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    1. Win, I believe you emailed me. No need to stop Cialis (tadalafil). I would recommend holding NSAID drugs (aspirin, ibuprofen, naprosyn) a week before and at least a week after. They increase bruising and decrease the inflammatory response we are looking to achieve.

      Emily Porter, MD
      Austin, TX

        1. Your treatment provider should be able to instruct you on proper use of the pump, or vacuum erection device – VED, as well as the correct size. Use a water-based lubricant. Starting flaccid or erect is not really important. You should have a vacuum gauge which shows the pressure in the pump. You want enough vacuum for a firm erection, but never above 10 in Hg and never more than a sensation of gentle stretch.

          IMPORTANT: Using the pump at too strong a setting could cause permanent damage. If you’re feeling pain, immediately release the pressure.

          If you start flaccid, make sure to allow time between increasing the vacuum so that the penis can adjust to the pressure. We usually recommend using the pump twice a day, for about 10 minutes each session. Hope that helps.

          Patrick Yam MD

      1. Dr Porter – is it only NSAID drugs that should be avoided? What about supplements that reduce inflammation – are these ok to continue or should they be restricted as well? Thanks.

      2. Hi
        After the P shot and using the penis pump as instructed , can I also use a penis extender without affecting the work of the p shot?

    2. I would say just take Maca, Mucuna Pruriens, horny goat weed and cut alcohol (stop smoking if you do) and you will have no ED. In fact you have a rock. All natural products which are good for your body and mind.

      1. Not true. I take all these herbs and don’t smoke, don’t drink, don’t do drugs and work out a lot and still have ED.

      2. Those “supplements” might work for you, but they don’t work for everyone, including me.

    3. Not at all. just change one thing at a time. then 8 weeks after the P-Shot, if things work well, you will be able to cut your dose in 1/2 or keep same dose with better results.

    4. Win..I take 20mg of the same twice a week and my Dr advised me to continue taking as normal before and after my Pshot for what its worth.

  1. How much inHG should I use for the pump? How long? My dr said 1 daily 10 min at 5-7inHg, but I have read twice daily for 10 min from patients of other doctors after they had the shot. I think I have lost some girth and length due to not getting spontaneous erections as often and I would like it back. Also, is it ok to take Benadryl post procedure will this inhibit the action of the p-shot? Please advise.

    1. William, anywhere from 5-10 mm Hg 10 min twice a day is good. If back-to-back, take 5-10 min break between. Any more than that can be damaging and not helpful. You should have an erection as hard or harder as your normal but it should not hurt. If not getting normal and frequent erections, you may certainly have lost length and girth. You can learn more about it here.

      As for the Benadryl, that is fine. I would avoid daily steroids such as prednisone as well as NSAIDs (ibuprofen, naprosyn, aspirin).

      Emily Porter, MD
      Austin, TX

      1. Hi:

        Dave in SC. I had the P-shot on Dec 9, 2021. So far, nothing happened or changed and there was no improvement. Still have ED. T-levels are fine, in otherwise good health, don’t smoke, don’t do drugs or drink alcohol. Called the P-shot doctor (who also does stem cell therapy) and he has offered to give me a 2nd P-shot procedure at no additional charge since the first one did not
        work. Anyone think a second P-shot may work? In this case, is more better? Wanting professional opinions, if possible.

  2. The P shot is great. I got it done and I certainly have seen increased size in my erect penis. Erections have been better but still not 100% maxed out. I still feel as if I have slight ED but it isn’t bad at all. I do want the girth alot more bigger. I was wondering if I can get multiple injections done. Maybe after 3 or 4 injections I should see an increase in girth.

    1. Mr. Khatta,

      You can get multiple injections done but it is not required. I never promise an increase in girth although about 40% of men do have that result. If your ED has improved, there is no guarantee that a 3rd or even 4th injection will increase girth. It is not selective healing like that. It’s kind of like losing weight–you can’t choose where the pounds come off. Sometimes it’s the face, other times the waistline, others the legs. The PRP will most certainly help with blood and nerve vessel growth but it’s not a procedure to “grow a penis.” I would hate for you to be disappointed. Your lover may care less about your penis size than you think s/he does.

      Emily Porter, M.D.
      Austin, TX

      1. Hello Dr Porter:

        Back in December, I had the P-shot. Going on 3 months later, I have not experienced any positive effect from the
        procedure. Still have ED, still can’t get it up, even though I have used the penis pump as directed each day.
        I am contemplating going back for a second P-shot. In your opinion, do you think this might work? I am 73, in
        good health, good T-levels. The only part of me that does not work is the penile erectile function….everything
        else is fine. Thoughts or comments?

    1. Taylor,

      It is not uncommon to have some swelling or bruising after injection or when starting the pump. I’ve ever had anyone with a resultant “lumpy penis” after the PRP gets absorbed and any possible swelling subsides in a few days. Things should settle down for sure.

      Emily Porter, MD
      Austin, TX

  3. Why isn’t there any placebo controlled testing conducted for the p-shot? What I am reading is anecdotal reports from people who have had the procedure. I believe I’ve read something like 20% to 60% improvement. That’s a wide range

    1. research<--

      unlike a drug where you can make a fake/placebo pill. drawing blood and then making something that looks like blood in a syringe and does nothing is thought by most researchers to be impossible. For example, jetting just plain saline into tissue disrupts it and is not nothing (which a placebo must be).

      Not every therapy lends its self to placebo studies. For example, there are no placebo studies of birth control pills–yet we have much research showing that they work and we have a good understanding of the failure and the complication rate.

      Procedures (this is a procedure, not a drug) are also difficult to do placebo studies on. There are no placebo studies of cholecystectomy, or physical therapy, or sex counseling. But, you can still do research that is strong even when researching a therapy for which there is no placebo by doing comparison studies.

      For example, if you look at Dr. Virag’s study, he compares the Priapus Shot® for Peyronie’s with using an FDA approved collagenase (Xiaflex) and shows the Priapus Shot® works better with less risk.

      Every doctor and patient must read the research and reach their own conclusion. It usually takes at least 20 years for a new therapy or drug to be widely accepted (10 years to do the research and another 10 years for the research to translate into a change in the common practice of medicine). For example, the first heart cath was done in the 1940’s–but not widely done until 20 years later.

      In the end, everyone must decide with their physician what’s the best therapy. Based on risks and benefits and your own personal problem or preferences, the Priapus Shot® procedure may not be for you.

      Hope this helps.

      1. Possibly not a placebo, but it could be compared to Viagra, Soundwave, Trimix to name a few. I see no controlled studies. The theory of how this works is not obvious to me.

      2. this is great hearing from the source. i would have liked to hear directly from the sources involved with icp therapy but got the nih studies instead, which was good but not AS good

  4. A couple of question. This procedure spins out platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and injects it into the penis. It seems that this isn’t going to stay there, won’t this circulate out to other parts of the body.

    Also the cost of this procedure seems out of line with other procedures. You are taking blood spinning out platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and injecting it. I see that there are people doing this who are not physicians

  5. I have Peyronies disease with small soft plaque (12mm) since March 2018. unfortunately my condition got complicated after been treated by Steroid injection from Bad urologist, as a result I had half of my penis atrophied and my erections became soft after two weeks from the injection.

    would P shot recover the atrophy and dissolve the plaque?

    1. I’m sorry to hear about your situation, especially the tissue atrophy which is a known risk associated with steroid injection. It’s impossible to know whether or not PRP would work in the situation you described. But there are studies which would support the idea of using PRP based on the fact that PRP has been shown to have benefit in other instances of atrophic scarring (e.g. acne scars: ).

      PRP has also shown promise in the treatment of Peyronie’s disease and likely works by “dissolving” the plaque. Also, it is considered very safe. Based on the above, I think there is a chance that PRP could help, but likely it would take a series of treatments.

      Here is a link to a review article about non-conventional treatments for Peyronie’s disease:

      Best wishes,
      Patrick Yam

  6. If I were to be so lucky to get .25″ increase in girth from the first shot, would there be a good chance that a second shot (and third) would increase the size even more?

    1. Hello Chris,

      It’s not possible to know in advance in your particular situation, but most patients who have the Priapus Shot will usually experience an increase in size of the penis, in length and/or girth. There was a study of over 1200 patients who had the Priapus shot monthly for a total of 5 times. They had an average increase in length and girth of 7 mm and 5 mm per injection. 0.25″ equals 6.35 mm, so that’s right in the ballpark of what you’re describing. Overall, they experienced a mean increase in girth of 30 mm, and length of 35 mm, measured 6 – 12 months after the treatment series. You can find a link to the study as well as other research on the Priapus Shot here:

      Size and function can also be improved with the regular use of a vacuum erection device, (VED), which we also recommend after the procedure. Make sure to use it in the proper manner as instructed by your doctor, so as not to damage delicate nerves and blood vessels in the penis.

      Anecdotally, most of the patients who I have given the Priapus shot to have had improved function and size, either girth or length, with each successive procedure, consistent with the published research.

      Best wishes,
      Patrick Yam

      1. Hi patrick! This penis growth you are talking about, is this growth permanent? Or will the growth from the P-Shots dissappear and your penis length and girth will shrink back to its normal size, if you stop getting the P-shot?

  7. I am 44 years old and am on a plavix and aspirin regimen. I would really like to have the p shot procedure. Is it possible to still have good results from the p shot while taking these medications?

    1. Thanks for posting a very important and interesting question. I did some research on this subject and created a post which you can read if you’re interested:

      The short answer is, yes, you could have the Priapus Shot while on plavix and aspirin. Never stop these medications if they have been prescribed by your doctor. The only side effect I could find was in a patient who stopped his aspirin and that caused a bad outcome.

      Will PRP work as well if you are on these antiplatelet medications? It’s difficult to say. The research is a bit divided. PRP is very safe when prepared and administered by a trained, experienced provider, so it likely wouldn’t hurt to try, (aside from the time, cost, and discomfort), but it’s difficult to know in advance. I suspect, since you are fairly young, that you could see benefit, more if the PRP is prepared using a high concentration technique (look for double-spin), and activated prior to injection.

      There are also many other factors which would have an impact on how much benefit you may get from the P-Shot such as underlying health and medical conditions, your current level of function (EDIS score), level of physical activity and fitness, etc. These should all be reviewed in advance and discussed with your doctor to decide whether you might be a good candidate for the treatment.

      Best wishes,
      Patrick Yam

  8. Hello I’m william and I’m considering the p shot. I dont have any problems with erections and I’m of average size but I am hoping just to increase my size..will this give me a larger erection????

    1. Hi William,

      Your question is very similar to another one here about increase in size from the Priapus Shot, so I apologize in advance for the repetitive nature of my answer.. The short answer is yes, although it can’t be guaranteed and individual results will vary. With that said, if you have the Priapus Shot, you will likely get an increase in size. BUT, don’t stop reading! It’s very important to emphasize the importance of having realistic expectations…

      You may NOT get an increase in size. If a patient is expecting an extra inch after one Priapus Shot, it won’t happen. Also, the Priapus Shot is not designed to grow the penis, but mainly for enhancing sexual function in terms of improving erection firmness, sensation, etc. If you are mainly looking for an improvement in size there are other treatments besides the Priapus Shot which have that as their stated function and goal, such as implants or injectables.

      The research for using PRP to improve erectile function is still in early stages, but there are studies that have demonstrated both improved function and growth using the Priapus Shot. One particular study, which I mentioned in my other answer, looked at 1220 patients who had the Priapus shot monthly for a total of 5 times. They had an average increase in length and girth of 7 mm and 5 mm per injection. 0.25″ equals 6.35 mm, so that’s right in the ballpark of what you’re describing. Overall, they experienced a mean increase in girth of 30 mm, and length of 35 mm, measured 6 – 12 months after the treatment series. You can find a link to the study as well as other research on the Priapus Shot here:

      Size and function can also be improved with the regular use of a vacuum erection device, (VED), which we also recommend after the procedure. Make sure to use it in the proper manner as instructed by your doctor, so as not to damage delicate nerves and blood vessels in the penis.
      Anecdotally, most of the patients who I have given the Priapus shot to have had improved function and size, either girth or length, with each successive procedure, consistent with the published research.

  9. Is there a Dr in CA, specifically in the SF Bay Area? When searching for a provider on this site only one comes up in CA…is this true?

  10. Is jelqing combined with pumping or just jelqing okay after a P-shot? How long will it take to get girth results? If you have no morning erection will the results be less?

  11. Is jelqing okay after a P shot?
    Do you need to have a morning erection before having a P shot? If there is a increase in girth when can you expect this, how many weeks?

  12. Why is the Pump necessary following the P-Shot. Also I JUUL (vape) nicotine a lot will the vasoconstriction effects of my vice reduce the efficacy of the procedure? Using to heal Peyronies 28 years old

  13. I am 65 y/o in v. good health and only had occasional “ED” problems, I just wanted better. Had the P-shot in mid July 2019 at the Restore Center in Abilene after getting zero call-backs from 4 local MDs in Midland who were on Dr. Runel’s list. Was very happy with Dr. Patterson and have second follow up next week and considering a second shot, Thank goodness I didn’t not have to go to the hell-hole of Austin for this. Anyway, since the P-shot I have “pumped” almost everyday for about 12 mins only per day. I am getting rock hard erections and even spontaneous ones. My length only increased by about .25 to 7.5 but the girth increased by about .5 and it seems much more muscular, more veiny and harder. Hope a second shots adds some more size and increased hardness. The P-shot was much more painful than I expected and next time I will ask for stronger numbing shots.

    1. You have 7 and a half inch penis. You know how blessed you are and you want more.. Your like the zheff Bezos of cocks! Be happy with what you got. I gotta small dick and it sucks dude!

  14. Hello. I had a great sex life with no problem maintaining erection at 44yo, vegetarian for ~3yrs. I’m a dentist and use PRF on a daily basis with various dental surgical procedures. I injected 0.75mL per shaft side, 5 days ago.
    I now am worried as have not been able to keep my erection and when I tried to have Inter course the day after, reached orgasm within a minute, highly unusual. Is there different results for different users? I did not use a pump. I did it to increase a little girth and in wife’s words, ‘I have too much time’

  15. Hey there, I got the P shot 3 weeks ago and was getting great results after but I started using a vacuum pump a week after, at the recommended presssure daily, and after using it 5 times, my penis went numb and I can’t get an erection now. It seems like I now have nerve damage. How do I recover from this? I’m scared I did permanent damage

  16. I have has high blood pressure and high cholesterol and was put on medication and developed ED . will the Pshot work for me?

  17. I have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism around the same I took the p shot….its been 9 weeks i was on np thyroid medication, taking cialis, and viagra. No results what’s so ever. I still struggle with ED. Why is this happening to me.

  18. For all you guys looking to regain sensitivity – if you were circumcised that is a big reason for loss of sensitivity. Nerves are severed and the most sensitive tissue of the penis is removed- the inner foreskin. You can try foreskin restoration to improve sensitivity. And remember- don’t let them cut your kid or grandkids!

  19. I have a redness on my penis and no skin creams can hepl it. I wonder if I use this, will there be an improvement on my sore?

  20. Hi there, can you recommend someone in Honolulu who does p-shot and share your guarentee of refund if not work?

    1. There is several in Hawaii. Try looking in the directory of listed dr.s I saw a few there when searching.

  21. I read after having a shot it can last between 12 to 18 months. So its not a permanent solution? If I had more then one shot then do I have a better chance of permanent effects? Or over time it will still loose it’s size?

  22. I have a few general questions about the P-shot, but first an overview:

    I’m a bit overweight, but the weight is coming off. On TRT, that is going well. May have sleep apnea but getting tested for that soon. I find my erection strength has suddenly decreased, as well as sensitivity in my penis.

    Here are my questions:

    1. I’m also considering Gainswave along side the P-shot. Would it be beneficial to do the shockwave first and then P-Shot, or other way around, or does it really matter?

    2. The P-shot interest me for size first, erection strength second. If the average circumference increase is .25″ on the first shot, but someone wanted slight more, is there a benefit to a second shot in regards to size? Is there a suggested wait time?

    3. Do other methods of HGH production (i.e. semorelin or other supplements) provide any help to the P-shot in regards to size?

  23. Dave

    Hi yall, I got the p shot this morning because I’m looking for some more length and girth, still numb from the cream lol but I did some research and multiple practices has given their patients the vacuum pump. My medical practice didnt provide one. Should I purchase one to increase my chances of getting some length?

  24. Does the P shot use Exosomes to grow new tissue, are the results permanent, and would you recommend taking a Nitric Oxide supplement post procedure?

  25. Hello, I also have another question. Will the P Shot bring back the elasticity and get rid of permanent shrinkage from HBP, Diabetes and Smoking? If someone gets rid of all of these causes to an unhealthy erection; will the restoration (not size increase) remain permanent in a healthy individual?

    1. The Priapus shot uses platelet rich plasma, or PRP, to stimulate the body’s own natural healing and repair process. PRP works by releasing various growth factors and cytokines which activate the healing process. PRP has been shown to help with damaged tissue in many areas of the body including wounds, scars, tendons, joints, gums, etc. So yes, it can help with damaged tissue in the penis and many patients have improved penile function after getting the Priapus shot. There is one news report of a soldier who sustained trauma to his penis and recovered a significant degree of size and function after having the Priapus shot:

      It’s important to remember that each situation should be considered on an individual basis before deciding if PRP is worth trying. There are many types, causes and degrees of “damaged tissue”. PRP is not appropriate in every situation. Indeed, the use of PRP in the Priapus shot is still considered experimental. A full medical consultation including appropriate lab investigations should always be done with your doctor before deciding on any treatment or medication, whether it’s PRP or something else.

  26. I am a 39 year old with a penis length of about 5.3 inches, which I halve sever anxiety over and have for a very long time. My width is not average and I’ve finally realized snugger for condoms are better for me and my wife so they don’t slide off. I am very interested in the p-shot in hopes of gaining even just a little length and girth. But I’m apprehensive about the cost and any side effects or constant need to redo the procedure every few months. Will this actually help give me a small boost in length and girth, and about how long do the results last? My wife continues to say I am fine and actually made me back out of a once scheduled procedure to get this done. But as I’m getting older, I notice it does appear to be getting a little smaller, so I’m wanting to make sure I’m still adequate for her. Thougjts?

    1. not sure where you live, but you could get a series of treatments at a reduced price if you participated in this research…
      —>See the Research (click)<--

      Also, for a more dramatic improvement in girth, you could see one of our providers who also combines the P-Shot® with HA fillers subdermally. You can safely see some increases with both of these options.

      Keep us posted about your results.

      Best regards,

      Charles Runels, MD

    2. I used to have same situation with yours, 6 months I got 6 shot and daily vacuum used like 10-15 min per day. Result is amazing definitely worth it I got 3cm on length and 2 cm on girth.

  27. Hi, I am 28-year-old who was prescribed VED (penis pump) by a urologist in London. Since using the pump for 10 mins/day and pumping up to max size and releasing throughout the session, I have suffered with bad erectile dysfunction (I had no dysfunction prior to the pump). I imagine I may have damaged the smooth muscle in the penis and I wondered if there is any chance that PRP could help improve this damage? It has been about 4 months since I last used the pump so hopefully I am still within a timeframe in which I could see improvements? Is there a timeframe outside which PRP probably won’t work or is there always a chance it can help even after years of erectile problems?

  28. Dr Runnels used me as a training model for the P shot 5 or 6 years ago. That one procedure greatly improved the hardness of my erection, and has lasted for years. I am now looking to get another treatment, that would include stem cells with prp. Fantastic technology. Simple safe and drug free. Thanks Dr.!

  29. I am 37 and have used Ed pills for about a year now. They haven’t been working so I got the P shot a week ago. After the second day I felt like a new man. Increased sensitivity and no problem getting an erection. Now a week later I feel like I did before the shot. Basically no response from my penis. Very hard to get an erection. Is this normal?

    1. The short answer is please don’t worry, what you’re describing is normal. Erectile function is highly dependent on blood flow to the area. After the Priapus Shot, it is common to have increased function for a short period of time due to trauma of the injections themselves as well as the volume of PRP causing temporary increased blood flow to the area.. This is the immediate response. After a few days, this settles back to the normal state before the treatment. However, it takes longer to see the effects from the growth factors and cytokines in the PRP. One of the main ways that PRP improves function is through angiogenesis, the formation of new blood vessels. It usually takes at least 2-3 weeks for the effects to even start to become noticeable. It’s very gradual, but generally about 80% of the improvement will be apparent at 8 weeks. Some practitioners will offer a repeat treatment at this point. I tend to recommend a repeat treatment at around 4 weeks, depending on the baseline function, or even sooner if a condition like Peyronie’s is being addressed. Hope this helps.

      Patrick Yam MD.

    1. since PRP improves the immune system, it could possibly help decrease the severity or the frequency of outbreaks; but, we do not have any research to prove that.

  30. I recieved my Pshot 3 days ago and currently pairing it with Gainswave treatments.
    4th Gainswave will be next week.
    Now, the Pshot..Dr gave me 3 injections..1 on each side of the shaft which was manageable in pain. Felt like a mosquito bite that’s about it but..when he gave me a shot in the penis head I about came unglued. I felt everything and it burnt and stung so bad. I’m 53 and can handle pain but this pain made me almost faint. Got light headed, pale and began sweating. Dr said it was normal but I gotta admit I thought about pulling away due to the pain. Looking back I don’t know if the nurse even applied numbing cream on the head. For my Gainswave she applies to the shaft, wraps in plastic, then 15min later she comes back in and performs the shockwaves which seems uncomfortable but manageable.
    Question is how long does it take for the cream to kick in with numbing? I’ve read to leave it on for an hour but my office leaves it on for 15min or so..

    Also performing my daily pumps 30min each night 7hg. With pumping is it best to leave it at 7 for a few minutes, deflate then pump it back up and repeat?

    Too early to tell but haven’t seen any positives yet but its early so I’ll follow protocol as directed.
    Also, Dr did not take any blood from my arm for PRP he used blood from a younger individual he said. After reading some testimonials from others the Dr pulls blood from the patients which mine didn’t.
    Makes me wonder now..

    Any thoughts??

  31. Instead of using the vacuum pump to have blood flow into the penis, can I use tadalafil every few days to flow blood into the penis ? I see some clinics in America are offering this. I am from the UK btw. Thanks

    1. you can, but the pump expand the penis to more than the normal erection does, so used properly this gives a better effect.

  32. I I have ed related 1.penile venous insuffiency called venous leakage 2.Venous incompetence and arterial insufficiency.These two examined by two different centres.erection 70% by viagra ,cialis.not possible intercourse by condom.ejaculation in 30 seconds.please giuide for p shot and shock wave therapy.

  33. I just got my p-shot for narrowing and identation. The provider told me not to use the Vacuum pump for two weeks and sexual abstinence also. I’m been taking low dose cialis everyday for a year, she told me not take it for two weeks. What do I do?

    1. There may be something special about your personal history that makes you unique, but that is not the usual advice we offer. Here’s our actual protocol (click), are you sure you had the procedure from one of our providers? (if the person who did your procedure is not listed on this list (click), then I have no idea what you even had done. Just shooting the penis in the many ways it could be done does not give the best chance of a good outcome.

  34. I am 56, had a widow make heart attack at 55 with subsequent triple bypass. Is the P-shot appropriate for me or is it contraindicated?

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