My wife was happy. I was also able to masturbate to an orgasm on the same day, without losing my erection or taking forever to get it done. The sensation seems to be coming back strong!.
    I am a firm believer in this procedure and will certainly repeat as needed.
    I do hope to find a Gainswave provider close to me as I believe this would further enhance the P shot.

  26. I had the P-Shot about 5 weeks ago. I followed the Dr.’s instructions for the penis pump. My penis has grown almost 1 1/2 inches in length and 1 inch in girth. I didn’t see much growth for the first two weeks. Most of my growth occurred during weeks 3 and 4. I don’t know if it will grow more during weeks 5 and 6. I will see what happens at the end of week 6!

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