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  1. My husband recently received the shot from one of your listed providers but only received 2 on top and 2 on bottom nothing in the head . Why would that be and does that decrease effectiveness.? He lacks sensitivity to reach orgasim and must use viagra to get and keep an section. He is 61 and is in good physical shape and takes testosterone injections .

  2. 57 year old healthy male had priapism for 12 hours due to Trimix 18 months ago at first no erection now 75 percent plus slight curvature had p shot 1 week ago not seeing much yet do you think this will help
    Thank you

    1. I started seeing results at 3 months post procedure. Not sure about your specific situation (I’m not a doctor, just a happy customer)

  3. Day 5 after receiving P shot. Taking heavy dose of supplements provided by Dr Emily Ripoll and following protocol with excersise and pumping. My penis feels plumper and more sensitive now and improving daily. Had some bruising on 1 side but it is subsiding. I am very excited with the positive results after 5 days. My libido is much improved and erection response is much quicker. I am 59 and healthy and very happy with my doctor and her staff. My testosterone levels are really high going into this and the daily Cialis regiment helps.
    Thank you

    1. Michael, what are some of the exercises you do, I just had the shot last week and just wondering if things are working. Does the pump hurt a little at the base of the penis when you pump?? Just curious!!

    2. Hey Michael I see it’s been over a 1 1/2 yrs since your procedure. Is it still effective did you gain size?

  4. Just wanted to thank my wife for educating me on the P shot procedure, along with Dr. Brenner for doing the actual produre. So it was explained to me like this…everyone knows I lift weights and stay in shape, why not make sure your penis is in its best shape! Well after studying on it I told my wife lets do it. She already had the O shot procedure done. Now to put like this my sex life with the wife was already amazing n would never change a thing but we do get older n things change with our bodies. So sitting in the office waiting for blood to be drawn, numbing cream on my penis, nervous as all get out, its time. My average sized penis turtling on me, embarrassed was ready to leave, wife by my side helping Dr Brenner quick and easy it went. So after pumping the way I was instructed to found that it kinda worked with added length and increased girth. I was not satisfied so I increased time and more pressure after this I am now seeing some great results. As I call it hey babe I got a pump in today instantly she wants to feel the girth and see the length. Now after having the procedure done I am ready for my next one and looking forward to the next cylinder size on my pump to increase the overall size even more.

    Thanks again Dr. Brenner.

    1. Hilarious and sad at the same time. Hilarious that a physician would say something so uninformed (nice way of saying that he made a stupid comment). Sad, that your physician would not take the time to learn what PRP is. When your doctor does surgery, he holds the wound together with stitches but the new tissue must grow before he can take the stitches out. Every time that your doctor does surgery, it’s the PRP that’s made naturally by the body that allows the body to heal! What does he think causes the local stem cells to grow or what recruits stem cells to the area. That comment is sooooo uninformed it almost doesn’t deserve a reply, but I guess the best way to reply would be to show him a few research papers about platelet-rich plasma (PRP)…here’s over 8,000 of them to get him started (eight thousand)…click here to start reading…(laughing and crying at the same time)…

      1. I’ve just read this reply and a question came up. What prevents the body from healing itself if it is obvious that a part of the body is in need of repair?

      2. Dr Runels I am thinking about getting the p shot. I’m in North Carolina. I don’t have any issues but would like the benefits of the shot and added size would be great as well! I want the best dr in my area. I don’t know who you might suggest. I’m also going to Clearwater Florida for 2 weeks last week of May. Do you suggest someone there or here in NC? Thanks,Todd

    2. Most hematopoietic stem cells are found in the bone marrow, but some cells, called peripheral blood stem cells (PBSCs), are found in the bloodstream. Blood in the umbilical cord also contains hematopoietic stem cells. Cells from any of these sources can be used in transplants.

    3. Yes it can be done. Blood stem cells, for example, can be taken from a donor bone marrow, from blood in the umbilical cord when a baby is born, or from a person’s circulating bloodone.

  5. Have there ever been any reports of scarring or plaques from the priapus shot? I ask because there are multiple injections in one sitting.

    1. Dr. Virag just published data about how he’s using it to TREAT the scarring and plaque of Peyronie’s which is exactly what would be expected. When Dr. Runels first started doing the procedure (he was first to inject the human penis with PRP almost 8 years ago), part of the reason he proceeded (imagine being the first one) was because 10 years ago we knew that PRP could be used to TREAT scarring and plaque in other tissue (from wound care literature) and to prevent scarring with surgery. IT’S YOUR BLOOD! YOUR OWN BLOOD DOES NOT HURT YOU!

      That’s the beauty of it…in many thousands of research papers, PRP has NEVER been documented to cause serious side effects! And it’s been used to treat scarring. Thinking PRP may cause scarring is like worrying about suffocating while breathing oxygen. You use oxygen to help people breathe, you use PRP to make scars go away. Not saying your question is not a good one…it is a good question to ask because many uninformed doctors still say, “I’m worried it may cause scarring.” When they say that, you can just think to yourself…”this is a doctor who does not know what PRP is.”
      Here’s over 8,000 research papers about PRP, try to find one showing any serious side effect or any scarring. If you find one, please let us know.

  6. What is the cost of this procedure and if how often do one needs this injections and if we want to continue to get bigger do we do it more than once?


    1. Only about 60% grow more than 1/2 inch or more. but for those 60% it can sometimes be very dramatic. we don’t recommend the injection for only that purpose. But if you do want to see growth, you’ll likely need to have 2-3 injections.

      1. By 2-3 shots, do you mean at one visit or 2-3 rounds of shots to accomplish this. I have Type – 2 diabetes, but under control with diet & exercise, A1C at 6.6. I’m 65, good shape, with Viagra,etc. help I can get erection but doesn’t last as long as I would like, would the P-shot help this?

  7. I just had this done , all I can say is AMAZING.. I have gained 2 inches in length and 1 1/2 in girth, I was 6 ” x 5 1/2 and now I am 8″ x 7″,, Thank You. Dr Brenner

    1. Thank you for this honest testimony. Honestly, though…do you have a link to this comment included in your account 🙂

        1. Hi Dr. Brenner, I have two questions for you:
          1. Do you believe this would help me after radical prostatectomy?
          2. Do you recommend any doctors in Houston for this?

          Thank you!!

          1. Hi Tom, was wondering if anyone responded to your question. I also had a prostatectomy. It was 6 yrs ago. I’m 59 now. Erections are far and few between. Viagra doesn’t do a lot for me. I get semi erect but not rock hard anymore. If I use a vacuum pump I can get pretty hard but I hate wearing the constriction ring as it’s very uncomfortable after 15 to 20 minutes. Thanks, David

        2. Dr Brenner can you recommend a doctor in my area that would get me these same results? I don’t want to go to just anyone. I live in houston TX and I heard there was a doctor in dallas. Also heard there were doctors in Houston but which one would get me results like you? Pleas help. One last thing I had a liver transplant 5 years ago can I still do this?

      1. Also, the Columbus Men’s In Columbus Ohio, specializes in Low T, ED, and the Priapus shot. I do about 1-2 priapus procedures a week.

    2. How long did it take to see the two inch gain in length after you receive the p-shot and how many times did you receive the shot and if you received it more than once was it at one visit or separate visits?

  8. I am 48 and only have a curvature problem. No problem with an erection. Can the P shot help with my problem? And what are the possible side affects?

    1. Absolutely. depends on what “work” you want it to do. for erection, if you have vascular disease that’s upstream (near the aorta) this is NOT going to help. If you’re trying to grow your penis 2 or more inches. Even if you’re trying to grow your penis an inch, it fails about 40% of the time (seems to work best on those or are 5 or more inches when they start).

      For Peyronie’s disease, it seems to be “working’ as in the man is please with a straighter penis around 80% of the time when he does the whole protocol.

      Nothing works all the time and you are correct to point that out.

  9. Could scarring on the underside be a cause in decrease blood supply? If so, I wonder if good results may be seen with this treatment.

  10. Is there a recommended pump that you should use. Specifically can you use a hydro pump versus an air pump? It is much easier to do while showering but I want to use what is best. I just received the shot yesterday so I want to make sure I follow up appropriately. Thanks

  11. Hello Dr. Runels and thanks for your reply to my comment above. My comment was less about PRP and more about the idea that the act of injecting the penis could cause scarring. Any reports of scarring from the injections themselves?

    Also – have there been any reports of the Priapus shot either causing erectile dysfunction or worsening erectile dysfunction in people who already have it?

    1. PRP treats scarring. We are using it to treat Peyronie’s disease (which results from scarring). So, scarring (if present) improves. And zero instances of causing scarring. Would be like suffocating while breathing oxygen.

  12. So far so good! It has been one month today since I received 2 shots per side, none at the head. Been doing quite a bit of research, exercises, etc. over the years with minimal results. This is the first evasive procedure I have done up to this point. I have only done pumping, stretching, and exercises that have given me limited to temporary results. I say temporary as I noticed when I would stop, it seemed like I would get smaller. Excited by the results I am seeing and decided to leave a comment/update.

    Started at 5.75 in length with 5.25 in girth. After one month I am at 6.25 in length and 5.8 in girth. Definetely firmer and stronger. Feels more pleasurable.

    I do jelq warm-ups before shower. Wear water pump for 10 minutes right after while showering. Through-out the day I wear stretcher for a total of 2 hours or so. In the evening I use the air pump the doctor gave me for 10-15 minutes. I have noticed since the shot I am getting fuller and do not turtle afterwards.

    I just read about supplements people are taking, my doctor did not say anything about it. Going to inquire.

    I will check back in another month.

  13. Would someone refer me to a competent doctor that does the PRP injections. I have had this done and didn’t get any good results from it.

    1. PRP injections is NOT the same as the Priapus Shot® procedure. No procedure is 100% effective. But, people who just do “PRP” injections may be using inferior materials to prepare the PRP and an inferior method of injecting.

  14. Are there any doctors in Oklahoma that have had success with the PRP injections? I had this done and didn’t have any success.

  15. I have performed P shots on my patients and everyone has been so pleasantly surprised! My patients are happy and recommending it to their friends! It is a natural treatment using the body’s ability to heal and repair itself and much easier for the patient than the O-shot. Virtually painless procedure with topical numbing cream.

  16. So are there any doctors in Okla on the recommended list? I have ask this 3 times. Why can’t I get an answer?

    1. Gary, If you have not found anyone in your search, I’m in Las Vegas. I do these practically everyday. Many of my patients fly in from all over the world e.g. London, Singapore, Fiji, Canada.. it’s an easy flight. I’ll take off
      10% to help offset the travel expenses. Tom

      1. What about peyronies disease.. Does Prp to penis heal the scar tissue from the first time doing the procedure? Also how many days to heal it.. Please i want results from ur Patients as i have peyronies disease for 15 years..

        Thanks in advance

  17. I am 28 years old and had a acute prostate infection last year.After having it treated I had gotten chronic prostatitis.This is effecting my sex drive and causing discomfort.I have been seeing a acupuncture once or twice a week to treat the problem.I also have a personal trainer and have lost 30 pounds.These things have helped but I am still having trouble.Would this shot make sense for me?

  18. I had a prostate microwave proceedure a few years ago to help with urination, first I got retrograde ejaculation from the proceedure and since I have gone down hill with ED problems but even worse it has become virtually impossible to orgasm (loss of sensitivity). I have now recieved the priapus as well as EPAT treatments but never got shots in the head which I am going back for, will this help restore orgasm and could my problem be due to the TUMT as it relates to retrograde ? My Urologist say no way but I wonder. Next do you believe the PRP type treatments could restore/regenerate to help this kind of problem ?

  19. Are the increases in size to length &/or girth while flaccid or while hard? And are the results permanent?

  20. I am a prostate cancer survivor who had my prostate removed about 18 months ago. I could not get an erection after the surgery and about 6 months into it found the Priapus shot. I had the shot after a few months of research (8th month) and the results were immediate. I have been able to get great erections, multiple erections etc. since then. I have now had three shots over the last year and a half. The first one and the third one helped with my girth for sure, the second one didn’t. My question is (I’m looking to get more girth) is should I do it again? Will it help if there is more PRP shot into my penis? In more spots, etc. I have done the pumping each time, not crazy about pumping but it does help. Had my procedure with Dr. Eric Berger in NYC, he was great by the way, really knew his stuff and literally saved my sex life.

  21. Hi Doc,
    Could you please recommend any PRP physician who does P-Shot in Spain?. I haven’t found anyone yet.

      1. I haven’t found any information at the link about a P-shot procedure in the Netherlands. There were two doctors listed, one whose website doesn’t exist anymore and the other who specializes in treating the skin.

  22. I have a question, the injection is into the corpora penis like we inject Caverjet? or beneath the penis skin without injections into the body

  23. I live in nc. I’m looking for the most knowledgeable dr. I have no ed issues at all.I am 5.75 in length and 5 in girth. I just want to gain some size. Dr runels you don’t recommend me doing it for this reason? Why? And what percentage of people gain size that do the p shot? Thanks

  24. I am looking for a good dr. In charlotte nc. I am 5.75 length and 5 in girth. Dr. Runels you don’t recommend anyone doing it for size only? Why? And what is the percentage that gain size with the procedure? Thx.

  25. I had Stem cell procedure on my knees and it changed my life no pain for the last 4 years. My doctor Joseph Purita in Boca Raton extracted mesenchymal stem cells and combined them with the PRP and a few other things and had great results. Have you ever thought of adding stem cells such as mesenchymal to your procedure, and would it work?

  26. How come there are no before and after pictures anywhere, no even here?
    If some men saw an increase in size, then lets see pictures to prove it.

  27. Yes, I had precisely that issue. Two of the injection sites developed hard nodules, which still have not fully resolved 6 months out. My doctor assured me such a thing was impossible. Fortunately, aside from the unpleasant feeling of two lumps on the side or my penis, they have not caused any other difficulties.

    1. The Priapus Shot includes only PRP. Not Acell or Juvederm or other materials. PRP alone does not cause lumps. Other materials can.

      1. I have the same issue with the lumps just behind the head of my penis and they are sore.

  28. I’m highly anxious after reading into this. Just wondering if a person could receive the P-Shot on a monthly or quarterly basis for a more accelerated result. Has anyone received the P-Shot this frequently?

    1. I had the procedure on May 13th. It’s been two weeks since. I have noticed no positive or negative impact from the shot. It’s just the same as usual. Didn’t do anything for me.

  29. I’ve been trying to think of ways to increase the effectiveness of the shot before having it. I don’t smoke and do a lot of exercise, I’m in good shape and age 32.
    I’ve read that one of the biggest contributors to effective growth from the shot is presence of growth factors in the blood. Can anyone confirm my speculation that supplementation with HGH or peptide precursor such as TD500, will increase the growth factors in the blood (ie IGF-1) and make the P-shot more effective?

  30. I had this procedure done by Dr. Amy Brenner, in Mason, Ohio in December of 2015. The results have been outstanding! It is truly hard to believe how thick I have become. Dr. Brenner & her team are true professionals. I would highly recommend this to any man seeking to add thickness & girth. The P-Shot works!!

    1. Here’s the full protocol…

      —>>Dr. Runels’ 7-Step Peyronie’s Protocol

      You’ll find plenty of research listed on that page…here’s a whole separate listing of research showing how PRP helps with scars (click).

      Remember, there’s a wide variety of ideas about what “PRP” is and about how to inject PRP into the Penis. Only providers listed here (click) have agreed to use only those kit’s approved by the FDA to prepare PRP and to follow the guidelines/methods of injecting agreed upon by the Priapus Shot® provider group (includes physicians from multiple countries and multiple medical schools). Others using the name “Priapus Shot” are imposters.

  31. Hi my name is Anthony and I’m interested in the post. But not for girth or length. I want to know if it effective for ed. I suffer with as my doctor said a clamping problem with my veins

  32. I suffer from ED as well. Been taking cialis which helps somewhat. Nothing like I used to be when I was younger. I’m 44 and have high blood pressure & high cholesterol. Sometimes the cialis works & sometimes it just works ok. Plus it’s super expensive. I’m hoping the priapus shot will be a more permanent solution & help me not have to keep taking an extra pill on top of all my other medication. I’m curious how much this costs & how many times it needs to be done?

  33. Hi! What are the side effects with priapus shot?

    Is it safe to do priapus shot after or 6months after doing penis surgery dealing with grafted fat to increase length and girth? To basically enhance effects and possible reduce any potential sideffects of grafted fat? I was thinking about doing surgery

    Also is it possible to gain permanently gain increase length or even after a continuous amount of priapus shots?

    I don’t mind being Guinea pig to increase size

  34. I’m not looking for increases in size, but would like stronger, longer lasting erections. I am 50 and it has become difficult for me to sustain erections for more than a few minutes, even though I exercise, eat well, don’t smoke and drink only an occasional drink. Is here any real evidence that the p-shot helps with this?

  35. I had the prostatectomy in December 2012. Before the procedure I NEVER had any issues with getting or maintaining an erection. After the procedure, I couldn’t even get a partial even with the use of Viagra and/or Cialis. I gave it the standard 2 years and never had any success. The Trimix worked, but I had too much anxiety about sticking a needle in that area. (Additionally, I lost about an inch and a half of length.) As a result of this, I decided to have an implant. It has, at least, allowed us to do something. I am not completely happy with it for several reasons, but one is that I get pinched all of the time by the pump. What I am wondering is with the information I’ve provided, would the shot do me any good at all and if so, would I be able to have the implant removed and return to a more normal function? Thanks!

    1. Hello Kenny
      I am 37 and also had an implant unnecessarily because I was manipulated by a doctor who knew I had erections and only needed pills to keep them longer but he refused and pushed me into the mutilative horrendous device. I was so stupid by agreeing, I was healthy and my penis was perfect, I couldn’t regret it more!! Not only I lost significant size and girth along with my natural ability to get erectionsor even fake erections due to the awful pain. Also, I live in permanent pain and discomfort, i used to run 5-8 miles five times a week and now I can barely walk!! So after 4+ months of living in hell, I am having the implant removed in a couple of weeks and will have my first PRP two weeks after, most likely I will need more than one with a high frequency but the outcome is uncertain.
      Can you please tell me if you decided to do it and what has been the outcome?
      Thank you!!!

  36. Hi,
    I asked awhile ago if the Pripuis shot was for me.Since I had Prostatitis and Ed as a result.I had it done 5 and a half weeks ago.I had it done more to deal with Ed then to make it larger.I did smoke about 10 cigarettes the week prior to the injection.I have not smoked since having it done.My penis has become larger and works extremely well!I still have some discomfort although it has decreased dramatically.Since it would probably work even better now that it has been a longer period since I smoked.Would it be ok to do it again so soon after having it done the first time?

  37. Does this shot help with scaring on penis, tropical cream has damaged my penis and glan and its the same. Will the p shot improve the overall look of my penis?

  38. Diagnosed with prostate cancer and had nerve sparing surgery. I get the sensation of an erection but the shaft doesn’t get hard. Advised not to use a pump due to urethra stricture. Can your services help?

  39. Hi, I had the P-Shot done last week and I have a question. First off the procedure is not painful at all. You literally can’t feel a thing. When I got home, the numbness wore off and I had a really bad itch/burning on my scrotum. My scrotum had turned purple. I called the doctor and she proscribed me a steroid cream. I applied it for a few days and the itch/burn went away but the color did not. The purple color started to flake off a few days later and it has just left a bright red color that does not hurt to touch. My question is, is this at all normal? Has any one else experienced this? If so, does it last a long time? I appreciate any feedback I might get. Thank you

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